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I Dyed My Blonde Hair Brown Pages: 2
    Whoa! What started as a simple color change led to major life impact. Here, a tale of two women who accepted our re-'do challenge.

10 Best Beauty Products for Summer
    Summer's sunny shades are natural beauties. Here, our picks for low-key perfection.

Make Over Your Makeup Bag

Look Better by Tomorrow
    What a difference a day makes: Get a flaunt-worthy physique with quick-fix tricks that actually work.

Good Hair Color vs. Bad Hair Color
    Even with world-class colorists at hand, Hollywood glamour girls still make wacky choices. Here, the fab, the drab, and the remedies.

3 Classic Cuts Everyone Can Wear Pages: 2 3
    Whether your hair is thick, thin, straight, curly, or somewhere in-between, these are cuts that anyone can pull off.

Get Long Lashes Now
    Your summer makeup is often limited to a swipe of SPF lip balm and mascara-so make the most of the latter. MAYBELLINE'S DEFINE-A-LASH is short on clumps and long on lashes.

The Latest Hair Products For You
    Makeup master Shu Uemura's new ART OF HAIR line is appropriately named, as the collection's electric-hued packaging is gallery-worthy.

The Season's Hot New Fragrance

Extreme Makeover (October 2006) Pages: 2 3 4 5

You Bet Size Matters (September 2006) Pages: 2 3

10 Best Summer Beauty Products
    Products our beauty team is hot for now

Splurge vs. Steal: Best Tanning Products & Bronzers
    Why risk wrinkles for a tan when these tinted creams, liquids, and powders - at every price point - get you sun-kissed without any guilt?

De-Puff Your Eyes

Makeup to Match Your Hair Color
    when it comes to finding your perfect makeup palette, let your haircolor be your guide.

Chic Cure for Chapped Lips
    Breaking news for everyone with perma-chapped lips: Bourjois Eau de Gloss boasts a 14 percent water content, which hydrates lips longer.

Your Guide to Sexy Summer Skin Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7

One Kiss Is Never Enough
    Since one is almost never enough: Yves Saint Laurent introduces LIP TWINS, a pair of glosses-one with a creamy finish, the other shimmery. Mirror and lip brush are included, promising you a perfect pout.

We've Got You Covered (October 2006) Pages: 2

How to Get a Dazzling Smile Pages: 2 3 4 5
    How To Get A Dazzling Smile

Model Diaries: Tricks of The Trade
    Marie Claire has models' beauty tips.

9 Fast-Track Beauty Fixes Pages: 2 3 4
    No time to wait for results? We combed the country for the newest ways to treat everything from dull hair to dimply thighs -- quickly -- then asked a few brave souls to put them to the test. The outcome? Nothing short of miraculous.

Control Unruly Curls
    When humidity wafts in, ready your curls with AVEDA'S BE CURLY CURL PERFECTING SYSTEM and REDKEN'S FRESH CURLS COLLECTION: Both lines define and defrizz. Also, check out the monthly "hair-apy" sessions at Manhattan's Christo Fifth Avenue S

How To Trim Your Own Bangs (March 2006)

How to Look Younger: 30 Beauty Moves to Make Before You're 30 Pages: 2 3
    Mere mortals can look model-esque, provided they follow a bit of expert advice. Here, 30 beauty moves to make before 30, from

12 Beauty Breakthroughs
    Beauty Breakthroughs

How to Get the Hair You've Always Dreamed Of Pages: 2 3 4
    How to get your hair healthier, shinier, fuller, and color-rich.

Beauty 101: Extensions

Cosmetic Surgery Lowdown Pages: 2 3 4 5
    With celeb rags documenting lip and nose jobs and plastic-surgery dramas playing in prime time, nips and tucks have gained a new, "everyone's doing it" vibe.

Expensive Beauty Looks for Less Pages: 2 3
    Pros reveal the hallmarks of heiress-worthy looks -- plus, surprising ways to score them without spending a fortune.

Morning After Hair

Art Inspired Makeup
    Is it us, or were the season's most gorgeous makeup and hair styles inspired by the world-famous paintings? Here, the tips and tools you need to get the looks. Think priceless!

Makeup Fixers Pages: 2 3

CSI Miami: Solve Your Beauty Crimes Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Just as the world's most popular show, CSI: Miami, uses advanced DNA techniques to crack murder cases, you can now solve your own beauty crimes with the latest scientific breakthroughs. Had your skin profiled lately?

New Metallic Nails

Going Green With Organic Makeup

Match Your Makeup to Your Glasses

17 Beauty Products That Changed Our Lives

10 Best Blue and Gold Beauty Products

Natural Beauty Looks Pages: 2 3 4 5

Be Gorgeous At Any Age Pages: 2 3
    While good genes and bones play a part in how gracefully you age (hello, Paulina Porizkova!), never underestimate the power of good planning! Here, experts evaluate the best makeup and skincare strategies for you—decade by decade.

What's In His Shaving Kit For You?

Get A Bargain With Dior Powder

Food, Beautiful Food

Refreshing Change To A Classic Scent

Cocktail-Inspired Beauty Products


Glisten Good Pages: 2 3 4 5

New Pink Lipstick Shades By Dior

Spray-On Blush For Winter Woes

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