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Beauty Tips and How Tos Home
Testing out a new makeup look? Not sure which lipstick looks best with your complextion? The beauty editors at Marie Claire share all their expert beauty tips and how to advice!

Stubble Trouble? The Fix: Laser Hair Removal
    Forget razors and unwieldy wax strips. The only way to zap Lara Carver's impervious pelt is with the laser's edge.

Top 10 Beauty Foods
    10 Beauty Diet foods from Lisa Drayer - Chow down on antioxidant- and zinc-rich oysters, dark chocolate, and blueberries for a clear complexion.

Recession-Proof Your Skin
    Affordable antiaging means shopping smart, not sacrificing results. With the right skincare strategy for your age, you'll undo the damage (financial and facial) from years of excessive living.

How to Choose The Right Doctor for Your Skin
    Kellee Knighten, 31, talks to MC's resident derm and psychiatrist about choosing the right doc.

Homemade Facial Masks
    Many of us are on a budget these days, but that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice our skincare.

How to Save Money at the Salon
    Salon visits tapping you out? New York City hairstylist Patrick Melville suggests some money-saving measures on

Can You Erase Skin Damage?
    Jennica Johnstone, 22, talks to Marie Claire's resident derm and psychiatrist about tanning abuse and poison ivy.

Get the Hair You Want with the Hair You Have
    Just because you weren't born with your ideal mane doesn't mean you can't get it. Here, pro tips, product must-haves, and styling secrets for scoring locks you'll love, from

Why You Should Wear Sunscreen While Driving
    Beauty advice from Dr. Amy Wechsler, MC's resident dermatologist and psychiatrist.

Overcome Your Needle Phobia
    Beauty advice from Dr. Amy Wechsler, MC's resident dermatologist and psychiatrist.

Is Drinking Damaging Your Skin?
    Beauty advice from Dr. Amy Wechsler, MC's resident dermatologist and psychiatrist.

Runway Makeup Trends
    Get the latest makeup trends and tips straight from the fashion week runways.

How to Fix Oily Skin
    Marie Claire's resident derm and psychiatrist has advice on how to overcome oily skin.

Your Guide to Sexy Summer Skin
    Smooth skin solutions, melt-proof makeup, the best bronzers, and this summer's hottest makeup trends.

Summer Beauty Tips for Fair Skin
    "Any words of encouragement for a fair-skinned girl in the summer? I want to enjoy the outdoors, but my freckles get out of control." Marie Claire answers this question.

The Good Things About Sunbathing
    "I've heard that getting some sun is good for both your skin and mind, but how much is too much?" Marie Claire has the answer from Dr. Amy Wechsler.

Protect Your Hair This Summer

Zit-Zapping Tips from the Pros

How to Get A Perfect Pout

How To Fix Yellow Nails
    What's causing that yellow tint on my nails?

Pro Tips on Applying Liquid Liner
    How do I apply liquid liner like a pro?

Get Shiny Hair Now
    Marie Claire's beauty editors help your hair look its shiniest, whether it's straight, wavy, or curly.

How To Brighten Your Eyes
    Beauty advice from the Marie Claire experts

Beauty Obsessions and Confessions
    With beauty director Ying Chu. The need-to-know buzz in beauty -- from our editor's lips to yours.

How Do I Cover My Freckles?
    Beauty editor's tips on how to cover up your freckles.

Ask The Beauty Editor

Color Cues: At Home Hair Color Help
    Hair Color Help From the experts at Marie Claire

Ask The Beauty Editor

10 Best Beauty Products to Make Your Skin Glow
    Glisten good with this cool summer stash for your skin - from makeup to cleaners.

Get Sandal-Ready Feet
    Learn how to do your own salon-perfect pedicure at home.

How To Fake a Tan
    Fake the bake with these tips from Marie Claire's beauty editors.

Bikini Line Dilemma
    Marie Claire's beauty editors answer your questions about bikini line hair removal.

Dry Hair Help

Get Dream Hair Now

Quick Fix Makeup Tips

Get Rid of Dark Circles

Create High Cheekbones

Do It Yourself Microdermabrasion

The Best Mascara For You

Bright Eyes

The Best Anti-Aging Products

Freckle Coverage

Good Hues For Red Lips

Long Lasting Eyeshadow

Get Rid of Laugh Lines

Stop Your Nail Biting

Over-Plucked Eyebrows

How To Go Blonde

Tricks To Avoid Cakey Face Powder

High-Tech Haircolor Help

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