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Get the latest on health and fitness news that you need to know. Plus get information on the latest fitness trends to get you in shape!

The "Angelina Effect" Doubled the Number of Breast-Cancer Gene Tests
    A new study finds Angelina Jolie's BRCA-1 gene mutation inspired others to get tested.

Primary Protection: The History of the Pill
    This little gal has gone through quite the journey.

The Rebel Diet Pages: 2
    Born to eat wild? Have an on-again, off-again relationship with healthy eating? You'll love the latest weight-loss news.

Workout Trend Alert: Everybody Dance Now
    Can sweatin' to the '90s also get you in shape? Jennifer Goldstein kicks it old school.

Cleansing's Dirty Secret Pages: 2
    Touted for myriad health benefits, chic juice diets are all the rage, but in their quest to detox and lose weight, some women — call them juicerexics — are hitting the bottle to dangerous degrees.

Hit the Dirt: The Latest Workout Craze
    Women across the country are ditching their Pilates mats and Spinning shoes for a new hard-core workout craze.

The Napping Revolution Pages: 2
    A new surge in sleep science suggests that 10 minutes of midday shut-eye could be the ultimate wellness-booster.

Skinny & Crazy vs. Fat & Happy Pages: 2
    The antidepressants your doctor prescribed are working. But you've gained 10 pounds as a side effect — and the scale keeps tipping up. Which is more important: your mental stability or your body?

What's Your Perfect Workout? (02/01/2013) Pages: 2
    Take your pick of these monthlong plans that help you tone up, trim down, and strengthen all around

Total Body Reboot
    The latest fitness movement to make a splash with Hollywood's A-list.

Kick It Pages: 2
    Terri Trespicio goes toe-to-toe with the Radio City Rockettes to see what it takes to survive the ranks of America's most famous dance troupe.

Urban Surfers (09/01/2012)
    The ultimate water sport comes ashore. Read a review of the new Surfset Workout fitness craze.

The Vegan Myth Pages: 2
    Could the so-called healthiest diet in the world actually make you sick - and fat? Jessica Girdwain investigates the scary side of extreme eating.

Extreme Exercise (07/01/2012)
    Like anorexics, fitness obsessives can't seem to stop. Tatiana Boncompagni on why more women than ever are going on workout benders, pushing themselves to dangerous limits.

Jump For It (05/01/2012)
    The calorie-torching fitness craze that's sweeping the nation isn't just good for you, it's also good clean fun.

Why is Birth Control A Big Deal Again?
    Find out how politicians view birth control and how their decisions may affect you.

The Best of Boutique Fitness Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Check out the best boutique workouts for getting in shape for spring.

Learning the Ropes (03/01/2012)
    To get your ultimate high-performance body, try the secret weapon of models and Olympians: the Redcord workout.

The Imperfect Anorexic (04/01/2012) Pages: 2
    Tortured by bouts of binge eating and fasting, one woman felt she'd failed at everything — even her eating disorder.

Meet the Forkers (02/01/2012)
    Frenchwomen are obsessed with the latest diet — le forking, as it's known in fashionably slim circles. By eating only what you can spear with a fork, it's easy to drop pounds without ever feeling hungry.

The Petite Advantage: Small Changes for a Big Impact (01/01/2012)
    A nutrition expert's latest book, specifically designed to help busy women 5'4" and shorter lose weight, includes easy-to-follow rules for dieters of all heights.

5 New Ways to Stay Slim this Holiday Season (12/01/2011)
    Try out these buffet table tactics at the next holiday party.

New Workout: Shaking Things Up (11/01/2011)
    Can a buzzy new 30-minute workout be the key to a lean, sculpted physique?

America's Toughest Workout (10/01/2011)
    What do you get when you take a cardio boot camp and put it in a 100-degree room? We find out, the sweaty way.

Eyes Wide Shut (10/1/2011)
    When mystifying bouts of fatigue began striking one law student, she never suspected that a little-understood sleep disorder was about to turn her life into a waking nightmare.

Healthy Foods That Make You Fat (March 2005) Pages: 2
    What happened when 10,000 dieters ate mainly healthy foods? Not much, if they filled up on the foods from this list. Here's how to eat right and lose weight from Marie Claire.

Your Best Birth Control Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Scared of weight gain? Hate the idea of hormones? Want more spontaneity with sex? Don't compromise on your contraceptive. Find the perfect one for you.

Can You Really Think Yourself Thin?
    Could the power of meditation teach one woman to resist tables of temptation and use meditation to never diet again?

Made to Match: Bone Marrow Donations Demystified
    Caitlin Emma, a college student who donated bone marrow to a child in need, explains the process from the other end of the needle.

The Skinny on the Stars Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Hollywood's latest diet and fitness obsessions.

Detox Diet
    Read up on our detox advice to start feeling, and looking, fabulous!

Diet Tips
    We've compiled the best tips and tricks for your diet, so you can look — and feel — fabulous and healthy!

The World's Coolest Spas
    Not your mama's day spas — here, the best out-of-the-box destinations that make us what to jump on a plane, stat.

Smoking: A Cheater's Story (07/01/2011)
    A closet puffer fesses up to her bad habit.

New Fitness Trend: Synchronized Swimming (07/01/2011)
    It's the new L.A. fitness fad obsessing Hollywood. We try being a bathing beauty, and nearly drown in the process.

Starvation Nation: Inside a Groundbreaking Eating Disorder Facility (07/01/11) Pages: 2
    While most of America focuses on obesity, anorexia is claiming new patients in record numbers. At a cutting-edge treatment facility, we investigate the epidemic one expert is comparing to AIDS.

5 Signs of an Eating Disorder (06/01/2011)
    Learn the symptoms and behaviors to look out for, and how to help a sick friend.

Is Your Birth Control as Safe as You Think? Pages: 2
    Since NuvaRing hit the market, more than 700 women have filed lawsuits, claiming it has caused potentially life-threatening blood clots. The battle may change the way millions of women prevent pregnancy.

New Health Trend: IV Vitamin Therapy (06/01/2011)
    The latest must-have procedure of wellness-obsessed body buffs: customized intravenous vitamin cocktails. But do they really work?

Do You Look Your Age...Or Older?
    Do you wear SPF everyday? Drink more than 5 alcoholic drinks in a week? Eat veggies? Spend all day sitting down? All of these factors contribute to how quickly your body shows signs of aging, and while you can’t stop the clock, the right lifesty

What Nutritionists Really Eat Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Do top food experts follow the strict advice they dole out to their famous clients? We asked five of them to keep detailed food diaries that included wine, cheese... and chocolate.

What Really Happens Inside an Anorexia Clinic Pages: 2
    When Meg Haston checked herself into an Arizona eating disorder clinic, groundbreaking therapy forced her to confront her worst fears.

The Life-Threatening Disease Women Aren't Supposed to Get
    One minute she was a fashion publicist, the next she was diagnosed with ALS, a rare and terrifying illness that's more common in men.

12 Celebrity Body Secrets (December 2005) Pages: 2 3 4
    At last! Trainers behind beautiful-bodied Halle, Heidi, and Jennifers A. and L. reveal in four new books how their clients got their shapes and how you can, too.

The Hunger: A True Story of Anorexia Pages: 2
    When Maura Kelly's mother died and her family came unglued, she found a way to cope -- but it nearly killed her too.

The Hunger Diaries Forum Pages: 2 3 4
    Since we posted our controversial article, “The Hunger Diaries,” your comments, concerns and opinions have flooded our inboxes, website, and social networks. Clearly, we’ve tapped into something. This is an opportunity.

The Hunger Diaries: How Health Writers Could Be Putting You at Risk Pages: 2
    Six popular bloggers advocate healthier living, but are they putting readers — and themselves — in danger?

Diary of My Preventative Double Mastectomy
    At the age her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Teresa Lewis made a drastic decision to avoid the same fate.

Exclusive Q&A with the White House Gate-Crasher
    Michaele Salahi reveals what she's up to now—and how she broke into reality TV.

What It's Really Like to Have Big Breasts
    A well-endowed playwright confesses how she really feels about her rock-star rack.

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