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Get the latest on health and fitness news that you need to know. Plus get information on the latest fitness trends to get you in shape!

What's Your Holiday Eating IQ?
    Before you liberally pour gravy on those mashed potatoes, put the utensils down and test your holiday eating IQ.

Have a Very Healthy Holiday Guide

Toning Exercises to Get in Shape Fast
    How does Madonna get in shape for the holidays? She has exercise guru Tracy Anderson on speed dial. Here, the superstar trainer reveals the slim-down plan she's saved for celebs - until now.

Eat This Now: Cranberries
    How to crank up your cranberry sauce.

Sexual Cosmetic Surgery

Are You Losing Your Hearing?
    According to a 2004 study by Johns Hopkins, 10 percent of 20-somethings suffer from compromised hearing (compared to 8.9 percent five years earlier)

Healthy Holiday Cocktails
    Make these changes in your holiday glass and you can truly toast to good health.

Hungry for Approval
    Whether it's the boyfriend, the boss, or good old mom, everyone has an opinion on what and how we eat. How does that affect your habits? MC examines the impact of eating to please.

Do You Need a Sleep Makeover?
    Share your story and you may be featured in the magazine!

Sex, Lies, and the HPV Vaccine Pages: 2
    The cervical-cancer vaccine is the biggest women’s health breakthrough in years. So why did I have to talk my doctor into it - and keep the shot in the office fridge?

Eat This Now: Halloween Candy
    Smart ideas for indulging.

Post-Thanksgiving Damage Control
    The average American gains one pound - an excess of 3500 calories - with every Turkey Day. tells you how to start burning off those calories the next day.

7 Things You Don't Know About Green Tea
    Surprising health and beauty uses for green tea

Get Your Sleep: Ambien Alternative
    How to fall asleep fast.

Emergency: I Have a Cold!
    It's tough not to be a diva when a cold or flu strikes while deadlines loom. Some expert advice for shaking it off.

Try a Yoga Shoulder Stand
    I've long observed that shoulder stands have an uncanny way of giving me a spurt of energy.

Get a Flat Belly Quick
    Fall's waist-cinching belts shine a spotlight on meticulously whittled middles.

Eat This Now: Apples
    Add apples to a meal, and chances are, you won't leave hungry. Marie Claire has the nutrition scoop.

9 Fat-Busting Exercise Moves
    Our friends at fitness mecca Physique 57 have given us some fab exercise moves that are not only fun but really work!

Sister Smackdown
    No one's more competitive than sisters, but it's rare that you get to see the drama play out on Centre Court at Wimbledon.

I Took My Friend's Xanax
    One person's experience with the drug Xanax.

Home Sweet Home
    Here, 11 chic air fresheners for your home.

Biking To Work? It'll Cost You!
    Factor in these necessary expenses if you’re considering the alternate commute.

My Moment of ZEN
    When I recently found myself engaged in Stroller Rage — actually kicking a double-wide that had the audacity to pause in front of me when I least expected it — I knew I was in trouble.

QUIZ: How Stressed Are You?
    Are you a heart attack on legs or are you cool as a cucumber?

The Stress Package
    It's become an almost fashionable lament, a way of saying I have a lot on my plate -- life is rich. But does it also mean you're putting your health at risk?

What Stresses Us Out?
    It's become an almost fashionable lament, a way of saying I have a lot on my plate - life is rich. But does it also mean you're putting your health at risk?

What Stress Does to Your Body
    The human body is well adapted to deal with short-term stress, but if it remains on alert for a long time, you can grow vulnerable to health problems. Marie Claire tells how major systems respond to your worries.

Are We Being Poisoned By Our Favorite Things?
    Toxic Hype: Are the mainstays of a modern girl's life—water bottles, cell phones, smoggy city air—really poisoning us?

6 Myths About Sleep

5 New Virtual Fitness Trainers
    The new computerized fitness coaches promise to motivate like the real thing, at a fraction of the cost. So long, Sven; welcome, Wii? Marie Claire shows you some favorite new fitness devices.

Losing Stephanie Pages: 2
    The temper flare-ups and misspelled e-mails were the first clues. Why was this charismatic life force growing less recognizable by the day?

Learning to Love My Non-Bikini Body
    A woman learns to love her body. MC has the story.

Breast Cancer Risk: Cutting My Losses
    A Marie Claire Q & A with writer Jessica Queller, whose breast-cancer-gene mutation test results led her to make a remarkable decision.

Should You Freeze Your Eggs? Pages: 2
    Trying to beat her biological clock, Sarah Elizabeth Richards turns to extreme science.

Body Size, Body Shape: 6 Women's Stories Pages: 2 3
    We all have issues with the bodies we were born with, but there's only so much you can change. Here, six women on how they work what they've got.

Fertility Planner Tool
    Map your own ovulation and fertility calendar. Get a personalized calendar of the days ovulations symptoms might appear.

A Birth Control Pill for Men
    We found it curious when ads for Seasonique, the Pill that reduces periods to just four times a year, started popping up on Spike TV, home of the Hooters' swimsuit pageant and Pam Anderson's Stripperella.

Power Up Your Life Fitness Challenge: PART 3

Motivate Me!

Where to Find a Workout Buddy

How to Design Your Own Workout

Power Up Your Life Workout Plan, Part 3 Pages: 2 3 4

Your Exercises Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

My Macho Pregnancy Pages: 2
    The last thing tomboy Jennifer Senior expected while expecting? That she'd discover her inner girl.

How to Be Smoke-Free, Fashionably
    No wonder women have a harder time quitting smoking than men: Those nicotine inhalers are too darn ugly to be seen with.

Acai: The New Superfood
    Acai, a Brazilian berry now found in everything from smoothies to yogurt to cereal, is worth some of its buzz.

What Is Your Stress Score?
    You can't hit that performance sweet spot — in the gym or the office — unless you have stress under control. How far off are you?

How Young Is Your Body?

Power Up Your Life Fitness Challenge: PART 2

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