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Get the latest on health and fitness news that you need to know. Plus get information on the latest fitness trends to get you in shape!

Should You Freeze Your Eggs Now?
    Marie Claire asked fertility specialist Dr. Sherman Silber about the newest ways to prolong our childbearing years.

Contraception Myths Debunked (Plus, Does Male Birth Control Exist?)
    Common birth control facts and fictions explained.

The Contraceptive Cheat Sheet
    Consult MC's ultimate guide to pills with benefits.

Which Birth Control Is Right for You?
    Quit playing reproductive roulette and own your sex life with MC's very own guide to birth control.

3 Surprising Facts About Water
    Forget the eight glasses a day. The key to a healthier, slimmer, younger you is all about eating water-based foods.

The Whole-Body Detox
    From your hair, skin, and nails to your daily eating habits and brain function, here are expert tips on how to reboot your body, make over your mind, and detox to the max.

My Amazing Milk Machine
    After growing up in a frenzy of feminism and bra burning, Martha McPhee learned to embrace her breasts after she became a mother.

The Accidental Breast Cancer Patient
    After a revolving door of mammograms, cancer medication and lumpectomies, one woman wonders if early screening is the best method of preventing breast cancer.

7 Best Websites for Weight Loss
    Marie Claire found the best websites to stay on track with your weight-loss goals.

Cold Preventers We Swear By
    Cold Preventers We Swear By Science sometimes begs to differ, but we insist these products have spared us from the office cold more than once. Could be the placebo effect (pretty potent when it comes to colds), but they work for us.

Get an Olympic Workout Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    Amp up your workout or get psyched for a new winter sport tips from six of Team USA's top Olympic contenders headed for Vancouver this month.

The Essential New Year's Guide
    Learn how to get smart, sexy, and stylish in 2010 with these tips from Marie Claire.

Sexy, Strong Abs: The Easy Way!
    A flat stomach can be yours: Our four-part guide to what to eat, drink, and do will have you bikini-ready in no time

4 Myths About Your Partying and Drinking Habits
    Party smarter: the truth about your partying habits.

Weight-Loss Plan: Calorie Counting vs. Exercising Pages: 2
    What's the most effective way to drop the pounds? Two MC staffers sign up for a 30-day challenge -- one revamps her eating plan, the other joins the gym -- to see who comes out the biggest loser.

Why I Had Neck Liposuction
    Samantha Marshall tried scarves, shawls, turtlenecks -- anything to hide her droopy neck. Would cosmetic surgery do the trick?

Anatomy of a Holiday Pig-Out Pages: 2
    A typical holiday meal contains over 3,000 calories. What does it do to your body? Michele Meyer reports.

What's Your Weight Loss IQ?
    Take's weight loss IQ quiz to see if your "healthy" habits are actually hurting your waist size.

Q&A with Founder of Susan G. Komen For the Cure
    As we kick off breast cancer awareness month, MC talked to Nancy Goodman Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation named in honor of her sister. Brinker was appointed as the World Health Organization Ambassador for Cancer Control in

How to Build More Muscle
    Muscle strength peaks at age 25 and hits a plateau before falling sometime in your mid-to-late 30s. The more shapely, strong muscle you can bank now, the stronger you'll stay for life. Use these strategies to get strong now.

5 Health Move Musts
    The health choices you make now will dictate your health in the future; start being healthy today and you'll feel the positive effects for years to come.

Increase Your Metabolism
    Your metabolism doesn't tragically sink the day you turn 30, nor is it uniquely speedy in your 20s. If you're gaining weight, you're probably doing too many things that decrease your metabolism and not enough that boost it.

Pole Dancing: The New Olympic Sport?
    Are the Olympics ready for strip-club routines?

The Low Down on Food Recalls
    One minute you're happily munching; the next, your snack is all over the news.

What Kind of Burger is Right for You?
    Depending on your figure, the ideal patty isn't necessarily the ever-virtuous veggie.

The Drinking Diaries: Go Ahead, Have Another
    Who doesn't need a stiff drink these days? For most of us, the occasional boozy night is the perfect cure for a crummy day. For others, it's not that simple. Here, four women plumb their own complicated relationships with alcohol.

Best Beauty Roundup: 7 Stylish Suds
    A guide to stylish soaps and how to wash your hands.

Migraine News and Views
    The economy's not the only thing suffering these days. Migraines cost this country $13 billion a year in lost work. Stress is a common trigger, so if you're having financial woes, watch out.

Take Your Workout Outside
    It's time to quit running, biking, and rowing to nowhere. The warm weather is the perfect excuse to break up with your gym—it'll be as good for your abs as it is for your wallet.

3 Days to Healthy Living
    Together, Exhale Spa and Blue Print Cleanse created a mind body cleanse package for NY clientele.

Q&A Fighting with Food
    You give some vivid descriptions of vomiting in this book. Why?

Get Jessica Alba's $200/Session Workout for $15
    Celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza shares the simple, 40-minute at-home workout that got Alba and Halle Berry into fab post-baby shape.

Zzz-Mail: Coming to a Computer Near You
    Zzz-mailing, the act of e-mailing while asleep, is the latest trend in sleepwalking.

Kickstart Your Metabolism
    No time for a long, intense workout?

The New Addictions Pages: 2 3 4
    Behavioral addictions -- to shopping, sex, even e-mail -- trigger the same rush of feel-good dopamine to the brain as drugs and alcohol.

45 Best Body Secrets
    Get your best body ever with 45 of our best health secrets and tips.

Better in Bed: Do You Need a Sleep Makeover? Pages: 2
    Insomnia plagues more than 50 million Americans - but can we ditch the fast-fix meds in favor of a healthier, long-term solution? Sometime Ambien-popper Ying Chu books a session with a holistic sleep doc.

The New Japanese Diet Fad
    Marie Claire talks about a new banana diet popular in Japan.

Get Little Black Dress Arms
    Get spring ready! Here's how to create perfect looking arms for your sleeveless dresses.

Analyze This Pages: 2
    Do you need therapy? Think you can't spare the time or the money? Think again. It may be the best investment you'll ever make.

QUIZ: Do You Need Therapy?
    Marie Claire's therapy quiz.

10 Minute Fat Burning Exercises
    Quick, easy exercises that will help you lose weight and get in shape in just 10 minutes a day.

Sexy Stems: Get Lean, Sexy Legs

Eating to Impress My Boss
    Are business lunch and dinner outings making you self-conscious?

Your Pre-Party Meal Plan
    Follow these tips to lose weight quick.

Eating to Console a Needy Friend
    What happens when your friends' problems start making you fat?

Your Anti-Resolution Guide
    We all make promises on January 1st, only to break them before the week is out. This time, resolve to hold off on major changes until you’re really ready to commit (maybe in March, say, or October, or 2010.)

10 New Year's Resolutions We Won't Ask You to Make
    Marie Claire lists the resolutions not to make when the ball drops.

From Flab to Fab: Your Holiday Survival Guide
    Ditch the Spanx and trim down with last-minute pre-party tricks from top celebrity trainers - perfect for any outfit.

Eating to Score a Second Date
    Everyone has an opinion on what and how we eat.

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