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Get advice on how to get and stay healthy. Plus check out our trainer-approved fitness tips and workout ideas!

Easy Arm Exercises

Plastic Surgery Nightmares Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Nip, tuck, fill, freeze--the promise of eternal youth has never been so great. But in today's hurting economy, greedy doctors are cutting corners and taking advantage in shocking ways.

Step Away from the Scale
    After years of yo-yo dieting, Jihan Thompson learns to embrace the last 5 pounds.

The Girl's Guide to Eating Green Pages: 2 3
    News flash: Going organic shouldn't require a trust fund or a Ph.D. in botany. We quizzed the experts and scoured the produce aisles to devise a healthy, eco-friendly action plan suitable for everyone.

Eat This Now: Fresh Plums
    For an extra antioxidant boost, slice and sprinkle with cinnamon.

The Eating Diaries Pages: 2 3 4
    How much does what you eat affect your skin, mind, energy, and mood? Four women trade in cookies and cocktails for a clear complexion and sharpened memory.

Cheerleader Workout: Get Your Best Legs Ever

Your Fruit May Not Be As Clean As You Think
    An article in the Journal of Food Science recently reported that rough-surfaced fruits, such as peaches, require more diligent cleaning than smooth-surfaced varieties, like apples.

Your Life in Hormones
    What the hell is going on with your hormones—and how can you harness them for happiness, health, fertility, brainpower, and energy?

How to Get a Better Body in Two Weeks
    Learn some strategies that will effectively improve your body for good.

10 Short Cuts To Strong Sexy Abs (June 2006)
    10 Short Cuts To Strong Sexy Abs

Fitness Files: Runner's High
    This freaky gravity-defying treadmill (which requires being fastened into rubber shorts) lifts you off your feet so you can run with minimal stress on your joints.

Going Braless talks about bras and proper fit.

Start Your Diet Smart
    Try these tips from for a successful start to your diet.

6 Health Mistakes Smart People Make tells you the little things you can fix right now to keep your body healthy and happy in the long run.

Workout Videos: 20 Fat-Burning Moves
    Easy exercise videos for your best body ever. Follow these 12 steps to get fit by summer.

Exercises for A-List Legs

12 Ways to Save Money on Groceries and Food
    Trim your waistline and your grocery bill with Marie Claire's tips for saving money on food.

Eat Healthy, Save Money
    Even if you're not interested in going on a diet plan, these tips from Weight Watchers can help minimize costs while maximizing efforts for a healthy lifestyle.

Talk to the Hand
    You know it as BlackBerry Thumb - that dull pain in your wrists that results from your dependence on handheld tech.

9 Things You Didn't Know About Detoxing
    Get the lowdown on detoxing plus 4 at-home detox tips.

Eat This Now: Benefits of Vitamin D
    Vitamin D might help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even the flu.

Heal Your Sore Feet
    Consider these strategies for healthier feet, as you step into spring's sprightly styles

Increase Your Metabolism and Bone Density
    Get fit and healthy with this great exercise.

Get Rock Hard Abs
    Get your best abs ever with these simple moves.

Fertility 101 Pages: 2 tells you everything you need to know about fertility.

Snooze Control
    Check out our recommendations and then hit the sack - you'll sleep like a baby.

6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
    Follow these steps to kick your metabolism into high gear and keep those temptations in check.

10 Ways to Kick-Start Your Resolution to Get in Shape
    Stop saying you're going to get in shape this year and just do it. Marie Claire gives you our no-fail tips for your best body ever.

10 Ways to Make a Resolution Stick
    We all make promises on January 1st, only to break them before the week is out. This time, resolve to hold off on major changes until you're really ready to commit (maybe in March, say, or October, or 2011.)

5 Healthy Foods You Should Eat Every Day
    Try these five nutritional superstars for a result that's even greater than the sum of its wholesome parts.

Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight
    Tracey Anderson's Foods to Slim By

How to Get Fit, Happy, and Healthy
    Whether you want to power through paperwork or fall asleep peacefully, here are the best workouts for toning your mind. Bonus: better butt, abs, and arms, too.

Do These Alterna-Therapies Actually Abolish Stress?
    Truth or Myth?

Do Those Touchy-Feely Diet Strategies Really Work?
    It takes a healthy dose of skepticism to navigate the self-help sections of bookstores, what with weight-loss bestsellers ridiculous touting meal plans.

5 Olympic Athletes Share Their Workout Secrets Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Five Olympians share their secrets to getting fitter, faster. Whether you want to tone up or slim down, we'll show you how with tips from these Beijing-bound athletes.

Are You at Risk for Skin Cancer?
    Am I at risk for skin cancer if I have medium-dark skin, tan easily, and have never burned?

To Fat and Back: The Idiot-Proof Diet

6 Myths About Organic Food
    All organics aren't created equal. Here's what's hidden behind the label

7 Ways to Burn Fat Faster
    Lose your extra pounds with these easy pro tips.

3 Fats That Make You Skinny Pages: 2 3
    Forget dry toast and plain vegetables. Adding these fats to your food can help you get the body you want.

How to Tone Your Upper Body
    The rower isn't a wimpy workout if you know how to use it right (I didn't). Maximize the least-used machine at the gym and get sculpted arms, abs, and back muscles. The trick: After you pull the handle toward you, straighten your arms before y

How to Eat Before and After a Workout
    How to Eat Before and After a Workout

How to Stretch Better
    Increase your flexibility faster - how to stretch better.

How to Get Healthy and Fit
    Learn some strategies that will effectively improve your body for good.

What You Don't Know About Your Hangover (December 2006) Pages: 2
    How to wake up without regretting the night before (at least as far as alcohol is concerned)

How to Run Farther
    To take yourself from 20 or 30 minutes on the treadmill to the finish line of a charity 5K (3.1 miles), follow this plan from running coach Jason Karp.

Fitness Advice: Ask Marty

7 Myths About Sleep Pages: 2
    The real reason you can't get out of bed may be that you don't know the facts about sleep. Stay up and read this tonight (you'll thank us in the morning!)

3 Surprising Things That Make You Fat
    3 Surprising Things That Make You Fat

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