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These workout playlists will take your workout to the next level. Whether it's a high intensity cardio session or gentle yoga, there's exercise music for every activity!

10 New Workout Songs for 2010
    While the dance cuts are here as usual, it's also been an excellent month for rock.

The Hottest Workout Songs
    The votes are in, and the most popular new song for working out is Kelly Clarkson's "I Do Not Hook Up."

10 Songs to Change the Way You Think About Water Aerobics
    A watery workout will both minimize the impact on your joints and increase its intensity.

The Best Songs for a Very Fast (or Very Slow) Workout
    This playlist comprises a group of songs that'll work with slower activities like squats and lifting but can be doubled up for sprints and cycling.

Rock and Dance Workout Music
    Awhile back, I created an online workout music database--which I use to gauge all of the songs that I write about here. Here's the full list of what folks loved--my suspicions be damned!

10 Songs for Aerobic Dancing
    A list of songs that will get you moving faster than you would on the dancefloor for a great workout.

Remixes for Your Workout
    10 uptempo versions of popular songs that will get your heart pumping.

Music Playlist: Songs for Cross-Training
    A list that runs 155-160 BPM and features a more aggressive set of songs than usual.

The Best Workout Music of 2009
    Get pumped for your 2010 resolution to get in shape with these workout hits from 2009.

Music Playlist: Fast Songs for Cycling
    Cycling and spinning both offer a chance to break out some songs that are too fast for most other exercises.

Best Late '90s Dance Songs Playlist
    Turn-of-the-century dance cuts you might have heard on "The Grind" -- if it had stayed on the air a few more years.

Exercise Remixes Galore
    Mix up your workout with this music remix playlist.

Boxing to Rock
    While rock isn't the only music to which you can box, it's probably the genre of choice for trying to synchronize your pace.

Pitbull: The Reigning King Of Workout Music
    Pitbull is the first to have two songs simultaneously voted into one of our playlists.

The Best Music for Climbing Stairs
    Whether you're on a stair stepper, stair climber, StairMaster, or actual stairs, the tempo range generally recommended spans from 124-128 BPM.

Workout Songs Beyond the Top 40
    While last week's list turned up an unexpected new single from Paula Abdul, this week might even top that—as Lionel Richie's new song with

The #1 Song for Working Out Today
    Here's the latest from Paula Abdul and Paul Oakenfold, plus another 10 songs with the same tempo (125 BPM), to keep you on pace.

The Best Workout Music on the Charts This Week
    Among the usual pop blockbusters and remixes, you'll find new singles from Cash Cash and Cobra Starship that tread the line between annoying and irresistible.

The Best Music for the Elliptical Trainer
    Though each person's workout is different, the tempo range that generally suits the elliptical is 124-128 BPM.

The Top 10 Workout Songs Beyond The Top 40
    Here's a look at ten recent releases that are getting lots of play in the gym, but not necessarily on the radio.

The Number One Song For Working Out Today (Plus 10 Others)
    "A Dustland Fairytale" by The Killers was voted the best new song for working out—thanks to its rollicking second half.

The Best Workout Music On The Charts Right Now
    While club music generally dominates the workout scene, the bands have come out swinging this month.

Take These Songs to the Gym

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