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Read the latest lifestyle features and articles straight from the pages of Marie Claire!

Fashion Week in Brazil
    Nina Garcia heads to fashion week in Brazil

The Mandy Moore Cover Shoot
    behind the scenes of Mandy Moore's photo shoot

April Music Reviews
    Sara Watkins, Kelly Clarkson, Joker's Daughter, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

Talita Meets Roberto Cavalli
    Talita assists Joyce as she interviews Roberto Cavalli

Ashley On the Run and Samantha At a Photo Shoot
    Samantha and Ashley's second tasks as MC interns.

Who Makes You Laugh?
    Funny women are having a moment as great female comedians are popping up everywhere. Tell us - who makes you laugh?

A Foodie's Guide to San Francisco
    As the world goes organic, biodynamic, sustainable, and humane there is only one place that epitomizes these lifestyles the best, and it is San Francisco. takes a look.

TV Dinner: Gossip Girl
    Pass the saketinis! This tasty recipe for an economical girls' night in is high in drama and low in prep, for the ultimate Serena-inspired party.

Book Review: Wetlands
    The latest best-selling book in Europe? Wetlands, about one woman's obsession with her vagina. Are American readers ready to embrace the naughtiness?

Talita: Wise or Wicked?
    The interns work on a layout - and some think Talita cheated on hers.

The Editors Go to Fashion Week in Europe
    European fashion week plus Ashley procrastinates on a project.

Samantha literally "Running in Heels"
    RUNNING IN HEELS, Episode 1: Samantha's first task as an intern.

Nina Garcia and Joanna Coles at Fashion Week
    RUNNING IN HEELS, Episode 1: Joanna Coles and Nina Garcia at the Rock and Republic Show.

Watch: Running in Heels
    Running in Heels 3 interns jump into the world of Marie Claire. Here are the editors who mentor, guide, and whip them into shape.

TV Dinner: Running in Heels
    Check out these recipes for a chic night in and tune into Marie Claire's new TV show, Running in Heels.

3 Chic Recipes, 1 Bottle of Wine
    Check out these award winning recipes

Valentine's Day Recipes Pages: 2 presents recipes for Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate Body Paint for Valentine's Day.

Marie Claire's Book Club
    Each month we'll grab a buzzy paperback, get a rotating group of MC editors to read it, then argue about it over a glass of Malbec. We invite you to read along and to toss in your own spot-on insights.

7 Ways to Entertain on a Budget
    Just because the economy is suffering doesn't mean your social life has to as well. Here, your guide to turning those late nights out into late nights in with these tips for stylish soirees.

Recipes and Travel Tips from Uruguay
    These original recipes are inspired by the Uruguayan Riviera.

Book Club: Lush Life
    It's cops, robbers, and hipsters in the hood, as the Marie Claire Book Club takes on the urban crime novel Lush Life, by Richard Price.

Argentine Salt-Crusted Steak
    Sometimes simpler is the best way to go about eating. Why reinvent the wheel when some flavors stay tried and true for good reason?

Meet the Team
    In the new reality show Running in Heels (debuts March 1 on Style), three ambitious interns jump into the fashion world of Marie Claire. Here are the top editors who mentor, guide, and whip them into shape.

Ready for Our Close-Up!
    Marie Claire's offices were recently invaded by cameras filming our upcoming docu-series, Running in Heels.

Ming Tsai’s Guide to a Chinese New Year Party Pages: 2 3
    The Chinese New Year festival runs for 15 days in January and/or February, beginning with the first day of the new moon of the year. It's a perfect time to have people over for a homemade Chinese banquet.

Watch Our Videos, Win an iPod

Wolfgang Puck’s Guide to Throwing a Movie Awards Party Pages: 2 3
    Wolfgang Puck’s Guide to Throwing a Movie Awards Party

Drink Recipes for a Political Partay!
    Once you've pulled the lever, it's time to kick back, mix up some cocktails, and watch the returns roll in. Here, a drink recipe for each side of the purple divide.

Recipes for a Chic Sunday Brunch Pages: 2
    Star chef Marcus Samuelsson shares his recipes entertaining tips for brunch.

10 Holiday Etiquette Don'ts

5 Worst Case Vacation Scenarios—and How to Fix Them

How to Pimp Your Pad
    Kishani Perera, the owner of Fuse I.D. in L.A, offers a room-by-room analysis for Marie Claire, explaining where to spend and where to rein it in.

10 Ways to Kick-Start Your Resolution to Get Organized
    Come out from under that pile of old receipts, bills, and clothes. Marie Claire gives you our surefire ways to get organized this year.

How To Save Face at Your High School Reunion
    Here, a crash course.

10 Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas
    Tap into your creative side this gift-giving season.

Halloween Humor, Horrors and More

Your High School Reunion Survival Guide
    Whether their high-school experience was blissfully Clueless or scary like Carrie, 8 million alums return to their alma maters each year to face down their hometown demons. Here, how to flaunt the new-and-improved you while effortlessly surviving a b

10 Ways to Reconnect and Revel
    Party like it's 1999!

The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide
    From 100 best holiday dresses and quick holiday makeup tips to 100 cocktail recipes and easy entertaining ideas - everything you need to survive this holiday season.

Plastic Bag Plague: 5 Easy Ways To Remember Your Reusable
    Though Germany, South Africa, Ireland, Norway and Australia have long imposed restrictions on bag use, several countries and cities have recently jumped on the anti-bagwagon. In early January, China surprised the world by announcing plans to eliminat

Easy Green: Bring Your Own Bag
    Americans use 60,000 (YES, 60,000) plastic bags every FIVE seconds. Next time you go to the store, bring a reusable tote bag. Here are some tried-and-true suggestions on how you can remember to BYOB (bring your own bag).

Easy Green: Recycle Your Rechargeables

Easy Green: Save Paper, Stop Phone Book Deliveries

Mercury Alert! What To Do When Your CFL Bulb Breaks
    Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs, CFLs, do contain the harmful neurotoxin, mercury. While CFLs contain a very amount (4-5 mg per bulb, about the size of a ball point pen’s tip) of mercury, you should take a bulb-break seriously by following the En

Easy Green: Change Your Bulbs

Tips for a Well-Stocked Bar
    Marie Claire tells you what you need in your liquor cabinet.

3 Ginormous Space Savers
    Real Homes, Real People, Hundreds of Design Solutions, how to squeeze out a few extra feet.

5 Hidden Vacation Costs You Need to Know About
    Travel has never been more expensive, thanks to the surging cost of fuel and the plunging value of the dollar.

Alternative Roommates
    What to get to keep you company.

7 Must-Haves for a Single Girl’s Toolbox
    Nothing is more annoying than waiting for your building’s super to assume the title of Mr. Fix-It.

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