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Two-Minute Date: James McAvoy Gets Frisky
    "If I were on a date with one of your readers, I'd declare, 'Let's go ice-skating!'" says McAvoy. "At some point, I'd definitely try to feel her up, and we'd have dinner."

Need to Know: Kristen Bell
    The fizzy, funny blonde is adorable both inside and out. This month, the petite star proves irresistible in the frothy rom-com When in Rome, opposite Josh Duhamel, Will Arnett, and Bell's real-life boyfriend, Dax Shepard.

Designing Woman
    She won Project Runway season six. Now Irina Shabayeva -- showcasing her winning collection on Model of the Runway winner Kalyn Hemphill -- is getting down to business and back to reality.

Queen Christina
    She's lost the assless chaps and embraced her softer side. With a new album, a world tour, and her first film, Christina Aguilera's all grown up.

Christina Aguilera Grows Up
    Go behind the scenes of Christina's photo shoot. Plus, check out her shoot for MC when she was pregnant and naked on our cover!

Fashion Diva: Christina Aguilera 1999 - 2009
    Christina Aguilera has a reputation for having some of the strongest pipes in the business and an unapologetic willingness to take fashion risks. Take a look at some of her style hits and misses from past to present.

Need to Know: Lily Cole
    The radiant, Pre-Raphaelite British supermodel plays Valentina, Heath Ledger's love interest, in his final film, the trippy adventure "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus."

Two-Minute Date: Paul Bettany
    "I'm a European," Bettany laments of being denied beer, cheese, and bread while filming. "That was my entire diet!"

Pamela Anderson Talks Boobs 'n' Business
    Pamela Anderson talks about her new clothing line, her boobs, and how she managed to make her career thrive for over 20 years.

Naturally Natalie
    Newly single and working like mad, Natalie Portman opens up about surviving child stardom, escaping the "muse" trap, and emerging unscathed from her first tabloid scandal.

Natalie Portman's Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes
    See photos from the star's photo shoot for MC.

Shop the Photo Shoot: Blake Lively
    Get the Hollywood It girl's look for less.

Blake Lively: The Photo Shoot
    Check out our sexy photo shoot with Hollywood's It vixen.

Blake Lively Grows Up
    Director Rebecca Miller talks designers, desires, and dessert with Blake Lively, star of the new movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks on How to Embrace Your Curves
    Reality check: The sexiest woman on television is neither waif-thin nor under 30. Christina Hendricks embraces her mad curves.

Hilary Swank: The Photoshoot
    Go behind the scenes on Hilary Swank's photoshoot. Plus, shop the shoot!

Hilary Swank Is Ready for Takeoff
    Hilary Swank is ready for takeoff. With a hot romance and happier than she's ever been, the driven star of Amelia eyes a limitless horizon.

Need to Know: Lauren Ambrose
    Why Where the Wild Things Are actress Lauren Ambrose is on our radar.

Better Than Ezra: 20 Years Strong
    Better Than Ezra talks of their longevity, memorable live show and most recent album, Paper Empire.

Two Minute Date with Neil Patrick Harris
    Hollywood's true superhero? Neil Patrick Harris, of course.

Shop the Shoot: Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page
    To call them a couple of misfits wouldn't be an insult to Drew Barrymore and pal Ellen Page. At work and at play, they follow no one's rules but their own. Channeling the stars' idiosyncrasies, as well as those of their feisty Roller Derby alter egos

Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page: Bosom Buddies
    Look who's best friends now. A curiously intimate chitchat with Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page, stars of the slam-happy new movie Whip It.

Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page: The Photoshoot
    Cover buddies Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page revisit the Technicolor life captured in their new film, Whip It

NEED TO KNOW: Mamie Gummer
    Why she's on our radar: The 26-year-old ethereal ingenue plays a flower-powered assistant to legendary festival organizer Michael Lang in director Ang Lee's acid trip down memory lane, Taking Woodstock.

Two Minute Date with Jason Schwartzman
    The weirdly normal Jason Schwartzman.

Get To Know Margarita Levieva
    The 29-year-old former Russian Olympic gymnast is nothing if not flexible in the risqué flick Spread, as an elusive siren who tames Ashton Kutcher's hardened gigolo.

Ashley Olsen Spills Her Secrets
    The personal-style icon and force behind two thriving fashion lines gives us a peek into her closet, and her life.SEE PHOTOS FROM BEHIND THE SCENESE OF ASHLEY OLSEN'S COVER SHOOT

Inside Ashley Olsen's Life — and Closet!
    Cover girl Ashley Olsen cuts a sensual figure a la Catherine Deneuve.

Ron Livingston, Regular Guy
    Ron Livingston can do the movie-star thing.

2-Minute Date with True Blood's Stephen Moyer
    Chivalry is (Un)dead

Fergie's Fashion Shoot
    With a new album out, a world tour under way, her first big role in an Oscar-bait movie, and that covetable marriage, the Black Eyed Peas B-girl is suddenly A-list.

Forever Fergie
    With a new album out, a world tour under way, her first big role in an Oscar-bait movie, and that covetable marriage, the Black Eyed Peas B-girl is suddenly A-list.

Josh Duhamel's Glam Life
    You're hot." That was the genius pickup line uttered by Josh Duhamel when he first met his mega-celeb crush, Fergie, in 2004.

Zooey Deschanel Is on Our Radar

Taylor Swift: 100 Miles an Hour and Not Slowing Down
    Country music star Taylor Swift talks about boys, her fans, and her fast-paced lifestyle.

Cameron Diaz Behind The Scenes
    Read the story: Cameron's Excellent Adventure

Cameron Diaz Saves The World!
    ...or at least tries. In this documentary she travels across America to find out what worries us most about the environment.

Cameron Diaz's Excellent Adventure
    Cameron Diaz and MC executive editor Lucy Kaylin lit out for America to learn what worries us most about the environment.

Behind the Scenes with Beyoncé
    She may go by Sasha Fierce, but at our NYC photo shoot, Beyonce Knowles was a dreamgirl come true.

She Is Legend Pages: 2
    Beyonce Knowles is making the most of her moment, mounting a 110-city tour in 6-inch heels. What keeps her going? The answer is — literally — written on her fingernails.

Our Lover's Quarrel with Ewan McGregor
    Our two-minute date with Ewan McGregor.

Behind the Scenes with Rachel McAdams
    On a two-day Marie Claire shoot in New York, the totally It actress not only nailed the asymmetrical trend, but led a spirited book-club discussion to boot!

Rachel McAdams Is an Open Book
    We heard the State of Play star was a smarty, so we invited her to be the Marie Claire Book Club's first-ever celebrity guest. Turns out the rumors were true.

MC's Crush of the Month: Paul Dano
    We sat down with Dano to find out whether our newest matinee crush would make good boyfriend material in real life.

Anya Marina Bares All
    Anya Marina spoke candidly to about being told she'd never make a career singing, and her secret to success.

Woman to Watch: Krysten Ritter
    The 27-year-old snags a recurring role as Jane on the Emmy-winning AMC series Breaking Bad, about a high-school science teacher turned crystal-meth maker. talks to Krysten Ritter.

Could You Handle an MC Celeb Photo Shoot?
    Do you have what it takes to primp and prep our cover stars? Go behind the scenes of the photo shoots and find out!

Dwayne Johnson Knows How to Throw Down
    Dwayne Johnson: "I'd love to do a musical"

Running in Heels Episode 4 Recap
    MC's determined interns get back to business in the Hearst Tower.

Career Rehab: Oscar Redux takes a look at past Oscar winners and their movies.

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