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We'll Show You Who's FUNNY
    With Amy Poehler's new sitcom, and Tina Fey ruling Hollywood from atop a pile of Emmys, funny women are having a moment. rounds up the pioneers and the visionaries to talk about how we got here.

Free Download: Mandy Moore
    Get a free download of Mandy Moore's "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of The Week"

Behind the Scenes with Mandy Moore
    On a lazy Sunday at New York's Pier 59 Studios, the singer-slash-actress-slash-girl-next-door showed us her soulful side - and brought her new album along to blast for the crew.

Running in Heels Episode 2 Recap
    MC's determined interns get back to business in the Hearst Tower. But when the editor-in-chief throws the bright-eyed bunch a critical project with only five days in which to do it, can the unseasoned trio rise to the challenge?

At Long Last ... More Mandy
    Out of the spotlight for a couple of years, easy-to-love Mandy Moore is back with a new album, a new plan, and, yes, a fiance. Marie Claire talks to Mandy.

Test Your Celebrity Knowledge
    Celebrities say the darndest things! Could you hold your own interviewing an A-list star? Test your celeb quote trivia knowledge at

Joshua Radin: Whisper Rock King
    The singer-songwriter discusses saying "No" to record label and establishing his success independently, singing with his idol, and the state of the music industry.

Celebrities Behind the Scenes
    Be a fly on the wall at Marie Claire's celeb cover shoots.

The Cast of He's Just Not That Into You
    Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Ginnifer Goodwin, the stars of He's Just Not That Into You, talk about hookups, breakups, and the importance of girlfriends.

Gossip Girls
    Get in on the best gabfest in town: Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Ginnifer Goodwin, the stars of He's Just Not That Into You, talk about hookups, breakups, and the importance of girlfriends.

Third Eye Blind Back from Hibernation
    Interview with Third Eye Blind's front man, Stephan Jenkins, from

Your February Entertainment Diet
    Guilty TV pleasures, nourishment novels and savory songs.

20 Years of Celebrity Couples Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    The glittering, shape-shifting phenomenon, the celebrity couple.

20 Celebrity Couples We Love and Love to Hate
    Love 'em or hate 'em, we can't get enough of these 20 celebrity couples.

Woman to Watch: Rose Byrne interviews actress Rose Byrne.

Kevin Connolly Ditches His Entourage
    This month, Kevin Connolly hits theaters as hapless-but-hopeful Conor in the self-help manual turned rom-com He's Just Not That Into You.

Where Have All the Gay People Gone?
    With Grey's suddenly sexually confused, The L Word airing its final sapphic season, and Will & Grace a distant memory, has TV gone hopelessly hetero?

Renee-ssance Woman
    How the Hollywood star lights up the night.

Running in Heels
    There's only one way to make it to the top. Welcome to the bottom. Find out what really happens at Marie Claire.

Behind the Scenes with Jessica Simpson
    Photos from Jessica Simpson's cover shoot with Marie Claire magazine.

Book Club: Dreamers of the Day
    This month, the group looks at how an American spinster ends up at the heart of Middle Eastern politics in Mary Doria Russell's Dreamers of the Day.

40 Things You Don't Know About Jessica Simpson
    That hair, the romances, the stage dad, those sky-high platform heels, and the football jinx - you probably think you know the whole Jessica Simpson story. So we asked her family, colleagues, and most important, her hairstylist for the things you don

Book Club: The Monsters of Templeton
    Who's her daddy? The Marie Claire book club digs into Lauren Groff's The Monsters of Templeton to uncover the familial mystery rooted in a small, supernatural town. Worth the 360-page commitment? Read on...

Jennifer Connelly in the Season's Best Little Black Dresses
    Jennifer Connelly photos in the seasons best little black dresses

Jennifer Connelly Tells Us What Turns Her On
    What tickles Jennifer Connelly? What gets those green eyes glinting? We had to know, so we decided to just ask.

You're Invited: Live Book Club Event
    Join the editors of Marie Claire, best-selling author Lauren Groff, and publisher Voice for an intimate live staging of the Marie Claire Book Club.

Why Madonna's Divorce Crushes Us
    I still can’t believe Madonna is getting divorced from Guy Richie.

It's Show Time
    Remotes ready? As the new TV season rolls out, we pair surefire hits of fall fashion with the scene-stealing stars from our favorite shows. On the next 15 pages, an exclusive chic preview.

Behind the Scenes with Courteney Cox
    The laid-back beauty spent a day on-set at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood, singing along to show tunes, trying on an arsenal of blue dresses that brought out those eyes, and laughing with daughter Coco (who was clinging to her legs during close-u

Courteney Cox: Forever Young
    She rose to fame as an icon of youth, but now the married mom finds herself besieged by plastic-surgery rumors while trying to age gracefully. Courteney Cox sets the record straight with Marie Claire.

Behind the Scenes with Lindsay Lohan
    On a low-key West Hollywood set, Marie Claire got an intimate look at the riveting star at her best -- without the crowds, letting her personal style shine through. Eat your hearts out, paparazzi!

You Don't Mess With the Lohan Pages: 2 3 4
    After multiple car wrecks and trips to rehab, it was looking dire for Lindsay Lohan. But with a movie and an album in the works, she's taken on another role: survivor. Marie Claire talks to Lindsay.

The 7 Greenest Celebrities
    From Brad Pitt to Hayden Panettiere to Sheryl Crow to Leonardo DiCaprio, many of Hollywood's heavyweights are using their fame to spread the good green word.

Behind the Scenes with TV's Top Stars
    How did MC shoot 23 TV stars in three days? Check out the controlled chaos at L.A.'s Smashbox Studios

Behind The Scenes With Eva Mendes
    We shot the glowing beauty poolside at a palatial Laurel Canyon, CA, estate, in drapey gowns with cool palettes

Eva Wants You! Pages: 2
    After a string of sexy roles in movies for dudes, Eva Mendes is tapping her inner girl's girl. Marie Claire has the story.

The Ultimate Television Grandmas
    In honor of Golden Girls’ star, the late Estelle Getty—she of the ever-present wicker purse and scathing one-liner—Marie Claire looks at the top grannies ever portrayed on television. With their silver spun hairdos, unconventional outl

Huggable, Yes. But Hot? Not So Much
    Marie Claire discusses the rotund men of movie comedies.

Behind the Scenes with Maggie Gyllenhaal
    The onetime indie girl is back in a whole new way. Playing off a vintage-inspired set, she channeled the '30s with jewel tones and lots of va-va-va-voom.

Mega Maggie Gyllenhaal Pages: 2 3
    Once the queen of quirky indie movies, The Dark Knight star Maggie Gyllenhaal braces for the highs and surprising lows of blockbuster-size fame. Marie Claire interviews the star here.

Set in the City
    The bigger-than-Big photo shoot took place over two days in an East Village, NY, studio, featuring four flower-power glamazons -- Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cynthia Nixon -- with a side of glitz.

Sex and the City: The Gossip, the Glamour, the Truth! Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    With the long-awaited Sex and the City movie hitting theaters, Marie Claire got the juicy backstory on the show that changed our lives.

Seven Great Bromance Films
    The Judd Apatow hit machine is at it again. It’s newest addition to the pantheon of ‘bromance’ movies is Pineapple Express, starring Apatow muse Seth Rogan as (what else?) a schlubby stoner and heartthrob James Franco as his scraggly p

Heidi Klum Behind the Scenes
    The runway maven and mother of three was full of energy and charm at her MC shoot in Los Angeles.

Project Heidi Pages: 2
    She's got curves, kids, and a massive career. How Heidi Klum beat the supermodel cliche. Marie Claire has the story.

The Best and Worst Pop Star Cameos on Television
    List of the best and worst pop star sitcom cameos on television according to Marie Claire.

Behind The Scenes with Tina Fey
    the creative powerhouse and funnywoman posed as an old-school Hitchcock heroine, all while wrapping her new movie, Baby Moma, and anticipating the end of the writers' strike.

Tina Fey on Top Pages: 2 3 4
    Tina Fey, star of 30 Rock and Baby Mama, tells Amy Poehler what it's like to be a huge star - from ignoring underlings to playing pranks. Marie Claire has the scoop.

It's a Lipstick Jungle in Here
    On her new show, Lipstick Jungle, Kim raver plays Nico Reilly, editor-in-chief of Bonfire magazine. But how would she fare in the real world of fashion mags? We challenged Raver to play editor-in-chief of Marie Claire for a day!

Behind the Cover Shoot with Kate Bosworth
    Our cover girl got into the groove at the L.A. photo shoot.

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