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Navigating your professional life can be difficult. Get expert career tips and advice for women from the editors at Marie Claire!

11 Things We Won't Ask You to Do to Save Money
    11 things Marie Claire won't ask you to do to save money.

The Most Coveted Summer Internships
    School’s out, which means tens of thousands of students across the country are angling for summer jobs and internships. But given the woeful state of the economy, only a third of them will likely find work, according to a recent report by the Ce

The Time Paradox Pages: 2
    Psychologist Philip Zimbardo observed that we tend to fixate on either the past (nostalgics), the present (hedonists), or the future (goal-oriented workaholics like you). Marie Claire has the story.

Secrets and Lies
    When I found out my business partner had been hiding a tragic truth, I was devastated -- then furious. But I knew one thing for sure: I wasn't going to give up. If there was a lesson to be learned.

Millionaire by 30? Easier Than You Think
    For those us making $30,000 or so a year, reaching the millionaire’s club seems like a long pipe dream. Marie Claire tells you how to make some money.

Surviving a Layoff Pages: 2 3
    You worked late and did everything right. But your company pink-slipped you anyway. Now what? Three women prove there is life after losing your job.

Gas It Up While Keeping Your Costs Down
    Gas prices are skyrocketing, and things don't look like they'll be letting up anytime soon. Marie Claire has ways you can save some money.

Hitting the New Sex and the City Hot Spots
    After the Marie Claire staff saw an early screening of the long-awaited Sex and the City movie, a few of us revealed our rabid fans status by taking the Sex tour.

Moral Dilemma: Liar, Liar
    "I love your new leopard-print gauchos, boss." "I can't make it to work today, plumbing emergency." "I was a member of the Crips." We've all told the odd tall tale, but how much fibbing is normal? MC reports.

Movies for Women Who Like to Kick Ass in the Office
    As soon as that clock strikes quittin’ time, make a beeline for your sofa, order some takeout, and pop in one of these cinematic classics starring kick-ass career gals who broke the rules and succeeded.

The Best Motivational Tunes for Monday Mornings
    Half of American workers reported having sleep issues on a Sunday night in anticipation of the workweek, according to a recent survey. What’s the best way to motivate for a long workweek? Motivational songs.

Five Work Expenses You Can Expense (and 2 You Can’t)
    Whether you’re on the job or looking for one, it’s easy to rack up a hefty tab of related expenses. (Toner isn’t cheap!) If your company won’t reimburse you, don’t jut swallow the costs. Some expenses can be written off come

Are You a Big Fat Liar?

The Lying Matrix
    Our karmic continuum of dishonesty.

Cleaning Up Your E-Image
    Scrubbing down a tarnished online reputation

Is Money the Ultimate Dating Deal Breaker?
    These are groundbreaking times. In major cities like New York and Los Angeles, women are outearning their male counterparts. So why are many women keeping their finances a secret from their men?

The Best Ways to Keep Track of Your Money
    Ever wonder where all your money went, mere days after payday? Between the cell phone and cable bills, gas tank refills and every day expenses, keeping track of your finances is as onerous and daunting a task as calorie counting. While most banks off

The Top 5 Things Affecting Your Vacation Days
    Have Lip Gloss, Will Travel The top five things affecting your vacation days.

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Business Casual This Summer
    Marie Claire gives the lowdown on what to wear to work this summer.

The Best Reasons to Call in Sick This Summer
    While summer may be most associated with beach bumming and barbecuing, for bosses across the country it's high season for bogus sick days. Marie Claire lists the best events this summer worth risking your job by faking a sick day.

The Smart Gal's Guide to Tax Refunds

Professional Women Come Undone in the Face of Infertility
    In April the MC staffers were treated to a screening of May cover girl Tina Fey's new flick, Baby Mama, in theaters on April 25th. It got us thinking about other films devoted to professional women come undone in the face of infertility. It¹s a

5 Common Mistakes New Hires Make
    “New Girl on the Job: Advice from the Trenches” is our generation’s guide to all the icky stuff that comes up in new jobs.

6 Things You Need to Work From Home
    What do you need to be a productive home-worker bee, without starting your business deep in the red? We asked tech expert Anthony Verducci, who began by telling us what you don't need: fancy-schmancy gadgets like video-conferencing hardware or the me

Games: Solitaire, Crossword & More
    Try out our free games if you're bored at work.

Get Outta Town! Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Driving in Cairo, dating in French, eating with chopsticks . . . What's so hard about pulling up stakes and getting a new job in another country?

Get Rid of Junk Mail for Good
    The easiest way to get rid of junk mail - and the greenest!

True Stories of Crying at Work Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Welling up in the office: Career suicide or the new way to get ahead? Real women weigh in on crying.

7 Ways to Save Money
    Financial advice from a new book that offers realistic rules for saving and spending money.

Marie Claire Job Search
    Find your dream career here. Tired of your cubicle? Need a raise? Want a change? Search for your dream job, it just takes a click.

The Women of Google
    Google's lineup of women execs proves that pocket protectors are no longer emblematic of this industry.

10 Ways to Spend Your Leap Year Bonus Day
    Here is what to do with those extra 24 hours.

Camp $tart Up
    Do you ever wonder how MTV makes money, how Clinique markets its products or how Coke and Pepsi compete to be the most popular soda company in the world? Discover the answers to these questions and much, much more!

Work Now, Have Babies Later
    Elizabeth Gregory, author of "Ready: Why Women Are Embracing the New Later Motherhood" - women having babies later in life.

The Marie Claire Guide to Getting Ahead
    The game of life? Win it, easy. How to put your bank account and your career in fast-forward.

The Investment Diaries Pages: 2
    After Julia Scirrotto's mother died, she came into a serious sum of money -- and had no idea what to do with it

Career Guide: 5 Women To Learn From Pages: 2 3 4 5
    At first it seems simple: Finish school, find a job, pay the rent. But somewhere along the way, things get complicated. Perhaps your cost of living exceeds your cost-of-living raise, or your company relocates, or you make a fortune flipping real esta

How Hot Are You? Career Heat-O-Meter

10 Ways NOT to Save Money This Holiday Season
    Don't save money like this...

Interview with Star Jones Reynolds Pages: 2
    "I earned the diva image." The most famously fired host on daytime TV has a new show, new figure, new attitude.

Minimum Required Vacation Time Around the World
    This month, while you're deciding whether taking a long weekend will kill your career, much of Europe is embarking on their mandatory month-long tanning session. Below, the tally. Read it and weep -- or move to Finland.

Five Women Redefine the Power Suit (December 2006) Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Five women redefine the power suit. Must-have accessories: a G-36 gun, chaps, a football helmet.

Careers in Fashion
    Marie Claire's fashion editors answer your question about careers in the fashion industry; "Fashion is a fusion of art, history, current events, politics and technology, so it is a must that you develop an appreciation of these topics."

Tell Us Your Money Problems
    Ever blow the rent money on a pair of shoes? Email us now

Fast Tricks for Saving Money
    Want a better deal on a car, flea-market antique, or big-ticket clothing item? Follow these rules of negotiating:

How Rich Are You? (April 2006)
    In the U.S., when it's tax season you're weighing everything from your bottom line to vacation time. But take a look around the planet to see how you really stack up!

Cubicle Coach Movie Trivia
    Want the answer to the May Cubicle Coach trivia question?

Insider Secrets: How To Get Ahead Pages: 2
    How to get on the fast track and stay there for good

Trump Power: Ivanka Trump Pages: 2 3 4 5
    At 25, Ivanka the mogulette is making her move -- an apprentice to Daddy no longer. Ivanka Trump's daily life as the executive VP of Trump Organization.

The Mother of All Tough Choices Pages: 2 3
    Elizabeth Vargas was settling into one of the most prestigious gigs on TV: co-anchor of the evening news. But then, a tragedy and a miracle changed everything. A frank conversation about life on the mommy track.

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