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Navigating your professional life can be difficult. Get expert career tips and advice for women from the editors at Marie Claire!

How'd You Get That Job?
    Not everybody's a clock-punching cube jockey. Meet three women with oh-my-God careers.

Career Burnout: Maya Luz (May 2010)
    Rising star Maya Luz quit Project Runway after just 10 weeks. Are you headed for a career crash, too? Marina Khidekel investigates.

In Business with Bestie (03/10)
    We asked our favorite fashion up-and-comers, the best friends behind edgy label Vena Cava, how they managed to pull off launching a business with your best pal.

I Work the Graveyard Shift
    An estimated 8 million Americans work through the night, scurrying to the office while the rest of the world settles into bed. Would it work for you?

Calling All Alpha Females: Are You with a Beta Man?

Sleeping with the Boss Pages: 2
    Call it the Letterman Effect: Monique El-Faizy explores the darker side of having an affair with the guy in the corner office.

"Hey, Can You Help Me Log On?"
    My boss can't boot up without me. But for some reason, I'm still the assistant.

Six Questions to Ask Before Relocating
    The ex-pat checklist.

5 Dangerous Jobs Pages: 2 3 4 5
    In trying times, it's tempting to play it safe in your career. But here's another idea: Be bold. Meet five American women who have taken on some intensely gutsy gigs.

Moonlighting Makes a Comeback
    Nearly 2 million American women hold down two jobs, a figure experts say will rise if the economy doesn't rebound soon.

Layoff Insurance Is This Summer's Vacation Essential
    Antsy employees, worried they'll have to bag their pricey getaways in the event of a downsizing, are shelling out for layoff insurance

My Week of Living Coupon to Coupon
    For one week, I put the credit card away and limited myself to only discounted and coupon-subsidized purchases. Here's what I learned.

Office Hookups Are on the Rise
    One unintended consequence of the recession: Your harmless flirtation with that hipster from payroll may soon heat up to a full boil.

Has the Recession Changed Your Relationship?
    Reports show that the economy has been tougher on male-dominated fields than female. Tell us your story and you could be featured in Marie Claire.

What's Your Life Equity?
    As our economy unravels, we may find it hard to see the silver lining, but U.S. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn doesn’t think so.

9 Ways to Save Money on Your Commute
    You're probably spending more than you would like on commuting to and from work. Marie Claire has 9 ways to save your hard-earned cash during rush hour.

An Upside to the Downturn
    Losing your job, or just worrying about it, is no joke. But some of us are finding silver linings amid the maelstrom.

The Art of Reinvention Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Switching careers requires legwork - networking, research, maybe an advanced degree - and a whole lotta moxie. Meet five women who felt the urge and took the plunge, bear market be damned.

Women We Wish Were Better at Their Jobs
    The victims of Bernard Madoff's breathtaking $50 billion swindle may be short on cash these days, but they have plenty of blame to pass around.

The Backup Plan Pages: 2
    Your career's in a holding pattern, so now what? With the economy cratering, here's your chance to execute those pipe dreams and what-if schemes. Meet six women who already did.

That's Rich
    Ever drive through a neighborhood full of four-car garages and waterfront views and wonder, Who are these people and how did they get here?

Can a Pill Make You Smarter?
    A series of new drugs promises to increase our productivity and focus.

The Pink Ceiling
    It's the startling work trend that nobody's talking about: Why do ambitious young women say they hate working for other women?

Could There Be an Upside to the Recession?
    Share your story and you may be featured in the magazine!

Out of Work? Tell Us Your Story
    Out of work and decided to travel instead of finding a new job?

Real-Life Money Confessions
    You'll dish about bikini waxes, bad dates, and your bitchy boss. But when it comes to your money, suddenly it's too personal. Marie Claire exposes the secrets women hide inside their wallets.

How Do You Get Your Boss's Attention?
    Share your story and you may be featured in the magazine!

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
    We asked financial guru Farnoosh Torabi how to navigate a few sticky predicaments.

What It Costs to Be...
    From tanning to owning a pet, blogging to being a hipster -- here, the costs of it all.

The Purse Diaries
    Here, the lowdown on what women spend.

The Top-Earning Women in America
    Marie Claire's list of the top-earning women in the U.S.

Your Money Guide
    You'll dish about bikini waxes, bad dates, and your bitchy boss. But when it comes to your money, suddenly it's too personal. Marie Claire exposes the secrets women hide inside their wallets.

I Am the Boss of Me Pages: 2 3 4 5
    You've always dreamed of busting out of the cubicle and doing your own thing. These five women actually did it. Easy? No. Worth it? Totally. Listen and learn.

Yes, You Can Think Think Your Way Out of Stress

Easy Green: Bank Online

Summer Savings: 6 Ways to Save Money and Stay Cool
    From turning off the lights to using a fan to keeping the AC fine-tuned and humming, there are lots of smart ways to eco-nomize through the summer months.

Go Green: Top 5 Easiest Ways to Save Money While Saving the Planet
    The numbers are in, and it turns out you'll save cash -- a lot of it -- by adopting just a few eco-habits. From turning off the lights to using energy-efficient appliances, there are hundreds of ways to eco-nomize.

Top 5 Ways To Save Money And The Planet
    If you don’t give a (insert expletive here) about the environment then here’s a jolt of motivation: MONEY. The numbers are in (after some exhaustive research on my part) and it turns out you’ll save cash—a lot of it—by adopti

9 Cool Songs That Will Help You Relax
    Here is your list of sitar-free anti-stress songs.

5 Vacations That Could Boost Your Career
    Any vacation that de-stresses and refreshes will improve your outlook and performance at work. But there are some getaways that could have a more direct impact on your career.

Looking to Save a Few Bucks? Don't Cut These Corners
    If you're scrutinizing your budget for clever ways to save, avoid these tempting mistakes.

The Chic Girl's Guide to Business Travel

The Lowdown on Business Travel Expenses
    Keep your expense report red-flag free with these tips on what you can and can't expense in business travel.

3 Smart Strategies for Frequent Fliers
    The inside scoop on scoring CEO-style perks.

Jet Blues
    The highs and lows of corporate travel.

Traveling With Your Boss
    How to make the trip turbulence free.

Tech Porn!
    Gadgets you'll need for your place if you're living alone.

10 Things We Won't Ask You to Do to Cut Back at the Pump
    Marie Claire on what not to do to save gas.

4 Things to Grab as You're Being Laid Off & 1 Thing to Leave Behind
    Businesses are slashing jobs fast in this ailing economy. Marie Claire tells you how to be prepared if you get laid off.

Five Brilliant Ways to Blow Your Budget
    Setting a budget and actually sticking to it is crucial if you ever want to get a grip on your spending. Problem is, budgets, like diets, can be unforgiving when it comes to the occasional splurge. Marie Claire has the scoop.

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