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Learning how to manage your money is an invaluable skill. Get the latest money advice from the experts at Marie Clarie!

How to Nail Your Job Interview
    Here's how to fight the panic.

5 Industries That Are Still Hiring huddled with the experts and grilled the bosses to give you the ultimate primer on how to get a great job in these tough times.

10 Ways to Kick-Start Your Resolution to Save Money
    Put down that credit card -- Marie Claire tells you how to kick off your resolution to save money this year.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of the Financial Crisis
    From wise budgeting to cashing in on some great deals - here, advice for surviving the economic downfall.

5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women
    The highest-paid women share their secrets for success.

20 Things Not to Do At Your Office Holiday Party
    Office-party pitfalls you should definitely sidestep, lest morning-after regret is on your wish list this year.

3 of Our Favorite Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice Pages: 2 3

Six Musts for Future Moguls
    Truth time: Fewer than half of all new businesses are still alive four years after they start. Marie Claire takes a look.

Résumé Tips from the Experts tells you how to look good on paper.

The Smart Girl's Guide to Negotiating Anything
    Here are the five purchases you can and should haggle over before handing over your cash.

5 Ways to Find Out if You’re Underpaid
    If you think you’re underpaid, you’re not alone.

6 Ways To Slack Off at Work — and Get Away with It
    The average employee is productive just four hours a day.

Best Get-Ahead Books for Alpha Females
    Marie Claire's book picks for career women.

6 Ways to Save On Your Utility Bill
    If rising fuel prices are chomping away at disposable income, some relief may be on the way.

6 Simple Rules for Assistants With Big Ambitions
    Whether you’re a wanna-be Hollywood mogul or Wall Street kingpin, you’ll likely begin your career ascent at the lowest rung.

Five Money Questions You Must Ask Your Man
    The speed with which he whips out the plastic isn’t directly proportional to the depths of his pockets. Your big spender could be hiding behind a mountain of debt. Before shacking up or tying the knot, make sure you know his current financial si

The Smart Gal's Guide to Getting a Raise in a Recession
    Talking money at work can be tricky these days. But that need not stop you from asking for what you've earned.

Six Ways Your Coworkers Can Help You Get Ahead
    If managed carefully, your work buddies can help propel your career, say Janice Reals Ellig and William J. Morin, authors of Driving the Career Highway. They offer some important tips for, yes, exploiting those relationships for your long-term succes

5 Tips for Successful Networking
    When it comes to networking, working a room can be daunting. But there’s no underestimating the value of connections gleaned from a good contact. Marie Claire tells you how to get connected.

Girl's Guide to Paying Off Student Loans
    The smartest gals implement these cost-saving strategies.

Five Easy Steps to De-Clutter Your Desk
    Quit frittering away your valuable time with these tips for de-cluttering your desk.

5 TV Role Models for Working Women
    important TV-inspired workplace advice you need to know

How to Score a Job That Pays Over $100K Annually
    Advice on how to make the leap to a six-figure salary.

5 Sneaky Ways You're Wrecking Your Credit Score
    Even if you pay your bills on time religiously, your credit score may be endangered. Marie Claire tells you the five charge card sins that could cost you some precious credit score points.

Get Ahead at Work Tips
    We are so over . . .

How to Get What You're Worth
    Learn the art of negotiating for more.

Get Out of Debt Now
    Take Your First Step To Get Out of Debt

How To Get More Money Now
    Five ways to get more money now.

3 Easy Ways To Change Your Image
    3 Easy Steps To Change Your Image

7 Secrets for Success Pages: 2
    Business expert Lynne Franks describes the seven secrets to career success.

7 Workplace Blunders And How To Avoid Them Pages: 2
    7 workplace blunders and how to avoid them

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