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Breaking: Hottie Banker Got Double D Implants, "Wants to Be Famous"
    We fully supported Debrahlee Lorenzana's sexual harassment case, until we saw this shocking video.

Does Being Beautiful Really Mean You Can't Be Taken Seriously at Work?
    The scandalous case of former Citibank employee Debrahlee Lorenzana is a prime example of female injustice in the workplace.

"Shocking" New Study: Coffee Keeps You Alert
    Coffee beat other stimulants in the fight to stay alert.

How a Hardworking Husband Could Be Bad for Your Career
    Women with hardworking husbands are more likely to quit their jobs.

Money Matters: Frugal Shopping Made Easy
    Find out how to save paper, time and money with this go-to shopping destination.

The Best Motivational Tunes for Monday Mornings

Hey, Boss, You've Got Something in Your Teeth
    How candid are you with your boss?

How to Beat the Boys Club
    Though women comprise roughly half the workforce, they're still woefully underrepresented in engineering and technical trades. So what does a gal competing in a testosterone-choked office need to know to compete?

3 Questions to Consider Before Starting Over
    Are you ready to change careers? Here are three things you should ask yourself before you make the jump.

Which Late-Night Talk Show Host Would You Sleep With?
    Take our poll: Which Talk Show Host Turns You On?

5 Myths About Internet Security
    Why you're not as safe as you think.

Save Money on Holiday Shopping
    Getting deals and discounts on holiday gifts is as easy as clicking your mouse. Skip the long lines and bad Christmas music and read these pros on online shopping instead.

Should You Bring Your Lunch to Work?
    Are a few bucks saved really worth all that effort to make your own lunch? takes a closer look.

What's Up With Your Chilly Office?
    If you're routinely reaching for a sweater at work, odds are good the thermostat was set by a man.

International Business Etiquette Don'ts
    These quintessentially American gaffes won't win you fans abroad.

What's Your Office Persona?
    Sweating a pink slip? Adopt one of these quirky-but-crucial office personas

The Bottom Line: Job Perks in a Recession
    No Raise - How About a New Computer?

Travel Smarts: Your New Excuse for a Sabbatical
    Your new excuse for a sabbatical in Paris? It'll make you a superstar employee.

American Idle: Why Turning Off Your Computer Is a Must
    Three urgent reasons to turn off your PC before you leave the office.

Employee of the Month

What Would You Do To Keep Your Job?

Ick Alert: Clean Up Your Cube!

Personal Business Cards - A Networking Must
    If you're out of a job, dole out proper business cards at your next meet-and-greet.

Useful Gadgets for Commuters
    If you're one of the nation's 3 million extreme commuters (you log more than 90 minutes a day to get to work), consider these sanity-saving gadgets.

Save 50% Off Business Card Orders from
    If you're out of a job we suggest investing in personal business cards.

How to Contact Past Job References (How to Contact Past Job References) rounded up five experts to answer: What's the best way to get back in touch with job references?

How to Spend Your Tax Refund gives advice on what to do with your tax refund.

Confessions of a Pink-Slip Princess: When My Side Gig Became My Only Gig
    I always thought I was better than the other employees at the bar because I had a "real job."

Confessions of a Pink-Slip Princess: Adventures in Babysitting
    Charlotte takes ballet classes, sings American and Korean lullabies, and eats things like soba noodles and tofu.

What to Say When Your Colleague Is Laid Off
    Marie Claire has tips on what to say when your colleague is laid off.

How to Manage Your Web Footprint has tips on how to manage your Web footprint.

How Employees Are Revolting Against Budget Cuts
    Hourly employees are revolting against their nickel-and-diming employers. has the story.

Confessions of a Pink-Slip Princess: Extra Baggage
    The idea of being on a movie set and catching a glimpse of Angelina seemed pretty cool, and it wasn’t like I had anything else going on.

Confessions of a Pink-Slip Princess: The Gym
    If I’m going to go broke and remain in career limbo, at least I’ll be in kick-ass shape.

Confessions of a Pink-Slip Princess: The Axe
    “This decision has nothing to do with you,” said the HR rep.

Salary Report: Women Are Still Getting Shortchanged
    Women are still getting short changed.

Where the Jobs Are
    News, gear, and get-ahead tips - the cool girl's employee handbook.

7 Ways to Stay Organized has tips for staying organized.

Dressing to Impress: How to Interview in Style

10 Things You're Wasting Your Money On

Online Support: Some Resources for the Unemployed

What Would You Do to Keep Your Job?
    Take our poll: Which of the following would you give up to keep your job?

Could You Work Out at Work? discusses the new "desk treadmill."

Move It or Lose It
    Why you should reconsider relocation, from the Cubicle Coach, Marie Claire's HR guru.

Get the Most Out of Your Coffee Break
    How to get the most out of caffeine.

I'm Working 17 Hour Days — Help Me!'s Cubicle Coach gives job advice to an overworked woman.

The New Way to Deal with That Annoying Coworker
    A new way to deal with annoying coworkers.

How To Fill Out Self Evaluations at Work

I'm Single and Being Discriminated Against

My Coworker Is Anorexic - Should I Say Something?

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