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Great relationship advice can be hard to come by. Luckily, the love experts at Marie Claire are here to help solve all of your relationship issues!

The Best (and Worst) Cities to Find a Marriage-Material Guy
    Think there are no good men where you live? You may be right.

The 6 Reasons Even the Best Relationships End
    Here's hoping that Bey and Jay Z pull through, though.

3 Tips to Be the Best Sex He’s Ever Had
    Each week our guy expert, Lodro Rinzler, investigates the nitty-gritty corners of the male sexual psyche to find the ways for you and your man to have the best sex ever. This week he sat down with Jeff, Rodney, Cliff, and a few other guys to get the

How One Woman Toured Eastern Europe Using Tinder
    How one woman traveled Eastern Europe by going on dates with men she met on Tinder.

At What Age Do Guys Think They Should Get Engaged?
    Our guy expert polled a wide variety of men, ages 21-35, and discovered at what age they think they ought to get engaged. Here’s what he found out.

5 First Date Ideas for People Who Don't Drink
    Who says you need alcohol to have a great first impression?

10 Things Guys Think You Lie About on Your Dating Profile
    Be real or the relationship is doomed.

Not All Women Are Crazy and Not All Men are Dicks
    Our dating expert, Lodro Rinzler, explains how some words are simply not okay, no matter how horrible your ex may be.

5 Relationship Faux Pas We've All Made At Least Once
    We've all been there—a relationship ends and we wonder what we could have done differently.

9 Things Every Engaged Couple Should Talk About
    Marriage should be forever, but often couples don't talk about the important things that lead to divorce.

What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Has a Terrible Apartment?
    Even a great guy sometimes needs to be cut loose because of a terrible apartment.

What Men Prefer Women Wear on Dates
    Check out this article to learn how men really feel about that outfit.

Single With Siggy: The 'Stand-In Boyfriend'
    This month, our wingwoman Siggy Flicker advises Erica Citrin, a preschool teacher intermittently involved with—and hung up on—a close friend.

Made It to the Third Date? Now What?
    Learn how to make the best out of what is arguably the most important date of any early relationship.

6 Date Ideas for Fall That Won't Break the Bank Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    It's the most wonderful time of the year (sorry, December!), and with it comes an expanded amount of options to add to your dating repertoire.

The Top Five Most Common Embarrassing Sex Stories
    Check out these embarrassing sex stories.

Letting Him Go
    When the guy Alysia Abbott had fallen in love with told her that he wanted to try again with his ex, she did what any strong, smitten woman would do: She said okay.

The Accidental Mistress Pages: 2 3
    Read about how one writer became an accidental mistress after falling into a web of lies.

House Mate
    After a string of roommates left Lauren Mechling behind for the cozy confines of coupledom, she wondered when she'd learn to commit, too.

He Read My Diary!
    When a writer's boyfriend found her secret tally of pros and cons about their relationship, she was forced to confront her true feelings.

Honey, I'm Home! Pages: 2
    When your guy loses his job, what it means to be the man of the house changes.

Second Time Around
    After the death of her husband, one writer attempts to rediscover love.

20 Cheap Summer Date Ideas Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Beer festivals are a fun and cheap date option.

Not Daddy's Little Girl
    Her father's desertion turned one woman into a magnet for dysfunctional relationships — until a round-the-world adventure changed her outlook on love.

Happily Ever Engaged
    See why some women are holding off on the wedding but still choosing to stay engaged.

Love and Race (04/01/2012) Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Modern love can be summed up in one quick status update: It's complicated. In the first of a three-part series, we explore the role race plays in relationships.

Can A Fling Become the Real Thing? (03/01/2012)
    Find out what happens when the exotic vacation romance doesn't end.

How to Survive Valentine's Day (2/01/2011)
    Whether you're single or taken, here's woman-to-woman advice for getting through the most-hyped holiday of the year.

A New Breed of Single Bridezillas (2/01/2011)
    A new breed of would-be bride is on the rise. They're designing wedding invitations, looking at rings, and dreaming about their big day — now all they need is a groom

Is Divorce Contagious? (2/01/2011)
    When my friend cheated on his wife, I questioned my own marriage.

The Naked Truth (12/01/2011)
    It took one woman being naked in public to make her appreciate her own body.

When Alpha Girls Divorce (12/01/2011)
    Heather Hostetter, one of D.C.'s top divorce attorneys, reveals how she helps working women protect their hard-earned assets.

I'm Fatter Than My Husband (11/01/2011)
    Till pounds do us part? How one woman's weight gain strained her wedding vows.

How I Planned a MÉNAGE À TROIS Pages: 2
    When Pamela Druckerman's husband asked for a threesome for his 40th birthday, she reluctantly agreed, on one condition - that she pick the other woman.

The New Super Pill
    No bloat, no meltdowns, no breakouts, no baby! Find the right one for you.

Are Psychics the New Dating Gurus? (09/01/2011)
    Could modern-day fortune tellers be the saviors of single women — of just purveyors of false hope?

Lovesick? You Might Have a Legit Illness
    Samara O'Shea thought she'd had a really bad breakup — but actually she was suffering from a rare psychological condition.

50 Cheap Date Ideas
    A lighter wallet is no excuse to turn date night into a luxury. Get out of your sweatpants, put down the cold pizza, and check out these 50 budget-friendly date ideas that will get you off the couch and into each other's pants.

Is Anal Bleaching for You?
    There's a new breed of cosmetic surgeries out there -- Botox for "down under," G-spot enhancing, and hymenoplasties...

Why You Should Learn Tantric Sex Pages: 2 3
    Ready for your best sex ever? Then check out these easy Tantra exercises to learn how to activate amazingly powerful mind-body connections with your partner.

The Truth About Bachelor Parties (07/01/2011)
    The Hangover movies make stag night seem like a harmless (if insane) male ritual. But the reality is a woman's worst nightmare.

My Boyfriend Was a "Never-Nude" (07/01/2011)
    There's mounting evidence that men are just as susceptible as women to developing severe body anxiety.

Will Money Destroy Your Marriage? Pages: 2
    Secret bank accounts, hidden documents, foreclosure notices — women across the country are uncovering shocking signs of financial infidelity.

Are You Too Busy for Love?
    How being accomplished might make women today seem unapproachable — and what they should do about it.

The Rise of Groomzillas
    Men are taking over weddings — scrutinizing seating charts, agonizing over color schemes, and vetoing bridal gowns.

I Was Born a Boy Pages: 2
    Janet Mock has an enviable career, a supportive man, and a fabulous head of hair. But she's also got a remarkable secret that she's kept from almost everyone she knows. Now, she breaks her silence.

Is Anal the New Oral? (05/01/2011)
    According to a new study, the once taboo sexual encounter is becoming more popular than ever.

The Perils of Sober Dating
    Is it possible to navigate the dating minefields without a single drop of alcohol? One brave writer finds out.

Is He the One?
    Is that new guy you're dating Mr. Right … or Mr. Not a Chance In Hell? Take our quiz to find out if you're compatible enough to make it work.

Did You Marry the Wrong Guy?
    Thirty percent of now-divorced women say they knew it was wrong from the start.

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