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Great relationship advice can be hard to come by. Luckily, the love experts at Marie Claire are here to help solve all of your relationship issues!

Love Lessons: Desperately Seeking Approval
    Women, ever the multitaskers, are always trying a little bit harder to make things work. Men, not so much.

Should You Have Sex on the First Date?
    He said, she said: Rich and Emily Santos duke it out on the topic of first-date sex.

Should Men Let Women Win?
    He Said - She Said: Rich and Emily Santos duke it out.

The Sex Samurai
    He's called the sex samurai, a consultant whose job is to cure your bedroom ills - sort of like a gym trainer, but for sex.

How Many Chances Do You Give a Cheater?
    He Said, She Said: Rich and Emily Santos duke it out.

Would You Have a One Night Stand?
    On a first date, at what point do you make the decision to go home with the guy?

I Kissed a Girl
    The most surprising thing about sleeping with women was what it taught me about my own body.

Diary of a Hookup from Hell
    Marie Claire presents one woman and one man's dating diary of the same experience.

For Love or Money
    Yes, we had each other. But what about the safety net?

Digital Age: Unsafe Sext
    I’m swearing off text sex. You know, phone-to-phone, text-to-text, dirty rotten vowel-free sex.

10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Men
    From flat-screen TVs to mail-order meat, the ten best Valentine's gifts for men.

Sex in the Time of Recession
    Does less money mean more lovin'? We crunched the numbers

Who's Your Celebrity Valentine? Pages: 2
    Take our quiz to find our which red carpet hunk is your celebrity valentine.

Real Woman Sex Stories
    Accounts of a day in the life of a single woman.

First Date: Must Love Job
    While they may be intimidated by an alpha female, men respect a woman's ambition when it comes to her career.

Dating Diary: Great Expectations
    Men's mixed messages always surprise us.

My Lost Love
    He was my childhood sweetheart, my relationship safety net - until he wasn't.

What Would You Change About Men?
    What's the one thing American women wish we could change about our men?

Strange Bedfellows
    A chance encounter between old lovers reveals the fleeting nature of connection.

He's Just Not That Into Me
    After morning sex and breakfast, I ask Sam if he really wants to be exclusive. He says yes.

Pleasure Point: Size Matters
    Sex machines are getting bigger.

12 Hilarious Habits Men Hide
    Some will crack you up. Some will gross you out! Twelve ultragutsy guys reveal the personal quirks that make them unique.

Are Your Meds Killing Your Libido?
    How pills affect your sex life - and how to get it back, stat!

Valentine's Day Breakfast Challenge
    Foster some healthy competition between you and your beau this Valentine’s Day with a feisty cooking face-off.

Confessions: I Cyber-Stalked His Ex
    My ex-boyfriend's wife is a 29-year-old, 5-foot-9 costume designer and lover of whiskey, Hitchcock, and Lena Horne. She's agnostic, wants children someday, and has a ruby-lipped smile. How do I know all this? I cyber-stalked her.

Good-Bye, Playgirl
    This month, after 35 years, the print version of Playgirl packs up and heads to that big bearskin rug in the sky. By way of farewell, we revisit a few of our favorite cover boys.

Women's Biggest Pet Peeves About Men
    Women of the world share their biggest pet peeves about their male compatriots.

When History Affects a Relationship
    Everyone brings baggage to a relationship. Some bring more than most.

Would You Let Your Mother Set You Up?
    Mom seeks suitable spouse for career-oriented daughter.

Have You Ever Cheated?
    Share your story and you may be featured in the magazine!

How Birth-Control Savvy Are You?
    Take Marie Claire's quiz and find out your birth-control IQ.

The Green Penis
    My boyfriend dyed his penis green for me. Marie Claire has the story.

What's With All the Male Sluts?
    Doesn't it seem like guys are going a little beyond piggy lately?

Does Hooking Up Hurt You? Pages: 2
    Does hooking up hurt you? You bet ... says Laura Sessions Stepp, after spending a year entrenched in the sexually charged world of single 20-something women.

America's Most Stylish Pets
    Do you have a stylish pet? Check out these pics and upload your own!

Dating Diary: On The Rebound
    Dating After Divorce - Rebound Dating

My First Love ... Revisited
    I fell hard for my college boyfriend but in a year and a half, he morphed into a controlling jerk, one who told me I should work out more and stop trying to sound deep.

When Desires Turn Addictive
    At what point does your craving for sex cross the line?

Living with a Crazy Husband
    He was charming -- irresistible -- until he became unbearable. One woman's trip to the dark side and back.

Married With Baggage

What's a Nice Girl Like Brooke Doing at the Bunny Ranch? Pages: 2 3

Moving for a Man: London Calling
    When I moved across the globe for a British guy, the weather wasn't the only thing that was foggy.

The Bush Agenda
    Could the Brazilian wax be a lot less sexy than we think?

The Stalker Ex-Boyfriend
    What would you do if your ex-boyfriend became your stalker?

What Do You Think Is Sexy?

Get a Guy's Opinion...

The Fake MySpace Boyfriend
    Creating a fake boyfriend to make your ex jealous used to be a complicated matter (see The Wedding Date), but now, all it takes is a laptop and a little free time.

Sex! Now! Please!

Catch the Wave
    Sporting sun-kissed hair and skin, surfer girls are the beach babes we all wish we could be. Will surf lessons reveal the secret to their sex appeal? Marie Claire has the inside scoop.

Catch Me a Catch
    Let's face it: When it comes to love, life isn't a Jane Austen novel. There's online dating, speed dating . . . or no dating.

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