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Great relationship advice can be hard to come by. Luckily, the love experts at Marie Claire are here to help solve all of your relationship issues!

Hooking Up: The Ex Files
    Only the worst kind of girl would ever date a friend's ex-boyfriend.

Is Love Skin Deep?
    A woman is wary of her boyfriend's tattoo; Marie Claire has the story.

Meet Your Dream Guy - Enter to Win!

Moments of Matrimony Zen
    Wedding Trends That Make It All Worthwhile

White Weddings in Sin City!
    Tying the knot in Vegas usually connotes images of inebriated couples, Elvis-impersonating pastors, and bad judgment. Marie Claire looks at some memorable Vegas-wedding movies.

Women Harassing Men Pages: 2
    Why are complaints about women bosses preying on men on the rise? Marie Claire takes a look.

Confessions: Addicted to Internet Dating
    Marie Claire has the story of a man addicted to online dating.

Egg Freezing 101
    What it takes to put your fertility on ice

Hello Wedding Season, Good-bye Savings
    When friendship comes with a hefty price tag - attending your friends' weddings.

Where the Etiquette Books Get it Wrong
    Wedding trends that send guests into mutiny.

How to Survive Wedding Season
    Got five this month? We feel your pain. We love harp music and calla lilies as much as the next girl, but the forced pageantry, cost, and tyrannical brides are something else. Here's how to get through it in style.

Tasteful Alternatives to the Bawdy Bachelorette Party
    A Vodka Gimlet, Hold the Penis Straw Please

The Bridesmaid Dress Mess
    Better phrases to get us into that dress

What it Costs to Be a Bridesmaid
    What the honor will cost you

Wedding Dilemma: Going Stag
    Stop fretting about finding a wedding date!

Confessions of a Sex Addict
    Kerry Cohen can barely remember all of the 40-odd men she's slept with.

Get Your Period Four Times a Year Pills
    Seasonale and Seasonique are also “extended cycle” regimens that offer the same amount of estrogen and progestin every day for three months.

I Wasted 2 Years on a Man I Never Met
    We talked on the phone for hours a day, professed our love, and had intimate phone sex — but never a single date.

The Nerd Does Get the Girl
    Marie Claire explains women's love for nerdy guys.

I (Don't) Need a Hero
    Are superheroes really good boyfriend material? Marie Claire examines the issue.

The Baby Dilemma: Hope in a Tank
    Anxious about her fertility, 30-something Sarah Elizabeth Richards took $13,000 out of her savings account to freeze her eggs.

Sex Diary: Falling for Mr. Wrong

Love Notes: A (Not So) Secret Admirer
    I first noticed Cute Apartment Guy, who lived a few floors above me, for his green eyes, dark curly hair, and quick smile.

Do Men Need Saving?
    Ever wonder why it’s hard to find a decent guy to date these days? Author Kathleen Parker blames feminism and male-bashing — and she’s calling for a change

Sleeping My Way to Rock Bottom
    Fluorescent lighting aside, offices are the new meat markets.

My Sister's Secret Life Pages: 2 3
    He hadn't seen his sister in years, not since she left home for good. Then he found her - in the pages of a porn magazine.

The Science of Good Sex
    Author Mary Roach finds the funny in coital research

Sex Diary: The Inhibited Wild Child
    A teacher from Burlington, VT, gives a rundown of her inhibited sex life with her current boyfriend.

First Date: Am I a Job Snob?
    What kept me in my chair was thinking about passion, and what it means to love what you do.

Confessions of a Sex-Shop Salesgirl
    Confessions of a Sex-Shop Salesgirl Who knew that selling sex toys would provide such a window to the soul?

Sex @ Work
    It's dangerous, often dirty, and everybody's doing it. MC looks at the state of the office affair.

A Plea from the Boys at Esquire

Single Mom Diaries: And Baby Makes Two Pages: 2 3
    We all grew up believing the fairy tale: You meet Mr. Right and soon after, start having kids. But what if he never comes along?

Diary of a Sex-Starved Single Woman
    Susan, 36, English professor, New York City

How Gay Are You?
    You’ve heard the stories: A seemingly straight woman falls for another woman (hey there, Cynthia Nixon); an erstwhile lesbian winds up with a man (howdy, Anne Heche).

First Date: Return of the Frat Boy
    It was my first date with a 31-year-old Wall Street type, who seemed charmingly dorky in his light-color jeans and tucked-in button-down.

The Odd Couple Pages: 2
    She was a 20-year-old intern; he was a national treasure 50 years her senior. If you think it was a match made in tabloid heaven, you don't know Heather Randall.

I Swore Off Sex for a Month Pages: 2 3 4
    When I told my boyfriend I wanted to give up sex for 30 days, he hooted with laughter. But the process was anything but funny.

I Was the Boss of Him
    When I was 24 years old, I grabbed my intern's ass.

An Affair to Forget
    Wasn't I way too smart for such an obvious, tawdry thing — an affair with the boss?

But Seriously, Will You Marry Me? Pages: 2
    It's hard to surprise someone you've been shacking up with for four years. On bended knee, Rodger Cambria sets about staging the proposal of the century.

The Dangers of the Warp-Speed Divorce
    The trouble with the tech-aided no-fault split is that, if you're the wife, you're bound to get screwed.

Women Who Hit Men
    Chris Norris on a relationship trend that's more common -- and serious -- than you think.

Tell Us How He Proposed!

Tell Us How He Proposed!

The Un-Sexiest Generation Ever! Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Somewhere between the free-love '70s and "friends with benefits," a curiously chaste breed emerged. Frustrated DAVID KAMP reflects.

Can a Man and Woman Really Be Just Friends?
    The "When Harry Met Sally" question finally gets answered.

Crush of the Month: Nerds!
    What is it about the geek that gets us going? His jaundiced sense of humor? The perspective that comes with having your face repeatedly slammed into a locker? Or the cred, bank, and power he stands to earn just as the prom king is getting thick aroun

Long Distance Love
    There are an estimated 7 million long distance couples in America-14 million people with their own lives in their own cities, but with partners living a flight (or drive or train ride) away.

The Pros and Cons of Long Distance Love

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