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Revamp your sex and love life with this advice from the editors at Marie Claire

The Hottest Porn for Women on the Internet
    Online porn isn't just for men. We ranked the top female-friendly sites.

Marie Claire's Guide to the Hottest Sex Positions and Tips
    Get step-by-step instructions on the steamiest sex positions, plus advice to make your sex life even hotter!

14 Signs You Should Ask Him Out (14 Signs You Should Ask Him Out)
    Just stop playing coy and do it.

How to Decode and Respond to His Texts
    Find out how you can decode and respond to any text from that significant other. Check out for more relationship and dating advice.

Most. Awkward. Second. Date. Ever. Pages: 2
    It was bad enough when Rachel Heller discovered she had HPV. Then she had to tell her new guy about her status.

The Secrets Men Keep
    MC's male dating blogger, Rich Santos, reveals what men really think about sex, dating, relationships, and you.

Single With Siggy: The 'Stand-In Boyfriend'
    This month, our wingwoman Siggy Flicker advises Erica Citrin, a preschool teacher intermittently involved with—and hung up on—a close friend.

50 Things Men Want You to Know Right Now About Dating & Sex Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    If only pleasing both yourself and your guy could be as easily done as we say. Well, we took to the internet and polled our male pals to get their straightforward scoop.

Well, This Is Alarming: Americans Prefer Morning Coffee to Morning Sex
    Nearly 80-percent of survey participants said that they would pick coffee over alcohol, social media, or sex if they were forced to choose one over the other three for a full year.

Am I the Last Woman Using Condoms?
    Frustrated by men's attitudes toward contraception, Whitney Joiner wonders if anyone else out there is having safe sex.

The 5 Benefits of a Bad Date
    Don't let a bad date get you down! Instead, take it as an opportunity to grow. Marie Claire's got the scoop on the good can that come out of a bad date.

Cheating Boyfriend? Readers Share Their Sneakiest Snooping Moments
    In a technology-filled world, the temptation to read your man's Facebook messages or snoop through his texts his overwhelming. But are you in the right to do so?

The Day I Stopped Falling for Jerks Pages: 2
    After years of dating charismatic, brilliant, slightly off-their-rockers men who were never that into her, Laura Fraser learned to quit chasing unavailable guys and embrace real love.

The Joy of Submission Pages: 2
    Fifty Shades of Grey is fiction, but the kinky sex in its pages is very real. One ambitious, assertive woman describes how she became a submissive — and why it's not as fringe as you might think.

My First Girlfriend Pages: 2
    I'd always liked boys. At 21, I realized that I liked girls, too.

The Trouble With Oral Sex
    It's supposed to be the ultimate pleasure for women, so what's my problem?

The Honeymoon Is(n't) Over
    How one writer makes room for sex in her schedule — every single day.

Are You and Your Guy Financially Compatible? (05/01/2012)
    You may not be as laid back about his behavior as you think you are. Take our quiz to find how much you'll let your guy get away with.

Botox Saved My Sex Life (09/01/2011)
    Cosmetic surgery was this woman's only hope for a satisfying marriage.

Not Tonight, Dear!
    It turns out sex really does give some people a headache.

51 Second-Date Ideas (July 2010)
    Congrats! He called back and you're moving on to date No. 2. Now what? Marie Claire has some tips.

10 New Sex Positions You've Never Heard of...But Need to Try, Now
    If the sexual honeymoon's over and you're tired of busting out the same three moves, it's time to spice up your boudoir repertoire. Try any one of these, or go buck wild with a personalized combo routine.

10 Great Winter Date Ideas
    Heat things up in the cold winter months with these romantic excursions.

My Two Sex Lives
    One woman's husband wakes her up in the middle of the night for wild sex. She just wishes he'd remember it in the morning.

Are You Cool with Bachelor Parties?
    You may not be as laid back about his behavior as you think you are. Take our quiz to find how much you'll let your guy get away with.

How My Ex-Boyfriends Saved My Marriage (07/01/2011)
    In order to fix her relationship, one woman had to confront her complicated past.

Is Your Man High Maintenance?
    Anal-retentive, pretentious, and impossible to please, your man is so high maintenance, he makes Mariah Carey look laid-back. When you're not yessing him to death in order to keep the peace, you're arguing so loudly that the neighbors call the cops.

How to Avoid a Money Meltdown
    Expert advice on how to keep your relationship financially healthy.

Sex Tips
    These sex tips from women will spice up your bedroom routine!

Dating Advice
    Whether you’re freshly single or just getting back into the dating game, this dating advice from Marie Claire will help you land Mr. Right!

Relationship Advice
    Just about any relationship in your life can be complicated. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best relationship advice and tips we could find to help you out.

How To Flirt
    The age old dilemma of how to flirt with men never seems to go away. Play coy? Be brash? What rules do you choose to follow? We’re laying out all the options and expert advice here.

Hooking Up
    Perhaps you thought you left your “hooking up” days on a college campus? Well, for most of us that’s simply not the case. So how does one hook up, grown-up style. We’ve got a few pointers.

Relationship Problems
    Has your sex life gone flat? Are you afraid he might be cheating? Get solutions to every relationship problem.

Long Distance Relationships
    If you're trying to figure out how to make a long distance relationship work, we’ve gathered some of our best advice in one handy place for you.

Date Ideas
    If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly at a loss for new and interesting date ideas. Seriously, we love dinner and a movie as much as the next girl but every now and then you need something a little more exciting.

9 New Ways To Make Your Relationship Work Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    New world, new rules to make love work now.

What's the Best Age to Have a Baby? Pages: 2 3
    Whether your clock started ticking early or you're feeling a time crunch at 40, deciding when to have a baby is never simple.

Top 10 Date-Night Style Tips Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Not sure what outfit to wear on that first date, as you're meeting his parents, or when he wants to take you on a "surprise" night out? We asked the experts for fashion and beauty suggestions for every occasion.

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts Decoded Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    This Valentine’s Day, we dissect the hidden meaning behind everything from chocolates to jewelry so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Spice Up Your Love Life. Now!
    Heat things up with these romantic ideas for couples from Marie Claire. Get ideas for your next romantic date night, try a sexy new look, and find the perfect gift for your guy!

20 (More) Secrets Men Keep
    MC's male dating blogger, Rich Santos, reveals more about what men really think about sex, dating, relationships, and you.

6 Pick-Up Lines You've Never Tried
    Flight of the Conchord's Kristen Schaal and her boyfriend, writer Rich Blomquist, share pick-up lines from their fantastically funny new love manual, The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex.

Your Best Birth Control Quiz
    Which birth control method is right for you? From condoms to the Pill to IUDs, find the ones that the best fit your lifestyle with this personalized test.

Does Texting Help or Hurt Romance?
    He Said/She Said: Abraham Lloyd and Koryn Kennedy get on their dating soapboxes and duke it out.

Is Emotional or Physical Cheating Worse?
    He Said/She Said: Abraham Lloyd and Diana Vilibert get on their dating soapboxes and duke it out.

4 Ways to Take Flirtatious Risks
    Marie Claire dating blogger Maura Kelly shares how to break out of your comfort zone and start taking some flirtatious risks.

5 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
    Tame the green-eyed monster with these tips from MC's dating blogger Maura Kelly.

A Response to Jezebel Readers
    Far be it from me (the writer of the original Q&A) to bow out of some good banter, so here’s what I think, having read the book, spoken to Lori for an hour, read the comments on the Jezebel story, and taken an informal office poll.

When Game-Playing Works
    He Said/She Said: Rich Santos and Diana Vilibert get on their dating soapboxes and duke it out.

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