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Revamp your sex and love life with this advice from the editors at Marie Claire

3 Reasons Not to Hook Up With Three Guys at the Wedding
    The dangers of reception romances

Nuptials 911 Cheat Sheet
    Your no-fail cheat sheet for how to handle the biggest wedding disasters

Bridal Wedding Etiquette
    Wise words from the bride by Theresa O’Rourke.

6 Things You Need to Know About the Pill
    Marie Claire lists important information about the Pill.

Pregnant on the Pill? 3 Things That Do It
    Marie Claire cites important information you need to know about birth control pills.

Get Confident in the Bedroom
    Have a pressing sex question? Ask the sexpert: Logan Levkoff.

10 Signs He Is Interested in You
    There he is, the man of your dreams. He's sitting across from you at the coffee shop or standing at the opposite side of the bar. His eyes meet yours, a quick glance, and then it's back to his drink. Was he giving you a signal?

Why Can't I Orgasm During Sex?
    Have a pressing sex question? Ask the sexpert: Logan Levkoff.

How to Date Like a Man Pages: 2
    How to get a date

How to Not Love Your Way Into Debt

Sex Advice: Help, I Can't Orgasm

Sex Advice: Are You Allergic to Semen?

How to Not Ruin Your Life by Sleeping with a Movie Star
    After Lisa Robertson and Ralph Fiennes joined the mile-high club on a flight from Darwin, Australia, to Mumbai, India, she took a nosedive and wound up friendless, hounded by the press, and suicidal. What's the takeaway?

10 Things Not to Do in Bed
    10 Things We Don’t Expect You To Do In Bed

Sex Question: Have I Been Exposed to Herpes?
    Sex Advice from Sexpert, Logan Levkoff.

Sex Question: My Man Is Bored — What Can I Do?
    Sex Advice from Sexpert, Logan Levkoff.

Sex Question: I'm Overweight
    Sex Advice from Sexpert, Logan Levkoff.

What to Know Before You Co(habit)
    Living together ends badly for half the people who do it. Will you beat the stats? How to ensure success.

Can You Eat Your Way to Better Sex? (August 2006) Pages: 2

How You Can Seduce Anyone (December 2005)
    How do you get a guy to fall in love (or into bed) with you? Chinese-born actor Bai Ling, who most recently sexed up the small screen on Entourage, shares her best come-hither secrets

4 Tips For Total Body Ecstasy (August 2006)

The Low Down On Hooking Up

Ultimate Sex Tips from the Pros Pages: 2
    We asked the five leading sex experts in the U.S. for their most frequently asked questions. Here, their answers about hooking up, kinky sex, taking charge in the bedroom and more

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