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Find out what is going on in the world around you. The editors of Marie Claire bring you world news on women across the globe.

Woman Shares Disturbing Selfie After She Was Punched By The Man Who Groped Her

Scarlett Johansson Steps Up To Support Planned Parenthood

What Women Around The World Are Saying About Women's Equality Day
    What You Need To Read For Women's Equality Day

This Ice Bucket Challenge Will Change The Way You View The Internet Phenomenon
    You need to see this.

One More School Is Under Investigation For Mishandling Sexual Assault
    Pace University in New York City is the latest to be added to the growing list.

The Abortion Situation In Ireland Keeps Getting Worse
    The latest: a woman is forced to undergo a c-section 25 weeks into her pregnancy—17 weeks after she first attempted to get an abortion.

14 Things Women Couldn't Do 96 Years Ago
    In honor of the 19th Amendment, ratified 96 years ago today!

21 Black Women Accept Bids to Join University of Alabama Sororities
    After a scandal-plagued year, all of the black women who participated in formal rush this year at the University of Alabama were offered invitations to join.

Even More Schools Are Now Under Investigation For Their Sexual Violence Policies
    Twenty one new schools have been added to the original list, released by the Department of Education just a few months ago, in May.

9 Takeaways You Need To Know From Hillary Clinton's The Atlantic Interview
    We read so you don't have to.

Texas Pro-Life Groups Admit To "Tracking" Clinic Patients
    The most terrifying revelation of the anti-abortion movement.

10 Signs You May Be Combating Depression
    A list that could save a life.

An End to the Texas Abortion Law Could Be Closer Than You Think
    The Center for Reproductive Rights is challenging the two aspects of the law that threaten the state's clinics the most.

13 Words That Undermine Your Authority And Your Intelligence
    Strip these from your vocabulary, and reap the professional benefits.

Pro-Choice Supporters Get Another Win in Alabama
    Like Mississippi before it, Alabama is the latest state to push back against overarching restrictions on abortion care, keeping more clinics open.

13 Sexist Phrases That Need To Be Retired Immediately
    Here lies offensive comments.

Jill Biden Talks Women’s Empowerment and Education in Africa
    On trip to Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Sierra Leone, Dr. Biden previews Obama Administration’s agenda for Africa Summit.

What it’s Like to Film the World’s Best Female Surfer
    Filmmaker Ava Warbrick talks to Marie Claire about capturing surf champion Stephanie Gilmore’s most intimate moments—and her rise back to the top after a terrifying attack.

What These Amazing Women Are Doing to Stop Sex Crimes All Over the World
    These women are aiming to put an end to sex crimes all over the world by beginning an entirely new conversation.

Emma Watson Laughs to Support Turkish Women
    Giggles for a cause.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says Male Justices Have a Blind Spot On Women's Rights
    She sounds off on everything from her Hobby Lobby dissent to her internet meme in an interview with Katie Couric.

"I Would Rather Die Than Stay With These People"
    A student who escaped: "I ran through the bush for hours, fearing the whole time that they would catch me."

There is a Right Way to Address Rape on Campus

News Flash: Women Can Be Both Informed and Fashionable
    In defense of women's magazines

The Fight Against Sexual Violence on College Campuses: Only With Consent
    This week at Marie Claire, we're taking a look at a variety of groups that are working to educate survivors and students, fight outdated policies, and most of all, end end sexual violence on college campuses.

The Struggle For Health Care for Women in Texas's Rio Grande Valley
    Today, human rights campaign Nuestro Texas celebrated the work they've done to bring the stories of the poverty-stricken, health care desert that is Texas's Rio Grande Valley to the public.

The Most Important Feminists of All Time Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    From ancient rulers and authors to pop stars and the teenagers of today, we've narrowed down a list of some of the greatest women in history.

How Social Media Helped This Attacker Find His Victim #HUNTED
    When Jenn Gibbons embarked on an epic 1,500-mile journey around Lake Michigan—all of it documented on social media—she never imagined the danger that would follow her.

The Biggest Female Names In TV Today Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Diane Sawyer’s announcing of her imminent departure from ABC World News this week means that the number of female nightly news anchors on a major network in the United States has dropped down to zero. As disappointing as this statistic may be, t

The Fight Against Sexual Violence on College Campuses: End Rape on Campus
    This week at Marie Claire, we're taking a look at a variety of groups that are working to educate survivors and students, fight outdated policies, and most of all, end end sexual violence on college campuses. One Student founders Becca

The Fight Against Sexual Violence on College Campuses: One Student
    This week at Marie Claire, we're taking a look at a variety of groups that are working to educate survivors and students, fight outdated policies, and most of all, end end sexual violence on college campuses. One Student founders Becca

The Most Ridiculous Sexist Laws Across the Globe
    We're not kidding with these.

The Ten Biggest Supporters of Women's Rights in U.S. Government
    Meet your biggest support team—here are ten politicians working hard to make things better for women today.

Congress Has Waged a War Against Women
    Congress has waged a war against women and Gabby Giffords needs your help to fight to protect your rights.

The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East
    While men are off fighting, women are at home starting a revolution of their own...and it's earning them some serious cash.

5 Women Running the Show Behind Iconic Male Brands
    The five women changing the game at historically male-dominated brands.

7 Blatantly Sexist Things Men Say to Us Every Day (That We Often Overlook)
    The seven most blatantly sexist things men say at work and home. (And you probably don't even realize it!)

320 Women Embark on a Crazy Journey Across the Sahara
    Equipped with just a compass, a map, and a duffel bag, driving everything from Range Rovers to polaris scrambler 850 ATVS, 320 women from 25 countries gathered in the Moroccan Sahara for a navigational competition called the gazelles rally, or what m

The Unexpected Lessons I Learned Working in Politics
    Advice from 9 women who have made a career in politics.

The 10 Countries Where It's THE WORST to be a Woman
    Prepare to be shocked and outraged.

These States Are Trying to Eliminate a Woman's Right to Choose
    Certain states are making a woman's access to abortion more difficult than ever—find out which ones.

These Industries Have the Biggest Wage Gap
    These Industries Have the Biggest Gap Between What They Pay A Man and A Woman

How the Pay Gap Affects You: Worst States for Working Women
    If you're a women living in one of these 10 states, your state is paying you less than a man and not really doing much about it. Here's a list of senators, complete with Twitter handles, so you can stand up for your equal rights.

Why You Should Care That Fast Food Workers Worldwide Are On Strike
    Hope you didn't plan on having a Big Mac for lunch today.

Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Reportedly Shown in New Video
    The authenticity of the video could not be immediately confirmed.

Michelle Knight: 'My Past is My Past, and That's Where it Remains'
    One of three missing Cleveland women, Michelle Knight was held captive for 10 years before going free. Here, she recounts the living nightmare that shocked the country and how she's rebuilt her life.

#BringBackOurGirls: What You Need to Know About the Nigerian Kidnappings
    More than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls have been missing for weeks.

You Think You Have Daddy Issues?
    By the time I moved to New York City from the midwest to be a gossip columnist, my born-again Christian father thought I was going to hell. Why did I think we could make up on a weeklong European cruise?

Wage Wars: Is Your State Giving Women a Raise?
    Here's how Obama is helping to level the paying field.

White House to Colleges: Here's How You Can Curb Rape on Campus
    President Obama's task force on sexual assault releases guidelines.

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