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Find out what is going on in the world around you. The editors of Marie Claire bring you world news on women across the globe.

Gossip Can Be Good For You
    Check out gossip can be good for you.

ICYMI: Another Fraternity Email Degrades Women in Disgusting Letter
    Another fraternity degrades women in an email.

5 Most Important Takeaways For Women From President Obama’s State of the Union
    Check out what President Obama had to say about women in his State of the Union address.

China's First Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Happens Over a Water Cooler
    How a sex discrimination happened over a water cooler.

Women Gets Paid Bank to Eat In front of Cameras
    South Korean women gets paid to eat in front of cameras.

Wendy Davis' Daughters Defend Mother in Open Letter
    Wendy Davis' defend mother in open letter.

Campus Rape vs. Universities
    Why a university didn't report a rape after student suicide.

Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In Heads to Hollywood
    Find out the insider details on the new movie deal for Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's book, "Lean In." Keep up with for the latest news.

Revenge Porn King Out On Bail

Texas Hospital Takes Woman Off Life Support Formerly Kept Alive to Preserve Fetus
    The Texas Hospital keeping Marlise Munoz on life support, has finally pulled it.

Hillary Clinton is a Weird Planet on The New York Times Magazine Cover
    Take a look at Hillary Clinton as a planet on New York Times cover.

Republican Mike Huckabee Thinks You Are a Sex Fiend
    Check out what Republican Mike Huckabee said about women and birth control.

Finally: Notorious Revenge Porn King Arrested
    Revenge porn king arrested.

WTF: Indian Woman Gang-Raped as Punishment
    Indian woman gang-raped as punishment from village elders.

Texas Woman Kept On Life Support to Keep "Distinctly Abnormal" Fetus Alive
    In Texas, a woman is being kept on life support to keep her deformed fetus alive.

Pussy Riot Members to Come to U.S. for Human Rights Concert
    Check out how Pussy Riot is coming to the U.S. to perform.

President Obama Is Getting Serious About Stopping Rape on College Campuses
    Find out how President Obama is stepping in to combat sexual assault on your college campus. Read more News on

WTF: Woman Wins Historical Tennis Match, Gets Asked Sexist Interview Question

The History of Abortion Laws: Roe v. Wade Anniversary
    Our abortion timeline for the anniversary of Roe v Wade.

Do You Want to Get "Fake Pregnant"?
    Check out these fake pregnancy tests being sold online.

U.S. Figure Skating Team Heads to Sochi Amid Controversy
    Read the Olympics controversy with Ashley Wagner and Mirai Nagasu.

France's First Lady Valerie Trierweiler Hospitalized After Report of President's Affair
    Check out the news about the first lady in France.

Gabby Giffords Marks Third Shooting Anniversary by Skydiving (VIDEO)
    Gabby Giffords marked the third shooting anniversary with one of her favorite hobbies.

Red Square Renegades: The Passion of Pussy Riot
    Check out Masha Gessen's new book, The Passion of Pussy Riot.

Cheers to Janet Yellen, the Most Powerful Woman in the World
    Cheers to Janet Yellen, who was confirmed as federal reserve chairwoman on Monday.

2013 Was a Rough Year for Abortion Rights
    More abortion rights have been enacted in the past three years than in the previous decade.

Obama Administration Responds to Catholic Group's Birth Control Case
    Following a temporary injunction, the Obama administration questions a Catholic group's birth control mandate.

20 Women to Watch in Politics in 2014 (20 Women to Watch in Politics in 2014)
    Wendy Davis isn't the only female politician who could make history this year.

K-Pop's Sexiest Stars (VIDEOS) Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Check out the hottest and sexiest women at the top of the K-pop industry, leading the global phenomenon that is growing stronger by the day. Read our music and celebrity news on to find out more.

Into Africa Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Check out how these women are aiding Africa.

Columbia University Students Demand Better Handling of Rape Cases
    Check out how Columbia University is handling rape cases.

America’s Most Infamous Sweethearts Return: Bonnie & Clyde
    Find out about the television adaption of the famed crime sprees and adventures of the infamous criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde, coming soon to A&E.

FACT: There's A Woman Knitting From Her Vagina (VIDEO)
    Your grandmother's favorite craft has been turned into feminist performance art, courtesy of Australian artist Casey Jenkins.

Michelle Obama Handles Potential White House Catastrophe Like A BOSS (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
    Michelle Obama solidifies her spot as best First Lady ever.

Live Updates from the 2014 Golden Globe Awards!
    Don't miss our live coverage of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. Catch all the news, photos, and videos here on

Photos of JFK, Jackie O, and Their Adorable Fam That Will Melt Your Heart
    An ode to a wonderful president and an incredibly dapper dude.

Sexual Confessions from a Former CIA Officer Pages: 2
    Check out this story about Emily Baldwin and her relationships in the CIA.

Filter: She's Out on Patrol

One Woman, One Brilliant Idea: Melissa Menke
    Check out Melissa Menke is doing to raise funds for Nairobi, Kenya.

Hire Power: Ai-jen Poo is Fighting to Give Millions of Women a Fair Deal
    Check out what Ai-jen Poo is doing to help women's rights.

There's a Whole New Way of Killing Cancer Pages: 2
    Check out Esquire's story about killing cancer.

A New King of Sex Drive
    Check out the steps Switzerland is taking to keep prostitutes safe.

Skating for Justice Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Check out MC's piece on Bridie Farrell and abuse in skating.

NFL Fans Make the Most Festive Fanatics (PHOTOS) Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Check out the best looks of football fanatics that scream team spirit. From costumes to face paint, these fan will stop at nothing to represent their true colors.

    Check out our interview with Alice Marick, the author of Status Update.

A New Kind of Threesome
    A recent Harris Interactive study conducted on behalf of mobile ID company Jumio found that 20 percent of 18-to-34-year-olds use their cell phones during sex. Marie Claire polled its readers to find out why.

Kate Bolduan: Background Check
    Kate Bolduan, the 30-year-old cohost of CNN's New Day, shares her predawn routine, best career advice, and the carb she just can't quit

Texas Judge Blocks Part of Controversial Abortion Law
    Federal judge in Texas blocked part of the state's restrictive new abortion law.

Beyond Borders
    A little-known piece of immigration legislation is leaving the futures of thousands of women hanging in the balance.

Occupy Sandy Wedding Registry to the Rescue
    On Amazon Wedding registries, it's not uncommon for couples to get creative. But how about a registry for Hurricane Sandy relief?

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