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Stories of women in the news who have done exceptional things or made headlines around the world.

Michelle Obama Keeps It Real
    The chic, shoot-from-the-hip newcomer Michelle Obama talks with Marie Claire about her critics, her life in the media whirl, and Wal-Mart vs. Target.

Cindy McCain Rolls Up Her Sleeves
    The poised, wealthy wife isn't what she seems: Just ask her about her hard-core aid work in Rwanda - and the bath she once took in a catfish tank.

World Beauty Trends
    Six international Marie Claire beauty editors give us a peek at their prized cosmetic stockpiles. Here, global goodies you can get stateside.

Election 2008: Your Political Primer

Women on Deck: Smash Those Glass Ceilings!
    Whether or not you rooted for Hill, there's no denying the satisfaction that would have come from crossing "First Female President" off the list. Here, some other ceilings that still need to be smashed and the ladies we think are most likel

Rekindling the Election Flame
    8 years after Floridagate, one voter is ready to get back in the booth.

Breast Cancer: Attacking the Enemy Abroad
    Breast Cancer in other countries

How to Talk About Politics You Don't Really Understand Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7
    A shamelessly oversimplified cocktail-party guide to where the candidates stand on the big questions.

Who Killed Lavena Johnson?
    A young soldier's mysterious death in Iraq leaves her family searching for answers from the military.

Inside the Gloucester Pregnancy Pact Pages: 2 3
    Last summer, 18 teenage girls upended a quiet Massachusetts town and caused America to let out a collective gasp. But was there really a pact?

How to Talk Politics
    How to engage in spirited debate without the fisticuffs, from Marie Claire.

TV: Pundit Watch!
    Where to get the play-by-play during this historic, change-the-course-of-civilization political season? Marie Claire tells you.

A Better Way to Spend $35
    A new social (conscience) networking site.

Mile High With John McCain
    John McCain takes time out on his campaign plane to talk with Marie Claire about everything from Barack to Borat.

Top 5 Political Blogs for Blowing Off Work
    Political Blogs - Political Humor - Politics Blogs

The Brothel Busters
    Two 25-year-old Air Force Academy graduates founded the Somaly Mam Foundation, a nonprofit group named after a woman who escaped the brothels of Cambodia and now rescues enslaved girls. Marie Claire has the story.

Project Pearl: The Bravest Class in Town Pages: 2

Foreign Affairs
    We can get over the fact that Lara Logan, CBS's sexy war correspondent, was a swimsuit model, but can she? Marie Claire discusses.

Barack in the Saddle
    You know how he feels about Iraq, health care, and the economy. But where does he stand on Miley Cyrus? A candid interview with Barack Obama about women -- what we face, what we need, and what it's like to be married to an outspoken alpha.

Afghani Women Get Physical
    A look inside Afghanistan's first and only gym for women

Big Night
    Marie Claire and supermodel Petra Nemcova shed light on sexual slavery at an exclusive event.

The Best Beers to Try Abroad
    Thanks to the proliferation of brew-pubs and blogs devoted to the unabashed joys of beer, fans of ale have more options than ever before. But choosing the right beer for the right occasion isn’t easy. Nevermind what to pair it with. We can’

Help Rebuild Myanmar
    Marie Claire tells you how you can help to rebuild Myanmar.

Harvard, Exposed
    Marie Claire reveals what goes on at one of the most elite B-schools in the world, keg stands and all.

Your TV Is Brainwashing You
    People across the world are taking cues from their favorite television shows. Marie Claire has the scoop.

Survival Sex: Iraqi Refugees Pages: 2 3
    Imagine: One day you're a nurse leading a normal life; a few years later you're in a strange country doing the unthinkable: selling yourself. For some Iraqi refugees, prostitution is the only trick they feel they've got left. Marie Claire tells their

I Married a Terrorist Pages: 2 3
    When Maureen’s husband told her he was traveling abroad to help a friend, she believed him...until the police came knocking. In a Marie Claire exclusive, the 24-year-old tells how she fell for the wrong man.

Olivia Zaleski, Green Living Expert
    Olivia Zaleski is an environmental reporter and green living expert residing in New York City. Learn how to go green with Olivia's fun, simple yet effective green living tips.

The Sexy 101 List
    Here, our definitive It list of the celebs, splurges, trends, and places that will leave you begging for more.

A Mother's Crusade for a Missing Daughter Pages: 2
    When a daughter disappears, what's a mother to do? If she's Karren Kraemer, she quits her job, launches her own investigation, and exhumes graves -- for starters. But she never could have predicted where the journey would take her.

Help Stop Obstetric Fistula

America's Hungriest Woman
    Sonya Thomas is petite and lithe, but her stomach can hold 18 pounds of food. Marie Claire has this competitive eater's story.

Wanted: Evening News Anchor
    After two years of Katie Couric's perkiness, CBS seeks seasoned journo with gravitas, grit, and a loyal following. Who should fill the chair? Marie Claire has a few suggestions.

Meet the Marie Claire Psychic
    Internationally known intuitive counselor Susan King, whose services have been sought by A-listers, will personally answer questions and offer her thoughts on your issues.

Eye on the Texas Polygamy Case
    Dorothy Allred Solomon is the 28th of 48 children born to polygamist leader Dr. Rulon C. Allred and his fourth wife. Marie Claire has her story.

I Lost My Love in Baghdad
    They were just two normal people trying for a happy life in a nightmare world. Marie Claire has their story.

Why I Want a Gun On Campus
    The group fighting for the right to carry a gun to class.

    Marie Claire tells you how to buy music and support human rights at the same time.

All in Her Head
    Q & A with British author Sally Brampton on her battle with depression.

China Dolls
    Marie Claire discusses China's preparations for August's Beijing Olympics.

Hillary Clinton and the Comeback Kids
    After victory in Pennsylvania who might Hilary Clinton cite as her compatriots?

Field of Panties: Immigrant Workers
    Eradicating the sexual harassment and assault of female farm workers. Marie Claire reports.

New Ways to Be Bad
    In an attempts to stay ahead of the naughtiness curve, the Vatican recently revealed seven new deadly sins - among them, drug abuse and polluting.

The Cult That Wants My Kids Pages: 2
    When Teressa Wall testified against polygamist "prophet" Warren Jeffs, she assumed there'd be payback. But how could she know they'd come after her children? Marie Claire reports.

Please Set Me Free Pages: 2
    Forced to serve as a tourist attraction in a human zoo, the long-neck women of Thailand want to cast off their coils and live modern lives like the rest of us — if only the government would let them.

The Long-Neck Women of Thailand
    Forced to serve as a tourist attraction in a human zoo, the long-neck women of Thailand want to cast off their coils and live modern lives like the rest of us -- if only the government would let them. Marie Claire reports.

The Very Big Love: 47 Siblings, 7 Mothers, and 1 Father Pages: 2 3 4
    A woman from a polygamous family discusses her life with them.

Lessons in Love: The Millionaire Hunters Pages: 2 3 4
    In the new Russia, a country obsessed with wealth and status, snagging a superrich man is big business -- and so are the outrageous classes that claim to give women a leg up. Marie Claire has the scoop.

Net Worth: Saving Lives in Africa
    How simple plastic mosquito nets are saving lives in Africa.

Do You Need a Taser?
    Taking down the new taser trend and the new pink taser gun parties for women.

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