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Stories of women in the news who have done exceptional things or made headlines around the world.

Is Shoplifting an Addiction?

A Family Affair (05/01/2011) Pages: 2
    It was horrifying enough when Melissa Tamplin's mother was savagely stabbed to death. But in her wildest dreams, she never guessed her own sibling was behind the murder.

My Unwanted Abortion
    As U.S. abortion rights come under yet further attack, Sarah Ivens — shattered by her unborn baby's diagnosis — had to end her pregnancy in one of the most hostile places imaginable.

Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards Speaks Out
    The President of Planned Parenthood discusses the challenges and rewards of her job.

The Day My Husband Disappeared Pages: 2 3
    On a trip to Greece for Michelle Kramer's birthday, her husband, a succesful doctor who lavished her with gifts, vanished. Her search for him turned up shredded documents, survivalist gear, and $6 million in debt.

A Bid for Justice Pages: 2
    How Liz Seccuro's rapist apologized — and was finally prosecuted — after 20 years.

Why Are These Women in Jail?
    In Afghanistan, women and children are rotting away in prison for "moral crimes" like leaving an abusive husband.

Breaking China's One-Child Law Pages: 2
    In an unprecedented crackdown, Chinese officials set out to sterilize 10,000 women — by jailing their relatives until the women submitted.

How I Saved Myself from an Abusive Boyfriend Pages: 2
    Like Lindsey Wegner, women 16 to 24 years old are most at risk of suffering abuse at the hands of a lover. Would you know the signs?

An American Honor Killing Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    Largely ignored by the national media, the act of killing "dishonorable" female relatives has made its way stateside.

The Spy Next Door
    When Elizabeth Hanson was killed by al Qaeda, her friends and family were astonished to learn that the bubbly, athletic, Facebooking 30-year-old was actually a high-level secret agent in the CIA.

The Best Summer Caribbean Destinations
    Travel to the Caribbean in the early part of the summer and save money. Marie Claire has tips for the best summer vacation deals.

Would You Survive a Disaster?
    A new book shows how you can up your odds of surviving a disaster.

Frida in Africa: Gucci Partners with UNICEF
    Frida Giannini, Gucci's creative director, handles more than just the day-to-day business of fashion—she's also the hands-on force behind the fashion house's charity initiative with UNICEF.

Think Your Job's Hard? Read This.
    The story of the heroic Army bomb technicians who spend their days sneaking up on improvised explosive devices, then disassembling them with their own hands.

Meet Japan's First Western Geisha (December 2009) Pages: 2 3
    She's got a Ph.D. from Oxford, but Fiona Graham spent a year learning how to pour tea. Oh, and she has to greet her senior geisha sisters on bended knee. In a Marie Claire exclusive, she describes how she became the only foreign geisha in town.

Japan's First Western Geisha (December 2009)
    She's got a Ph.D. from Oxford, but Fiona Graham spent a year learning how to pour tea. Oh, and she has to greet her senior geisha sisters on bended knee. In a Marie Claire exclusive, she describes how she became the only foreign geisha in town.

The Porn Star and the Politician
    Triple-X actress Stormy Daniels plans to go head-to-head with embattled politico David Vitter in Louisiana's next Senate race.

Christy Turlington Burns: Postcard from Tanzania
    Marie Claire's roving reporter Christy Turlington Burns hits a corner of the world where giving birth can be deadly.

Save the World in 15 Minutes or Less
    What can you do, right now, to reach that one woman who will catalyze the change for her entire family and village?

Get Involved in the Global Peace Tour

Need to Read: The Lost Child
    When British author Julie Myerson came out with "The Lost Child," about her son's addiction to the potent marijuana strain known as "skunk," the 49-year-old mother of three was slammed for betraying motherhood itself.

The Abortion Debate: What Would You Do? Pages: 2 3 4
    The recent murder of abortion doctor George Tiller has raised the stakes on one of the hardest issues any of us will ever face. Two women tell their stories.

Abortion by Cow Meds
    Let's say you're under 18, pregnant, and unable to get an abortion without parental consent, as is the case in 24 states. The logical thing to do would be to ... swallow some cow meds from a nearby farm?

Extreme Internet Schemes
    Hey, we're all for finding creative ways to make a buck these days. But would you do what these women did?

Afghani Women Moving Forward
    Seven years after democracy came to Afghanistan, the Taliban are back.

What Kind of Mother Leaves Her Kids? Pages: 2 3
    Divorcing dads give up custody every day. Increasingly, so do moms. So why are they judged more harshly for it? Three women tell their story.

Malibu Joins Reef Check for an Eco-Adventure

Girls Gone Geeky
    Women turn the ultimate go-nowhere pastime—video games—into a career.

How to Talk About Issues You Don't Understand: The Supreme Court
    With the vetting of Sonia Sotomayor under way, prepare for the fevered cocktail-party banter by reading our shamelessly oversimplified guide.

My Father The Fraudster
    In her new memoir, The Impostor's Daughter, she describes how she found out her father was a con man, and what she did about it.

How To Be a "Voluntourist"
    Do some good on during your time off.

50 Reasons We Love America
    Marie Claire's definitive list of the homegrown innovations, trends, people, and places that has us hoisting our Coors Lights (brewed here!) to toast the good ol' Stars and Stripes

Need a Life? Rent One
    For the millions of people in Japan who spend too much time at work to have pets, a social life, or a partner, help is at hand.

Friends with Meds
    Pill-swapping—and other worrying behavior—is on the rise, as uninsured Americans look for cheap ways to get Rx drugs.

Religion as Therapy Pages: 2 3 4
    In these hard economic times, we could all use a little faith. Meet four modern career gals who found answers in that old-time religion.

When White-Collar Hubbies Go to Jail Pages: 2 3
    What's it like when your high-rolling husband is imprisoned for fraud? Gretchen Voss learns the surprising details from three women who lived the headlines.

23 Shocking News Stories from Around the World
    Expand your horizons with 23 International stories you don't want to miss.

Is The Economy Making You Fat?
    Watch out—bad times can take a toll on your good looks. The ugly truth, by the numbers . . .

A Soldier's Tale: Lynndie England Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    She's the face of the atrocities at Abu Ghraib. Now serving 36 months in military prison, Lynndie England breaks her silence about what happened in Iraq, and how it all started with falling for the wrong man.

Love in the Time of Terror Pages: 2 3 4
    Malika el Aroud was a single mom; he was divorced and searching. Together they kindled an epic passion for each other - and jihad.

Fighting a "Forced Divorce"
    Picture this: You're newly married, pregnant, rudely happy -- till your family tells you to ditch your husband; they don't like the guy. Then they go to court and get you a divorce. That's what happened to Fatima Bent Suleiman Al Azzaz.

How Women Across the World Are Coping with the Economy
    Women from Boston to Hong Kong share their strategies.

Yoko, Give Peace Another Chance
    It's been 40 years since John Lennon and Yoko Ono flung open the doors of their suite at Montreal's Queen Elizabeth Hotel and held a weeklong press conference from their bed.

Postcard From Bangladesh
    Marie Claire's roving correspondent sheds light on how women are transforming one of the poorest, most corrupt countries on the planet.

Falling in Love with a Killer

A Look Inside Indian Call Centers
    The Truth Behind Indian Call Centers

Could Your Pillow Talk Send You To Jail?
    Could your pillow talk land you in jail?

Pillow Talkers in the Public Eye
    Pssst, Darling...Could your pillow talk land you in jail?

The Truth Behind Indian Call Centers
    What happens when customer service jobs are outsources to India.

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