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Female role models can make the difference in the world. These inspirational women made a difference in ours.

Obama's Wing-Woman (11/01/2011)
    As head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is tasked with getting the president re-elected. She reveals how she's handling the high-stress job.

Women Running the Show (09/01/2011) Pages: 2 3 4 5
    As producers of the top news shows on TV, they're the first people on the scene when wars erupt, earthquakes hit — or a politico cheats. And they're busy trying to beat each other to big stories as we speak.

Why Kirsten Gillibrand Wants You to Run for Office Pages: 2 3
    The number of women in Congress has declined for the first time in decades. The junior senator from New York wants to change that.

Petra Gets Wired Pages: 2 3 4 5
    Czech model Petra Nemcova, famous for surviving the Asian tsunami, is putting her fame to good use — getting computers to kids. Her latest stop: Haiti. Here, excerpts from her diary.

Gina Keatley: From Homeless to Pro Chef
    One woman took the kindness she experienced in soup kitchens as a child and opened her own.

6 Inspiring Women from Around the World
    Meet the six phenomenal women honored at the annual Vital Voices gala.

Queen of Spade: Deborah Lloyd
    Queen of Spade: Deborah Lloyd

Kenneth Cole: Good Sole
    What gets Kenneth Cole up in the morning? Hint: It's not shoes!

Donatella Versace Has Blonde Ambition
    Fashion's glam survivor Donatella Versace turns heads and reboots lives in rural China.

Natasha Bedingfield's Sweet Gig
    What makes pop star Natasha Bedingfield a rebel? Being good in the ultimate bad-girl industry.

Diane's Double Life
    Diane von Furstenberg doesn't just run a fabulous fashion empire. She's helping train 100,000 female moguls-in-the-making.

Queen of Soul
    Talk about cool: R&B diva Alicia Keys is helping provide HIV/AIDS drugs to 45,000 people in Africa.

Helena Turns up the Heat
    Sure, she's posed as a sexy pirate in racy lingerie ads, but supermodel Helena Christensen is also a model citizen. Her latest gig? Getting food to those who can't afford it.

Join Nicole Kidman to Stop Violence Against Women

Lauren Hutton's Diary of Brazil
    Queen of the Jungle: Lauren Hutton's latest project is all about going green — and giving back. In her diary of a journey to the Amazon, she describes how.

Youssou N'Dour: More Than a Pretty Face
    Africa's Own Bono

Fergie's New Fight
    Think you don't need to worry about AIDS? Reality check: Women make up more than 25 percent of new cases in the U.S. In a Marie Claire exclusive, Fergie tells how her own battles with drug addiction inspired her to help people with HIV.

Christy's Personal Journey
    Christy Turlington Burns visited Peru and focused on a topic close to her heart, motherhood.

Daryl Hannah: Saving Sex Slaves
    Daryl Hannah’s latest role took a serious turn, blurring the boundary between acting and real life. For a documentary about sexual slavery, she snuck into the seedy brothels of Southeast Asia to meet the little girls who are held there. It’

More Than a Pretty Face: Queen Noor of Jordan Pages: 2 3

More than a Pretty Face: The Welder Pages: 2
    More than a year after a colossal earthquake shook Lima, Peru, around 55,000 families remain homeless or displaced. That's what Maria Landa is out to change. By using her unique skills as a professional welder, she's constructing crucial temporary ho

More than a Pretty Face: James Haven
    He's our first male MTAPF, and deservedly so, considering he comes from the same gene pool as Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Garner Joins the "Faces of Influenza" Program
    We joined Jennifer Garner at a private estate n lushly gorgeous Kauai.

Jennifer Justice: More Than a Pretty Face Pages: 2
    The daughter of a single welfare mother, Jennifer Justice grew up in Washington state during the grunge craze. Today, she is the youngest partner at the entertainment law firm Carroll, Guido & Groffman, representing clients like Jay-Z and Method Man.

More Than a Pretty Face: Dr. Anja Giphart Pages: 2
    Mention the AIDS crisis in Africa, and most Western doctors shake their heads over the 25 million people who are now infected. But where others see doom, Anja Giphart finds hope.

More Than a Pretty Face: Beth Galante Pages: 2
    In the months following Hurricane Katrina, Beth Galante left behind a successful career in law and joined forces with Global Green USA, a national environmental organization working to rebuild New Orleans in an eco-friendly and energy-efficient way.

Tsunami Survivor: Petra Nemcova
    When tsunami survivor Petra Nemcova wanted to mentor young models, Hollywood had two words: reality show. Tyra, watch your back.

More Than a Pretty Face: Seema Dhundia
    Seema Dhundia, former commander of the world's first all-female paramilitary in India and current head of the first all-female U.N. peacekeeping force in Liberia tells MC how it's going so far.

More Than a Pretty Face: Liya Kebede
    Model and activist Liya Kebede discovered scary truths about childbirth during her trip to Ethiopia last fall with the World Health Organization.

More Than A Pretty Face: Anna Schuleit
    German-born artist Anna Schuleit went from anonymous to Einstein virtually overnight, thanks to a call from the MacArthur Foundation announcing that she'd won a 2006 "Genius" grant for $500,000.

More Than a Pretty Face: Paula Hyppolite
    Can movies educate and distract a devastated population from their everyday struggles? Paula Hyppolite, returns to her homeland to help launch a festival that shows more than 90 films from 29 countries.

More Than A Pretty Face: Trisha Prabriputaloong
    She grew up in Thailand, went to school in California, and spent time in Uganda, Bulgaria, and Jamaica. But the place Trisha Prabriputaloong now calls home is a DC-10 wide-body aircraft.

More Than A Pretty Face: Sveva Makena Gallman
    She has endured tragedy and traveled the world. At 26, Sveva Gallmann is ready to take on some of her generation’s not-so-minor problems.

More Than a Pretty Face Calista Flockhart Pages: 2
    You know her best as a prime-time actress, but these days, Calista Flockhart would rather be recognized as an advocate for ending violence against women.

More Than A Pretty Face: Therese Tant Pages: 2 3
    Today, 40 percent of car-buying decisions are made by women - a purchasing power that also opens doors for female designers and engineers who have the know-how to make what women want: stylish, eco-friendly rides.

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