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The editors at Marie Claire share their opinion on everything from new music and books to politics and world events.

Face Off
    Hillary Clinton’s facial expression in the Situation Room brings scrutiny

10 Things You Didn't Know About Alyson Hannigan
    The How I Met Your Mother star dishes on her secret talents and biggest pet peeves.

Exclusive Q&A: Melanie Notkin is The Savvy Auntie
    Not a mom? Doesn't mean you can't join the Auntorage.

Early Birds Get the Royal Wedding!
    Early morning hours for royal wedding coverage.

Glee's Amber Riley Visits MC
    Cover Girl and Glee star Amber Riley visits Marie Claire.

No Mercy for Fugitive Fraudster Husband
    After Michelle Kramer's missing husband was finally found, he is now facing the many malpractice lawsuits he left behind.

Exclusive Q&A: Candace Bushnell on What's Next for Carrie Bradshaw
    Details on Carrie Bradshaw's teen years and whether Blake Lively might be the next Carrie.

Need To Meet: Eliza Doolittle
    The British pop star gives us the low-down on her famous name, her hidden talent, and what guys shouldn't do on a blind date.

Need To Meet: Oh Land
    Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land tells us what it was like growing up a ballet rebel in a musical family, only to find her own unique sound.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly Rowland
    The singer dishes on bad dates, dinner at Diddy's house, and whether or not Destiny's Child will reunite.

Exclusive Interview: Bonnie Wright on the End of Harry Potter
    The star who plays little Ginny Weasley stopped by Marie Claire to chat about her films, her fashion sense, and her future.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sophia Bush
    The One Tree Hill Actress talks about her crush on Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, her daily need for CNN, and her dream date.

New BlackBerry PlayBook Is Purse-Friendly
    In the age of the iPad, this new tablet is more portable but not quite up to speed with the competition.

Pact Wants You to Protest Coal ... in Your Underwear
    Pact's new collection, "Beyond Coal", was born out of collaboration with Sierra Club in an effort to raise awareness and educate people about the public health and environmental dangers of coal, advocating the use of cleaner fuel sources. L

Need To Meet: Jessie J
    The leggy pop tart shows us her hidden talent, talks about bad bowling dates, and gives us a peek inside her handbag.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Taylor Momsen
    The teenage rockstar talks about her musical influences, her top idols, and her favorite reality show.

What We're Reading: A Memoir That's Nowhere Near Normal
    Ever been obsessed with something? Read about a woman who can't control her obsessions.

Suno Launches E-commerce
    Fashion line Suno revamps its website with e-commerce.

Libyan Woman Speaks Out
    Alleged Libyan rape victim Eman al-Obeidy speaks out in an interview.

How to Be the Next Kate Middleton
    A new summer camp promises to teach young girls everything they need to know about being a princess.

What We're Reading: More Than a Beach Read
    Jump start your summer reading with this suspenseful family drama about the secrets three sisters uncover in their Martha’s Vineyard beach house.

Need To Meet: Ellie Goulding
    The adorable English singer dishes about beatboxing, her crush on Rihanna, and why she always has a spare pair of tights in her handbag.

What We're Reading: An Eye-Opening Memoir
    One woman's fight against sex trafficking.

How a Hero Saved Two Women From Sex Slavery in NYC
    When a young woman in Manhattan heard that two Russian college students were headed for potential sex trafficking, she stepped in and changed their fate.

What We're Reading: Yet Another Jane Austenish Novel
    For the Jane Austen lover in all of us, a Mansfield Park-themed novel comes just in time for spring.

9 Inventive Ways You Can Help Japan Now
    Here's what you can do to help those struck by the earthquake in Japan.

What We're Reading: A Lustful, Literary Memoir
    One woman sacrifices everything for the chance to pursue her passion.

What It's Really Like to Be the Editor-in-Chief's Assistant
    Marie Claire’s Joanna Coles and her right-hand man, Sergio Kletnoy, dish on their professional relationship.

Wake Up and Help Stop Violence Toward Women Worldwide

6 Simple Steps to Support International Women's Day
    Six simple steps to show your support for women's rights.

Your Letters of Support to CBS Correspondent Lara Logan
    After being sexually assaulted in Cairo, we asked you to send us your best wishes, and we were impressed the outpouring of kindness and support.

Exclusive Q&A: Sarah Bower's Sins of the House of Borgia
    A new novel sheds light on the crime family that could be known as the next Sopranos.

happythankyoumoreplease: Not Just Another Rom-Com
    Josh Radnor's directorial debut, happythankyoumoreplease, is more than the typical boy meets girl love story.

What We're Reading: A Book About…Reading More Books
    Stephanie Staal's new memoir discusses how literature and feminism have influenced who she's become as a women.

Justice in an American Honor Killing
    Faleh Hassan Almaleki was found guilty of second-degree murder for the honor killing of his daughter, 20 year-old Noor.

Congress Votes to Cut All Planned Parenthood Funding
    Sign this petition to rally against the effort to eliminate affordable health care for women.

Get Marie Claire on Your iPad!
    The magazine's interactive digital edition serves up the brand's legendary style, beauty, and culture in a brand-new way.

Send a Letter of Support to CBS Correspondent Lara Logan
    Women across the country are rallying around Lara Logan, the CBS News correspondent who was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted while on assignment in Cairo last week.

Exclusive Q&A: Melissa Leo on Her Unconventional Oscar Ads
    The awards season frontrunner talks about why she went rogue and launched her own campaign for Best Supporting Actress.

Dispatch from Afghanistan: Imprisoned Women and Ill-Fitting Bullet-Proof Vests
    Journalist Karen Day reports back on her visits with women in Afghanistan's prison system.

Exclusive Q&A: Mari Ruti's Case for Falling in Love
    This new books explains why romance guides will not hep you get into a relationship.

Exclusive Q&A: Publicist and Author Jessica Kleiman on Selling Yourself
    Looking to advance your career? Jessica Kleiman, PR guru and author of the forthcoming book, Be Your Own Best Publicist, shares important tips on how to deftly climb the corporate ladder.

Editor's Picks: Best of the Sundance Film Festival
    Our entertainment editor dredged through the snow in Park City to discover the flicks and docs you'll be dying to see this year.

What You Missed at Sundance Film Festival
    A few of our favorite things -- and best celebrity sightings -- straight from the powder of Park City.

What We’re Reading: Losing Graceland
    This week's book is a novel Micah Nathan's new book Losing Graceland , a story of friendship across the generation.

The Women Who Chase Terrorists
    After three years of hands-on reporting, the Pearl Project — a Georgetown journalism course devoted to tracking down the facts behind the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl — has published their full report.

What We're Reading: The Witch's Daughter
    Wands and broomsticks aside, this girl seriously knows how to save the world.

Exclusive Q&A: UN Whistleblower Kathryn Bolkovac
    What happens when one woman airs the UN's dirty laundry? A new book (and movie, starring Rachel Weisz) tells all.

What We're Reading: Another Jackie O Biography
    Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis lovers are rejoicing this month: Another biography about her editing career arrives on shelves this week.

Q&A with Rachel Machacek: The Science of Single
    What happens when a single woman commits a year to trying every possible method of meeting a guy? We talked to someone who did to find out.

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