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The editors at Marie Claire share their opinion on everything from new music and books to politics and world events.

Marie Claire Wins Overseas Press Club Award

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift: Build a House

A Better Way to Celebrate Mom (May 2010)
    This Mother's Day, skip the standard bouquet and give Mom a gift that matters.

Buyer Beware: Online Prescriptions (May 2010)
    Buying drugs online has never been quicker, easier -- or riskier. Use these tips to avoid getting bilked, or worse.

NEED TO DOWNLOAD: Sultry Spring Tunes
    MC's sultry playlist for your next spring fling.

Condom Mania (May 2010)
    Can carrying condoms get you arrested? It might in three major U.S. cities.

The Crying Game (May 2010)
    A new DVD of girls in tears aims to make Japanese men feel macho. Boo-hoo!

London Calling: New Music from the UK (and Southern Ireland, too)
    Check out some of the best up-and-coming artists from the UK before they hit the American music scene.

Brothel Brigade: Ukrainian Group Takes a Stand Against Prostitution (May 2010)
    An anti-prostitution group in the Ulraine is raising eyebrows with their protest tactics.

Rihanna Fights to Save Leukemia Patients

UNFPA Student Award Winner Goes to Capitol Hill

Marie Claire & Birkenstock Walk to Work Day
    Looking to find a way to fit charitable work into your busy schedule? Well, what could be easier than placing one foot in front of the other?

5 Last-Minute Tax Tips

Mental Getaway (May 2010)
    Check out the website for people who love yoga... and food.

Happy Birthday, Pill! (May 2010)
    The 50th anniversary of the FDA's approval of oral contraceptives is in May 2010. We celebrate with a few facts about our little friend.

How to Feel Full Longer (April 2010)
    A new study reports that how a food smells helps determine how satiating it is.

HAPPY TEXAS: More Music From SXSW 2010
    Artists that should be on your iPod before “The Madness” begins.

Vote Now! All Women Deserve Access to Contraception!
    The Obama administration is giving ordinary people a chance to become a part of the change the campaign promised.

Why Kathryn Bigelow Doesn't Deserve the Oscar
    It was no surprise that Kathryn Bigelow, director of "The Hurt Locker", scored an Oscar Best Director nod. But, does she really deserve it?

3 Ways to Make a Difference on International Women's Day
    Honor the influential and fearless females who make a difference in our world by giving to charities that benefit women this International Women's Day.

The Gyno Cheat Sheet
    Just because less frequent cervical cancer screenings (aka Pap tests) are now recommended doesn't mean you should be a stranger to the stirrups. Here's what still must happen at your annual appointment.

Dairy Queen: Milk Just Keeps Doing a Body Good
    Nature's Ambien (when heated), bone-building milk benefits the body from head to toe.

NEED TO DOWNLOAD: Ring in Spring
    Spring is just around the corner; this energetic new playlist will help you greet those crisp mornings with a roar.

Femme Fatality (April 2010)
    More than ever, women are dopping dead on prime-time TV. And why is this entertainment?

Date-Rape-Detecting Lip Gloss
    A new lip-gloss plumps lips and detects the presence of date-rape drugs.

Meet Orianthi: Every Girl's New Guitar God
    After her jaw-dropping performance at the 2009 Grammy Awards, Orianthi exploded on the music scene.

3 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring
    We give you a few easy ways to kick off the spring season!

Women's Illegal Clothing
    Dresses, pants, bras and heels: in 2010 these articles of clothing can still land a woman in some serious trouble.

Faking It: A Legacy of Knock-Off Fashion
    The art of fraud is on full display at Thailand's Museum of Counterfeit Goods.

What Would You Look Like at Your Goal Weight?
    In need of some weight loss motivation? Our body makeover tool can help!

Style Highlights at the Olympics

Don’t Mess With Texas: A SXSW Preview Play List
    Artists that should be on your iPod before “The Madness” begins.

The Intern Files: The Happy Tears Movie Premiere
    I waited for Demi Moore at the very end of the press lineup—mere feet from the heavenly Ashton Kutcher in an alluring Russian hat.

Tell the Guys at Esquire What Women Want
    The guys at Esquire are donating $1 to Haiti for every survey we take? Count us in!

10 Things Never to Share with a Bestie

Top 5 Sundance Movies
    My favorite flicks of the snow-covered fest, from those I screened.

Charity Spotlight: Give a Heart to Africa
    Two and a half years ago a Canadian volunteer named Monika Fox taught and worked with Tanzanian women in need. That three-month experience had such a profound effect on Fox that last May she returned to Moshi, Tanzania to start her own non-profit org

Ski Jumping: Discrimination at the Olympics? (February 2010)
    It's 2010 and women still aren't allowed to participate in the Olympic ski jumping event.

28 Lessons Learned at Sundance
    What happens at Sundance, stays at Sundance...except for these lessons learned.

A New Way to Commute: Women-Only Trains in India (February 2010)
    A New Way to Commute: Women-Only Trains in India

Author Jennifer Weiner Asks Fans to Help Get TV Pilot on Air
    Best-selling author Jennifer Weiner wants to make the leap from her fans' bookshelves to their televisions.

Shut It Off Already!
    Just because your phone is on silent, doesn’t mean you’re not annoying.

Punishing Work: A Dominatrix Pens Memoir (February 2010)
    Melissa Febos spent three years whipping rich men for money, here she talk about the business of spanking.

A Better Way To Do Your Laundry
    Turn doing your laundry into a charitable chore.

Stalker ID
    A new digital service that cloaks your number for caller ID is the latest technology for jealous partners. But does it cross the line between snooping and stalking?

Sanitary Pads...Made Out of Bananas?
    It's not every Harvard Business School grad who puts her degree to use making sanitary pads out of banana trees.

Musicians Collaborate to Combat Sex Trafficking
    Sinead O’Connor and Mary J. Blige Join Forces to Combat Sex Trafficking with New Single

Virginity for Sale
    A new product aims to save lives by making women into "virgins."

A Girl's Guide to the Late Night Fight
    For the last few weeks the late night talk show host war has been generating headline after headline. We’ve asked some of the smartest funny-girls around to break it down for us in a simple and easy to understand timeline.

Greetings from the Future: Artists to Watch in 2010
    The artists that you will want to champion in 2010. But don’t get too bitter when they make it big...remember, you heard it HERE first!

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