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The editors at Marie Claire share their opinion on everything from new music and books to politics and world events.

Religious Freedom Has Limits

Adolescent Idealism

Big Love and Big Apathy

Book Club: The Abstinence Teacher
    This month, the book club takes on the church, competitive girls' soccer, and, yes, sex in The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perrotta.

FLDS and the Information Age

Karma Catches Up With FLDS

Mudslinging, Polygamy-Style

Too Many Cooks?

Why Do Some FLDS Teen Girls Marry While Others Don’t?

Incest and Polygamy

Excerpt From My Fourth Novel: Bookends

Writing My Fourth Novel: Bookends

Excerpt From My Third Book: Mr. Maybe

Writing My Third Book: Mr. Maybe

Jessops Behind Bars

Principle Voices Dissent

My Survival Challenge: A Week Away from Celebrity Gossip

Day Breaks Over Texas

Fine Distinctions

Pioneer Day

Excerpt from My Second Book: Jemima J

Writing My Second Novel

Excerpt from My First Book: Straight Talking

Justice Shows Her Face in Texas

Page-Turners: Book Reviews

Senate “Hearings” on Polygamy

Writing My First Book: Straight Talking

What To Listen To This Month

Two-Minute Date: Rainn Wilson

Top 4 Campus Comedies

Plot Watch: Just Die Already!

Big Screen Reviews

Fundamentalism and Violence, Part 3

Fundamentalism and Violence, Part 2

Fundamentalism and Violence

Escaping Death and Taxes

Book Club: The Water's Lovely
    Crime writer Ruth Rendell has been the literary drug of choice for generations of Brit readers. With her 55th whodunit now out in paperback, the MC book club considers how well she's holding up.

American Taliban?

Woman to Watch: Billie Piper
    The pillow-lipped former pop star and coolest actress in the U.K. sizzles as Belle, a high-priced escort, in Showtime's latest potboiler series, Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Just Wondering

Power Over Lives

Petitions For and Against Separating Mothers and Children

FLDS Parenting Classes

History Repeats

FLDS Fashion?

The State of Marriage

FLDS Changes


Whence These Peculiar Polygamists?

False Dilemma and Mind Control

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