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The editors at Marie Claire share their opinion on everything from new music and books to politics and world events.

The Music of Politics

Book Club: The Septembers of Shiraz
    The Septembers of Shiraz

What Not to Say to an American Idol Has-Been
    I walked into the nightclub with my friends, and there in front of us, perched atop a velvet banquette in between a beautiful blonde girl and other glittering hangers-on, was Constantine Maroulis. Who?

Dumped By Txt Msg

My Five Most-Wanted Fake Books
    In a recent plotline for ABC’s soap All My Children, the character Kendall Hart wrote a book called “Charmed!”. It was concurrently released in real-life bookstores (with Hart’s name and photo on the cover, since the real author i

Hillary’s Top Three Mistakes on The Campaign Trail
    With the Pennsylvania primary on the way this April 22, Hillary’s got to learn from her mistakes—and fast. Here, a cheat sheet on what didn’t work this week.

Woody Allen vs. American Apparel

Shocking Sex Survey!
    Or not. I was doing my typical morning read of when I came across the results of a new sex survey.

News Flash: Injecting Toxins in Your Forehead May Be Bad For Your Health

Rock ‘n Bowl
    I have to say, all the Hammers roll better than a certain Presidential candidate from Illinois

Roadtrip Fever

I Need a Timeout
    I love Bjork’s videos in part because I like a lot of her music—but more than that, I can always count on her for big-bang spectacle.

Bjork’s New Video: Weird Even for Bjork
    I love Bjork’s videos in part because I like a lot of her music—but more than that, I can always count on her for big-bang spectacle.

Things We Wish (In Vain) Were April Fools Jokes
    Things we wish (in vain) were April Fool's jokes.

Time to Crank Up the Pranks!

Lost Without Lost

(Fred) Savage Love
    Fred Savage is back in a new pilot, Single White Millionaire, just announced at CBS.

From Newborns to Cash Cows
    Remember a time when celeb parents shielded their innocent offspring from the evil, unscrupulous paparazzi? Well, that was before Mom and Pop saw just how lucrative their spawn could be.

Free Dr Peppers for All!
    Maybe you remember Axl Rose, the former front-man of Guns N’ Roses, as the super-hot sex symbol he was in the nineties

Best and Worst o’ the Day
    The man who invented the Egg McMuffin just died.

Family Ties: Are You Serious?
    We heard months ago that Obama was related to McCain; now it turns out that he’s also related to Brad Pitt. Which would mean that McCain is related to Brad Pitt. And Angelina is related to Hillary, who is also related to Celine Dion and Madonna.

Naked First Lady
    A naked portrait of Carla Bruni Sarkozy, is going up for sale at Christie’s on April 10.

Run From The Hills

The Bachelor Freak Show
    It’s turning into more of a bizarre-o beauty pageant than ever, with all the women trying to impress the dude by displaying their “talents.”

The Awful Tower?
    When I was in Paris a few years ago, my friends and I kept planning to take a tour of the tower, but we never actually followed through.

Mad Money

In and Out of the Slammer
    What a bummer to be released from jail, only to find out it was a mistake — and you’d have to go back.

It’s Bowling Night—Get the Kids a Martini!
    Welcome to the NEW bowling: martinis, mojitos, and mayhem.

Why Phone Companies Are the Devil
    Every now and then I like to check my phone bill for rip-offs.

Irreverent Clip of the Week
    Finally, someone is daring to poke fun at “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,”

The Ups and Downs of My 401(k)
    This morning I took the plunge and signed up for my 401(k).

Real Housewives of New York
    The other night I sat in front of my TV and watched three hours of the Real Housewives of New York. Yes, three hours. And no, the show isn’t that good.

A.M. Music Mix
    This morning on my walk to the subway, my own personal joke unexpectedly blared through my ear buds courtesy of my iPod’s shuffle setting.

America’s Most Wanted (Mom)
    Sara Jane Olson is now sixty-one, six years older than she was when taken to Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla for her role (as Kathleen Soliah) with the 1970s terrorist group the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA).

McCain Cleans Up?
    The latest Gallup poll, conducted in advance of Obama’s great race speech, shows Clinton ahead of Obama for the first time since before Super Tuesday

The Best (and Worst) New Girl-Power Shows
    The show, which I’d been so excited about, is entirely unwatchable. Every time Posey, a book editor, skipped through her multi-million dollar NYC loft, I rolled my eyes; every time the overzealous laugh track kicked in, I hunched my shoulders in

We Still Miss Fred!
    In honor of what would have been Mr. Rogers’ 80th birthday and the first-ever “Won’t You Wear A Sweater?” Day, here are 17 things we learned from the beloved TV icon.

RIP, The Wire

Rock Hall Ceremony
    Rock N Roll Hall of Fame’s induction ceremony for Madonna.

Thanks, Fat People, for Ruining the Earth
    I just read a study that fat people are causing global warming.

Book Club: The Mistress’s Daughter
    Mistress’s Daughter

The Smartest Woman in America?
    Discussion about Samantha Power, Barack Obama's foreign policy adviser.

Text Me, Osama!
    I was shocked to read that Hamas TEXT MESSAGED a statement toreporters praising an attack on a Jerusalem yeshiva.

The Stupification Of Mimi

Arrested Development: The Movie!

College, Debt-Free
    College, Debt-Free

The BIG Question

Tilda Swinton’s Past Life
    Found this wacky music video from who-knows-when starring surprise Oscar winner Tilda Swinton

    Our TV editor dishes about the highs and lows of Oscar’s 80th birthday

Lilo Naked in NY Mag
    We got a single copy of this week's New York Magazine, featuring a naked Lindsay Lohan re-creating iconic shots from Marilyn Monroe's last photo shoot.

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