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The editors at Marie Claire share their opinion on everything from new music and books to politics and world events.

Will Facebook Grow Up or Do I Have To?

Uncoupled for V-Day

The Ovarian Cancer Test You Can't Get

Spice Up Your Life
    My head is pounding and my throat’s raw, because I have a Spice Girls hangover

C-Word Makes a Comeback
    Jane Fonda dropped the C-bomb.

Hitting the Grammys’ high — and low — notes
    Hitting the Grammys' high and low notes

We Heart a Heart of Darkness
    Psychopathic serial killers are usually more scary than sexy (hello, Hannibal!), but when Javier Bardem plays one, we’ll make an exception. His portrayal of Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men made us shiver, and not just because of the mena

27 Dresses
    Though 27 Dresses, starring Katherine Heigl, wasn’t the Holy Grail of chick flicks, it was certainly one hour and 47 minutes of entertainment

The Week in Review
    Superbowl Sunday, the “national primaries” of Super-Duper Tuesday.

O.D.-ing on Politics
    CNN was my gateway drug. The ‘08 election season started in ‘06, and I’ve been on a bender since.

Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name
    Mistress’s Daughter

Anna Nalick Shines

Men Get Dumped — and Rejoice!
    Ben Karlin, former executive producer of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, on collecting 46 hysterical yet poignant essays on Things I’ve Learned From Women Who Dumped Me from the biggest names in comedy.

Credit Card Rip-off Alert
    Credit Card Rip-off Alert

Mardi Gras Madness!
    We draped ourselves in handfuls of those precious beads — and unlike some blitzed college coed, we didn’t have to flash our naughty bits for ‘em.

Superbowl Ads from A to Zzz…
    Thank goodness the game rocked. With the exception of JT's Pepsi spot (any commercial that cues up "LoveStoned" gets our endorsement) and the e*trade adverts featuring a fiscally responsible infant who spends his money-market windfall on a

The Oceanic Six
    Can two of MC’s pop culture mavens—chatting on IM during the Lost season premiere—decode the mysteries of the island?

Girls’ Guide to the Superbowl
    I usually just watch the Superbowl for the commercials.

We Knew Him, John Edwards
    But I lament the end of John Edwards’s run.

TV people: They’re just like you and me
    Here’s the thing: You can say anything to people who work in TV.

Lipstick Jungle Premiere Party!
    Marie Claire hosted a swanky cocktail party and the premiere of NBC’s hotly-anticipated Lipstick Jungle

We Heart Bond. James Bond
    The title of the next James Bond film will be Quantum of Solace.

Paul Wolfowitz Has Naked Photos of Laura Bush
    paul wolfowitz lands a job in the Bush Administration as chairman of a panel that advises the State Department on arms control issues

Rat Central (Station)

Read This, Eat That

Middle-Aged Men on the Block
    I hear that New Kids on the Block are getting back together! Their website's been down for years (I'm assuming since the last time someone bought a Jordan Knight T-shirt un-ironically), but is back up and looks hot.

HBO’s In Treatment

State of the Union
    Weren’t home to watch this week’s State of the Union? Take our crib notes—jotted down during the broadcast—from a politics-obsessed (and slightly left-leaning) MC editor: Nancy Pelosi looks very, very sleepy.

I’m Finally Breaking Up with Nip/Tuck

(Mis)Adventures in Fashion
    I'm worried that I'm noticing a new trend in “cool.” Last night I was out at a bar in my hip neighborhood and lots of the hipsters were dressed like…hippies.

Fair and Balanced?
    Media Circus Fair and Balanced?

Tax Rebate Fever!
    What to do with your newfound $600

Ballot Boxing

My Sundance Hangover

Sagging Interest

Editors' Dish of the Day

Isla Fisher: The Object of Our Affection
    The 5'3"pistol who played Gloria, the hilariously bipolar nympho from Wedding Crashers.

What to Read this Month...
    Put on your blinders at Borders and head right to these gems.

Gig Fest '08

Book Club: The Other Bolyen Girl

What to Listen to this Month...
    Your monthly music reviews

Two-Minute Date with Alessandro Nivola
    The star of The Eye talks about life under the radar.

Two Minute Date With Michael Stahl-David
    MICHAEL STAHL-DAVID could tell you about his new movie—but then he'd have to kill you

Midseason Television Premieres: What To Watch
    As they compete for TiVo space with those fall shows you never got around to watching, it's decision time: What to save, and what to delete?

Book Club: Him Her Him Again The End of Him Pages: 2 3
    Each month we'll grab a buzzy paperback, get a rotating group of MC editors to read it, then argue about it over a glass of Malbec. We invite you to read along, then visit to toss in your own spot-on insights.

Books: What to Read This Month
    Put on your blinders at Borders and head right to these gems.

Movie Reviews: What To Watch
    Friends don't let friends miss these stellar new flicks.

Books: What To Read This Month
    Book reviews. Put on your blinders at Borders and head right to these gems

Interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN, he's good at playing dead.

Movie Reviews: What To Watch This Month

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