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The editors at Marie Claire share their opinion on everything from new music and books to politics and world events.

Music: What to Listen to Now
    Your monthly crib sheet for music reviews. Take that, music snobs . . .

Reality TV Makes Me a Better Person
    Why I Can’t Stop Watching Reality TV

Saving the world at eleven bucks an hour?

Music: What to Listen to Now

Books: What To Read This Month

Music: What to Listen to Now

Books: What To Read This Month

Interview with Mark Ruffalo
    Mark Ruffalo may be the best actor of our generation. So when will he finally land that megastar-making role?

Keeping It Real with Tina Fey
    Interviewing Tina Fey is sort of like interviewing Liz Lemon, which is sort of like interviewing ourselves. We watch her (Tina or Liz, take your pick) every Thursday on 30 Rock, because in the shiny, pretty world of network television, she's the lone

Concert Review: Bat for Lashes

A Book For Your Must-Read List
    BOOKS Q&A with Alice Sebold - On writing, obsessing, and killing your mother

In His Big TV Comeback, David Duchovny Is Bitter and Funny and Generally Without Pants
    Actor David Duchovny talks about his new series, X-Files, and being frustrated.

Julie Delpy on Bad Relationships
    Actress Julie Delpy talks about her new romantic comedy, love, and retarded apes.

Top 40 Fave KT Tunstall is Hipper Than You Think
    Scottish singer KT Tunstall sits down for a chat and a guitar lesson with Marie Claire.

Interview with Chris O'Donnell
    Can Chris O'Donnell make a comeback? We think so, but don't take our word for it. Read the interview and hear what O'Donnell has to say about balancing fame, fortune, and family.

Books: What to Read This Month
    Book reviews: We read them so you don't have to. The one to pick up.

Music Reviews: What to Listen to This Month
    Your monthly crib notes. Take that, music snobs.

Two Art-House Flicks That Show There Are Good Guys Out There
    The art-house flicks to check out this month for a lesson in love.

5 Reasons We Love the Bourne Movies
    The third installment — The Bourne Ultimatum — hits theaters this month. We'll be first in line because...

Author Jaquelyn Mitchard on How She Pissed Off Oprah
    Author Jaquelyn Mitchard on How She Pissed Off Oprah

Book Reviews: What To Read This Month
    We peruse the stacks so you don't have to. The one to read . . .

Movie Reviews: What To Watch This Month

Two Minute Date: James Marsden

What To Read, Watch & Listen To This Month

Books: What to Read
    Catch up on your summer reading with these books!

MUSIC: What To Listen To Now
    RAP FOR NON-RAP FANS: FINDING FOREVER, Common (G.O.O.D Music/Geffen) With a little help from his friends, the melodic hip-hopper wins us over again. The sweet hooks of Dwele and D'Angelo complement the Chi-town native's smooth rhymes, whi

Music: What to Listen to Now

A Two-Minute Date with Jason Lewis
    Actor, Jason Lewis talks to Marie Claire

Television: Prime-Time High

The Filter

Q&A: Bridget Kinsella

MOVIES: What To Watch

MOVIES: What to Watch

MUSIC: What to Listen to Now

Book Review: Monstering by Tara McKelvey

BOOKS: Read them and tell us what YOU think!

Mother's Day Movies

AUTHOR Q&A: Lucy Kaylin

MUSIC: What to Listen to Now

Two Minute Date: Hugh Dancy

MOVIES: What To Watch

Author Q&A: S.E. Hinton

Television: What to Watch

MOVIES: What To Watch

Books: What to Read

MOVIES: What To Watch

Top 5 Movies Roles We Wish We'd Been Cast In

Q&A: Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes

Book Review: The Friday Night Knitting Club

A Two Minute Date with Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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