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Not sure which beauty products are worth the spend? Find out which products you can score on the cheap and which products are so luxurious, you can't resist the splurge!

Splurge vs. Steal: Beauty Bargains (11/01/10) Pages: 2 3
    No need to break the bank over your routine. Beauty pros help you navigate the shelves to determine what's worth the splurge, and where you can save.

Get Long Lashes With These Products
    Here, our favorite mascaras!

Luxurious Body Creams for Every Budget
    With so many divine new body creams - at every price - your skin will be silky soft under all those layers of cashmere.

Makeup Brushes: Beauty Splurge vs Steal
    A so so makeup application vs. a masterpiece? It's all in the brushes. Here, the best in every price bracket.

Splurge vs. Steal: Skin Miracles
    Get your glow on with these products that fit every budget.

Splurge vs Steal: Nail Polish
    Here are the best-selling nail polish colors across the country—some priced so low, it’s pedi theft!

Splurge vs. Steal: Summer Beauty
    Summer skin's a triple threat when it looks, feels, and smells delicious.

Luxury at a Steal: Skin Products

High End Splurges and Drugstore Deals
    These days, even beauty groupies stock their meds cabinets with a cool combo of high-end splurges and drugstore steals. Here: makeup, skin, and haircare to rock your routine

Splurge vs Steal: Wrinkle Remedies
    Splurge vs Steal. It's not just the sun: Too much sugar is bad for skin, too! So sink your sweet tooth into a luxe anti-wrinkle treatment, or try our steals and save your pennies for extra caviar

Splurge vs Steal: Best Red Lipstick
    In France, a crimson kisser is de rigueur-it's not for nothin' that they call lipstick rouge a levres. Steal their signature look with red glosses, sheers, and creams for every whim and wallet.

Splurge vs Steal: Hair Tamers

10 Best Blue Beauty Products

Splurge vs Steal: Bronze