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An Ab Fab Workout (06/01/2011)
    Celeb trainer Harley Pasternak shows us three key moves to tone our abdominals.

The 10 Best Yoga Songs
    An exclusive playlist from the pros.

5 Easy Ways to Switch to (Healthier!) Greek Yogurt
    Think it's too tart? Some say it actually tastes better!

Confessions of a Middle-Aged Figure Skater
    Christina Han on becoming an amateur ice skater as an adult.

How to Get Serena Williams's Tennis-Yoga Booty
    Marie Claire went to fitness boot camp with the tennis star!

Hips Don't Lie: Athletic Wear for Real Women
    I don’t know if I’m an apple or a pear. Bananas are nice, but I doubt I’m one of those either. I just don’t like comparing my body to a fruit basket. But I do know this: I have hips…and thighs. And good lord, yes, a butt.

Get Your Best Water Workout (May 2010)
    The latest state-of-the art swimsuit that will improve your water workout instantly.

Fashion Meets Fitness

Golden Girl Lindsey Vonn's Top 5 Fitness Tips

Zen and the Art of Soul Maintenance
    Who isn't afraid of spinning? Where do I begin: the crazy Euro disco music, the intense instructors with a headset strapped to their head, the uber-skinny LA first wives clubs or even skinnier PR flacks... I could go on and on.

Would You Shop for Sperm Online?
    Women are turning to the Web to shop for top-notch sperm donors. Would you consider it?

Eat This Now: Citrus
    Besides its own bright taste and vitamin C punch, it amps up the flavor and nutrition of other foods, too.

How to Stop Snoring
    Can a simple injection quiet the throat muscle's vibration in noisy sleepers?

The Surprising Ways to Beat Fear
    Tapping into your inner Wonder Woman may actually be an issue of matter over mind.

Our Relationship with Food: 5 Shocking Statistics
    I know you’ll be rethinking your next meal after seeing these stats. I am!

Blogging Sundance: Dropping Pounds with alli
    Where do celebrities, studio execs, and ungodly amounts of snow collide? The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. I’m chilling (literally—it’s 14 degrees!) at the ski resort for a couple days thanks to GlaxoSmithKline, the pharm

The Office Nosher's Calorie Counter
    Here, we tallied the size of 100-calorie portions of your favorite desk-side treats.

Is Winter Causing Your Back Pain?
    Dark, chilly days may be the culprit for an ailment besides seasonal affective disorder.

Burn 450 Calories in 30 Minutes
    No Aspen escape in this year's travel plans? Snowshoe guru Ron Rash offers strategies that will work in your local park...or backyard.

You're Not Lazy...Just Normal
    Ever wonder who those people are, streaming out of the gym at 6 a.m., all finished with that early-bird Spin class and raring to tackle the day?

Four Easy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds
    Marathons. Carb-free diets. Enough with the grandiose resolutions! This year, stick to your usual habits, but vow to make one small daily change that promises to have you celebrating by next New Year's Eve.

3 Reasons to Eat More Turkey This Thanksgiving

A Tasty Way to Boost Your Memory
    Give yourself an easy brain boost with this food.

Transform Your Lunch Hour

5 Things You Didn't Know About PMS
    Surprising facts about that time of the month.

5 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets
    Multitasking items under $30 to help you build a proper kitchen arsenal.

Vegetarian Alternatives to Thanksgiving Turkey
    Heidi Swanson gives you meat-free alternatives that will tempt even the hard-core carnivores.

Halloween Drink Recipes
    No Halloween celebration is complete without drinks to match your costume. Try these cocktail recipes.

Top Chef's Stefan Richter's Thanksgiving Tips
    Here, Top Chef runner-up Stefan Richter's straight-from-the-stove tips.

Anti-tryptophan Cocktail
    Master mixer Dave Wondrich shakes up MC's signature Turkey Blaster to fight off the food coma

Retail Therapy: Chic First Aid Kit
    A chic line of pills and bandages for common ailments.

At-Home STD Testing Kit
    Log in to receive an at-home test for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Never-Before-Used Flu Vaccine
    The introduction of a second shot later this year.

The Rocky Mountain Workout
    Colorado is the nation's leanest state. How do they keep fit?

How to Enjoy Wine Without the Breast Cancer Risk
    Despite reports that a glass of wine a day can increase the risk of breast cancer, Dr. Christy Russell, an oncologist at the University of Southern California, admits that she likes wine "on occasion." Here's how

Try This New York City Running Tour

Change Your Breakfast, Save Your Life

Serenity Now
    Taming Your Inner Brat author Pauline Wallin, Ph.D., a psychologist who helps patients manage their rage

Step-by-Step Workout Videos
    No need to sneak peeks at someone else's trainer to pick up new exercise ideas.

Five Personality Exercise Shapes
    If you’re skipping your workout way too often, you’re not necessarily lazy - you just might not have the right head for it. In a time when kids and curious weekend warriors are taking DNA tests to find their perfect sport, trainers are cust

Light Up Your Life
    A new, chicly designed alarm clock that won't jolt you out of bed.

Decode Green Eating Lingo
    A grocery-friendly primer for decoding green lingo.

New High Intensity Workouts to Try

Five Myths About Eating Green
    We separate fact from fiction about organic food.

Ultimate Post-Workout Food
    How do you keep fat burning and muscles toning long after you've left the gym?

The Fastest Way to Burn Calories
    Get on the rowing machine.

Is Fast Food Really That Bad for You?
    Purdue University research reports that the typical fast-food meal has fewer calories than the usual table-service restaurant order.

Recession-Proof Stress Busters
    The economy may be shrinking gym-membership funds and growing the pressure to work longer hours. But increased stress is exactly why you should be working out.

Skinny Water: How Fergie Lost 17 Pounds
    I don’t have much in common with this month’s cover model, Fergie but we have similar tastes when it comes to drinks.

Easy Shortcuts to Maximum Fitness
    Two sets of reps is much more beneficial than one. But the impact of additional reps declines after that. So if you're time-crunched, focus on performing two sets of 10 really well and move on to the next exercise.

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