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Dieting Home
If you're dieting to lose weight you'll want to follow along with our fat to fitness blogger as she journeys down the path of weight loss.

5 Easy Ways to Switch to (Healthier!) Greek Yogurt
    Think it's too tart? Some say it actually tastes better!

Golden Girl Lindsey Vonn's Top 5 Fitness Tips

Our Relationship with Food: 5 Shocking Statistics
    I know you’ll be rethinking your next meal after seeing these stats. I am!

Blogging Sundance: Dropping Pounds with alli
    Where do celebrities, studio execs, and ungodly amounts of snow collide? The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. I’m chilling (literally—it’s 14 degrees!) at the ski resort for a couple days thanks to GlaxoSmithKline, the pharm

The Office Nosher's Calorie Counter
    Here, we tallied the size of 100-calorie portions of your favorite desk-side treats.

Four Easy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds
    Marathons. Carb-free diets. Enough with the grandiose resolutions! This year, stick to your usual habits, but vow to make one small daily change that promises to have you celebrating by next New Year's Eve.

3 Reasons to Eat More Turkey This Thanksgiving

Transform Your Lunch Hour

Change Your Breakfast, Save Your Life

The Fastest Way to Burn Calories
    Get on the rowing machine.

Skinny Water: How Fergie Lost 17 Pounds
    I don’t have much in common with this month’s cover model, Fergie but we have similar tastes when it comes to drinks.

The Best Detox Drinks
    Like Slim-Fast-meets-Master Cleanse, these shakes promise to energize and detox. Our take on the latest.

Healthy Fusions for a Better Body

Steaming Happy

Around and Around and Around We Go.....

Understanding Things Is Overrated

26 Days

What Do You Really Remember?


Jungle Luv


Health Care Companies Helping Out With Fitness Goals

May-Kit Happen In May

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