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Making money and how to make more of it with advice from our career and money coach blogger.

Money Matters: Frugal Shopping Made Easy
    Find out how to save paper, time and money with this go-to shopping destination.

The Best Motivational Tunes for Monday Mornings

Which Late-Night Talk Show Host Would You Sleep With?
    Take our poll: Which Talk Show Host Turns You On?

Save Money on Holiday Shopping
    Getting deals and discounts on holiday gifts is as easy as clicking your mouse. Skip the long lines and bad Christmas music and read these pros on online shopping instead.

The Bottom Line: Job Perks in a Recession
    No Raise - How About a New Computer?

What Would You Do To Keep Your Job?

Personal Business Cards - A Networking Must
    If you're out of a job, dole out proper business cards at your next meet-and-greet.

Useful Gadgets for Commuters
    If you're one of the nation's 3 million extreme commuters (you log more than 90 minutes a day to get to work), consider these sanity-saving gadgets.

Save 50% Off Business Card Orders from
    If you're out of a job we suggest investing in personal business cards.

How to Spend Your Tax Refund gives advice on what to do with your tax refund.

How Employees Are Revolting Against Budget Cuts
    Hourly employees are revolting against their nickel-and-diming employers. has the story.

Salary Report: Women Are Still Getting Shortchanged
    Women are still getting short changed.

What Would You Do to Keep Your Job?
    Take our poll: Which of the following would you give up to keep your job?

I'm Working 17 Hour Days — Help Me!'s Cubicle Coach gives job advice to an overworked woman.

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How do you get to work?

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Movies for Women Who Like to Kick Ass in the Office
    Marie Claire's list of movies for women who like to kick butt in the office.

5 Sneaky Ways You’re Wrecking Your Credit Score

My Boss Wants Me to Babysit!!

Do You Have a Second Job?

Talking About Money at Work

Can I Bluff My Way to Bigger Bucks?

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