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Sex at Work Home
Can you handle a work relationship? Is it ok to have sex with a coworker? Find out from our career coach if what you're doing could jeopardize your career goals.

Breaking: Hottie Banker Got Double D Implants, "Wants to Be Famous"
    We fully supported Debrahlee Lorenzana's sexual harassment case, until we saw this shocking video.

Does Being Beautiful Really Mean You Can't Be Taken Seriously at Work?
    The scandalous case of former Citibank employee Debrahlee Lorenzana is a prime example of female injustice in the workplace.

Which Late-Night Talk Show Host Would You Sleep With?
    Take our poll: Which Talk Show Host Turns You On?

Should You Bring Your Lunch to Work?
    Are a few bucks saved really worth all that effort to make your own lunch? takes a closer look.

Where the Jobs Are
    News, gear, and get-ahead tips - the cool girl's employee handbook.