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What do men really think about sex. Find out from our real life blogger what guys really think.

What Makes Someone Promiscuous?

Best and Worst Places To Hit On Girls

Where's The Craziest Place You've Had Sex?

Why Can't I Kiss A Girl In Public?

Masturbation And Me

How I Felt Like a Woman

Is it OK To Go For People Who Have A History With Your Friends?

Do I Have a Foot Fetish?

Is Flirting Ever Serious?

Did My Friend Lose His Virginity Too Soon?

How Do Threesomes Happen?

Letters To The Girls From Sex and the City

Which of the Sex and The City Girls is the Most Dateable?

I Learned Some Things from Sex and the City

My Apartment Has A Lot Of Turnoffs (Part 1)

My Apartment Has A Lot Of Turnoffs (Part 2)

What Cancer Taught Me About Girls

Can You Help Me Understand Boobs?

Nicknames For Our Ex Lovers

Is It Best To Be "Cute", "Sexy", or "Hot"?

Can You Beat These Two Horrible Date Stories?

What Do You Like on a Guy Better? Boxer Shorts or Boxer Briefs?

Things Guys Worry About (Even More of Them!)

Things Guys Worry About

Are Disney World and Chic-Fil-A Better Than Sex? (Continued From Previous Post)

Are Disney World and Chic-Fil-A Better Than Sex?

The Relationship Advisory System

Thor and The Girl I Thought Was Cute

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    There was a time when I blamed myself for the fact that no girl I ever met at a bar returned my call.

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