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What do men really think about sex. Find out from our real life blogger what guys really think.

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Fun At The Urologist

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Do You Have Emotional Baggage?
    If your baggage becomes apparent too early in the relationship, then a guy will probably bail.

4 Things That Make Me Unapproachable When I'm Out
    How can I adjust my body language to appear more welcoming? Do you wait for guys to approach you more than you approach a guy?

11 Ingredients to Cook Up Good Sex

Baby Steps to Making Babies

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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6 Stereotypes Women Have About Men (Stereotypes Part I)
    Men and women fall into the trap of stereotyping one another because they will never truly understand one another, but this mystery also keeps us intrigued.

Why Do Men Pay For Sex?

7 Deadly Drunk Sins

Why Condoms Have a Bad (W)Rap

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12 Morning-After Do's and Don'ts
    Tips for keeping morning-after awkwardness to a minimum.

When Will I Be "Ready"?

Why Do We Repeat Emotional Mistakes?

Is Overthinking a Relationship Ever Good?

Have You Ever Tried Role Playing In Bed?

Things I've Never Tried in Bed

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Freedom Kissing: The Kissing Style of the Younger Generation

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Yet Another Example Of Shooting Myself In The Foot

Would The World Be Better or Worse Off Without Porn?

Things About Women That Freak Me Out

What Do You Fake (Other Than Orgasms)?

Who Actually Likes Being Spanked?

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