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What does our real guy think about falling in love?

Why Am I Having Trouble Getting Into The Holiday Spirit?

5 Great Gift Ideas For Guys

Holiday Hurdles for Your Relationship

How Many Drinks Are Too Many?

Recession Dating
    To make do during trying financial times, I put together some recession dating ideas.

The Best Way to Get Under a Guy's Skin Is...
    Want to know the best way to get a guy's goat? I've talked to a bunch of my friends and done some reflection, and I've decided that the best way to bother us or get our attention is to flirt with a guy.

Why Guys Love the "Thrill of the Chase"
    I thought I would outgrow enjoying the thrill of the chase, but I can't get over it.

Are Fights Ever Good for a Relationship?

What's Your Favorite Song to Make Out To?

6 Ways to Make It Easier for You to Dump Someone
    Breaking up is a selfish act that is a necessary evil in life. But there are easier ways to do the whole process.

12 Morning-After Do's and Don'ts
    Tips for keeping morning-after awkwardness to a minimum.

When Are You Over Someone?

An Educational Family Weekend

Does Style Promote Confidence?

9 Attractive Qualities Women Look for in a Guy

When Will I Be "Ready"?

Why Do We Repeat Emotional Mistakes?

Friends or Lovers?

Is Overthinking a Relationship Ever Good?

Four Little Things I Notice About Women

How Much of Your Past Do You Reveal?

Does The Perfect Girl Exist?

Do You Believe In Singles Events?

Have You Ever Been Stalked?

What Goes On at a Bachelor Party?

How Often Should I Do Something "Special"?

8 Ways I'm Like a Woman

The Art of Persuasion

What's The Best Way To Approach A Girl?

Freedom Kissing: The Kissing Style of the Younger Generation

Why Can't I "Close"?

Who Is Your "One That Got Away?"

The Best And Worst Things About Being Single

Yet Another Example Of Shooting Myself In The Foot

How Do Girls Judge Other Girls?

Angry Democrat Women Hate Me

My First Impression Pointers

What's The Best Love Advice You've Ever Gotten?

Things About Women That Freak Me Out

Ten Dating Red Flags

What Do You Fake (Other Than Orgasms)?

Here Are Some Things That Make Me Look Really Single

My Sarah Palin Crush

The Golden Rule: How To Look Smart for Your Significant Other

What Is Your Worst First Date Food?

The Tiers of Dating

Here's Why He Came Back

Best and Worst Places To Hit On Girls

Legal Love: Who Would You Sue For Your Damaged Love Life?

The Marie Claire Psychic's Response To My Question

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