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What do guys think about relationships? Would they rather be in love or just date? Find out from our real life blogger.

Is Not Wanting Children a Deal Breaker? (Part 1)
    A recent trip to the beach with my family sparked a debate in my mind about whether I really ever wanted to have kids.

Sex Etiquette: 9 Dos and Don'ts in Bed
    A real guy explains what he wants, and doesn't want, you to do in bed.

How Not to Greet (and Depart!) a First Date
    Hellos and goodbyes are so important in dating. Hellos dictate the ever important first impression. And goodbyes leave a lasting impression.

When It Comes to Dating, Should You Play "Not to Lose"?
    Back in high school, our coaches constantly warned our soccer team against "playing not to lose." I never understood what that phrase meant until recently as it applied to dating.

7 Ways to Be Independent in Your Relationship
    When it comes to relationships and dating, here's how to avoid being clingy.

Do You "Let Yourself Go" When You're in a Serious Relationship?
    Once you settle down, there's not as much urgency because you've got someone, right?

"Phantom Dating": If It Takes Too Long to Get Together, Are They Even Interested?
    Do you ever get into that strange situation where you're involved in "negotiations" or "discussions" about an upcoming first date? If it goes on too long, it turns into the elusive "phantom date."

11 Ways to Compliment a Woman
    Rich Santos explains the rules to follow when giving women compliments.

How Not to Compliment a Woman
    When it comes to dating, some miscommunications must be avoided.

Can You Ever Really "Delete" Someone from Your Life?

4 Awkward Moves Guys Make When They're Nervous
    My brother-in-law enjoys poking fun at me for my stupid moves with women. Here are four of them that some guys make because, frankly, they don't know what else to do.

4 Reasons Why Dating Is So Hard
    Rich Santos discusses why dating can be so discouraging sometimes.

4 Reasons We Grow Apart After a Breakup
    Rich Santos on the pain of growing apart after a breakup.

How Many Dates Do You Go on Before You Consider Sex?

How to Pick Up Women: 4 Universal Guy Theories Explained

11 Reasons Why It's Easier to Meet Someone When You Go Out Alone
    Why going out alone makes it easier to meet someone special.

9 Dating Dealbreakers to Watch Out For

What He Really Thinks of Your Hair

6 Unexpected Ways to Turn Him On
    Good looks aren't the only thing men want in a woman. Try these unusual tactics to show him just how interesting you are.

Is It Too Much to Ask for Looks and Personality?

7 Things That Make Me Feel Lonely

8 Reasons I Don't Kiss/Make Out on the First Few Dates

The Art of Letting Your Inner Monster Out at the Right Time

Are You a Drama Queen Part II: 10 Ways to Avoid Being a Drama Queen

Are You a Drama Queen Part I: A Dramatic Night Out

Would You Stay with a Great Guy if the Sex Was Bad?

4 Ways to Make Someone Feel Guilty for Dumping You

Is It Cheating if You Don't Get Caught?

10 Changes I'll Have to Accept After I Commit

8 Things That Make Women Unavailable

Some Thoughts for a Fellow Dating Blogger

How Men Read Women's Signals

4 Ways to Avoid Getting in Too Deep in a Relationship

An Honest Guy, a Jerk, or Both?

10 Signs He's Only in It for the Sex

8 Things You Never Knew About Me...and Were Afraid to Ask (Part 2)

8 Things You Never Knew About Me...and Were Afraid to Ask (Part 1)

Why Do I Make Girl Friends, but Not Girlfriends?

Why Am I Afraid of Success?

6 Reasons Guys Think You're "Easy"

10 Deadly Sins of Conversation

9 Reasons for Being Single

Valentine's Day Tidbits

Are You Always in a Relationship?

7 Ways He Is Using You
    I got an "F" in Advanced Biology my senior year of high school, but the class left me with memorable lessons. One lesson relevant in the dating discussion is the idea of symbiotic and parasitic relationships.

10 Ways I Could Tell I Was Attracted to a Girl
    The stars must align perfectly for me to find a girl attractive. Perhaps I'm too picky, or perhaps I'm not lucky enough to meet great women. Here's how I know I'm into her.

4 Situations Where It's OK to Play Games (Maybe)

Would You Have a Threesome?

9 Reasons It's Tough to Be Friends with a Crush
    Most guy-girl friend duos were once complicated because one person had a crush on the other person. In fact, many of my friendships with women (before I started working) developed because I was attracted to them.

6 Types of Control in Relationships

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