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What do guys think about relationships? Would they rather be in love or just date? Find out from our real life blogger.

Do You Have a Good Dating Mindset?

6 Tips for Setting Someone Up

Does Aggressiveness Ever Pay?

Does Love Conqure All?

Summer Dating Handbook: 6 Dates to Try

4 Ways To Reject a Guy After a Bad First Date

4 Things That Got Me In The Mood To Date

5 Ways To Make Me Miss You

My 4 Visual Deal Breakers

Can You Beat This Worst Date Story?

The Relationship Road Map

How Lying Helps Your Relationship

Ridiculous Ways Men Get Women To Go Home With Them

What Makes Someone "Dating Material"?

From Friend to Lover: Flirting 101

Is Chivalry A Dying Art?

A Cute Gesture, Or Total Insanity?

What Not To Say on a First Date

Acting Like A Viking Got Me Rejected

Have You Ever Been Attracted by a Deal Sealer?

The Last One Standing

Is Your Town Good for Dating?

6 Post-Breakup Remedies

5 Reasons Guys Rob the Cradle

5 Reasons Not to Change Your Significant Other

Do You Like A Guy Who Cries?

Do You Drunk Dial?

4 Over-Rated Sex Locations

Do You Have a Prince Charming?
    Rich's jadedness has not yet caused him to lose his hopes for romantic possibilities.

Is Meeting People Tougher Than Math?
    The abundance of single, attractive, and available people in Rich's life gets smaller and smaller as he gets older.

Does He Have to Be Super Hot?

What's Irking You?

Have You Ever Lied to Appear More Attractive?

Recession Dating II

Have You Ever Been on the Rebound?

The Ultimate Wing Man

How Your Senses Affect Your Relationship

Do You Play Games?

Can a Guy Be Too Nice?

9 Reasons People Cheat

4 Reasons I Need to Forget About My First Love

16 Girls, 16 Lessons Learned (Part 1)

Do You Believe in Practice Dating?

Do You Have Emotional Baggage?
    If your baggage becomes apparent too early in the relationship, then a guy will probably bail.

4 Things That Make Me Unapproachable When I'm Out
    How can I adjust my body language to appear more welcoming? Do you wait for guys to approach you more than you approach a guy?

11 Ingredients to Cook Up Good Sex

Two Creepy Sex Commercials

Baby Steps to Making Babies

I Like Kissing and Cuddling Better Than Sex

Why Can't We Be Friends?
    Some reasons why it's tough to become friends with an ex.

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