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Women in politics are making headlines each day. What political topics matter to you?

Wendy Davis Announces She's Running For Texas Governor
    Wendy Davis announces that she's running for Texas governor.

Planned Parenthood's Major Move
    Planned Parenthood Votes took out a $1 million ad buy in Virginia to attack Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli.

Anthony Weiner Bows Out In Typical Fashion
    Anthony Weiner may have conceded the NYC mayoral race with a classy speech, but he ended the night in typical fashion.

New York Fashion Week Meets Vintage Voting Booths
    New York Fashion Week meets vintage voting booths on Primary Day in New York City.

Rock Your Vote: A Presidential Candidate Primer Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Still not sure if you're an Obama Girl or a Romney-ac? Our election cheat sheet explains where the presidential candidates stand on seven key issues. Take this to the polls!

Women Are Watching
    Today Planned Parenthood launches a new political action campaign to make women's voices heard in the 2012 elections.

Free Birth Control!
    Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius unveils important news for women

Who Runs the World? Girls!
    Tara Suri reflects on her time in Sierra Leone in her last blog post, describing her reinvigorated dedication to advance women's health and dignity in the world. In fact, Beyoncé says it best: "Who run the world? Girls!"

Everyone Has a Role to Play
    In Tara Suri's fifth blog post in Sierra Leone, the award winner reinvigorates her commitment to fighting gender-based violence, while drawing inspiration from real survivors.

The Today Show Weighs In on Our "Accidental Sex Offender" Story
    In a new poll, 94 percent of people said Frank shouldn't be considered a sex offender.

The Road Won't Stay Bumpy for Long
    For Tara Suri's fourth blog post from Sierra Leone, she describes the progress the nation has made, and its promising future, during a symbolic road trip.

MC Hosts Panel on Social Media and Privacy
    Chelsea Clinton kicked off the evening and EIC Joanna Coles moderated the lively discussion between ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, Randi Zuckerberg from Facebook and Common Sense Media COO Amy Guggenheim Shenkan.

How Are Women Always in Crisis?
    After speaking with the leading women's rights advocate in Sierra Leone, Tara Suri contemplates this troubled state of womanhood in her third blog post.

FBI to Change Definition of "Forcible" Rape?
    A new petition seeks to make more sexual assaults included than the current definition allows.

The Social Bonds of Social Change
    In her second blog post, Tara Suri describes her vision for a changed Sierra Leone, all based on recognizing our connections with others.

Should Birth Control Be Totally Covered By Insurance?
    This week the Institute of Medicine recommended that prescription birth control be included as a women's preventative health service which would make it covered without co-pays by new insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act

En Route to Sierra Leone With Hope for the Future
    Seven years ago, Tara Suri never would thought she'd be on her way to Sierra Leone as an advocate for women's health and rights.

"Love Crimes of Kabul"
    A new HBO documentary goes inside Afghanistan's Badam Bagh prison to profile women serving time for "moral crimes"

From One Tree Hill to Afghanistan: Part Two
    Actress Sophia Bush shares her thoughts on women in Kabul.

From One Tree Hill to Afghanistan
    Actress Sophia Bush on how Marie Claire inspired her to help Afghan women imprisoned for so-called moral crimes.

Marie Claire Throws a Party for Globetrotters
    An eclectic crowd of high-profile journalists and activists joined the magazine and Overseas Press Club for lunch last week.

The New York Times Gets Its First Female Exec Editor
    Why Jill Abramson's rise to the top of the paper should mean big things to women everywhere.

Yay for Us! Marie Claire Wins Journalism Awards
    This week Marie Claire won two awards and was named as a finalist for a third.

No Longer On Standby
    Times have certainly changed when it comes to a wife's reaction to a husband's very public confessions of adultery

Face Off
    Hillary Clinton’s facial expression in the Situation Room brings scrutiny

Pact Wants You to Protest Coal ... in Your Underwear
    Pact's new collection, "Beyond Coal", was born out of collaboration with Sierra Club in an effort to raise awareness and educate people about the public health and environmental dangers of coal, advocating the use of cleaner fuel sources. L

Libyan Woman Speaks Out
    Alleged Libyan rape victim Eman al-Obeidy speaks out in an interview.

What We're Reading: An Eye-Opening Memoir
    One woman's fight against sex trafficking.

Wake Up and Help Stop Violence Toward Women Worldwide

Your Letters of Support to CBS Correspondent Lara Logan
    After being sexually assaulted in Cairo, we asked you to send us your best wishes, and we were impressed the outpouring of kindness and support.

What We're Reading: A Book About…Reading More Books
    Stephanie Staal's new memoir discusses how literature and feminism have influenced who she's become as a women.

Justice in an American Honor Killing
    Faleh Hassan Almaleki was found guilty of second-degree murder for the honor killing of his daughter, 20 year-old Noor.

Congress Votes to Cut All Planned Parenthood Funding
    Sign this petition to rally against the effort to eliminate affordable health care for women.

Get Marie Claire on Your iPad!
    The magazine's interactive digital edition serves up the brand's legendary style, beauty, and culture in a brand-new way.

Send a Letter of Support to CBS Correspondent Lara Logan
    Women across the country are rallying around Lara Logan, the CBS News correspondent who was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted while on assignment in Cairo last week.

The Women Who Chase Terrorists
    After three years of hands-on reporting, the Pearl Project — a Georgetown journalism course devoted to tracking down the facts behind the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl — has published their full report.

Airport Body Scanners: Will You Opt In or Out?
    Organizing a mass "opt out" of new TSA body scanners and screening procedures is foolish. Here's why.

Fight The Flu 2.0!
    Your favorite gadgets now double as germ-busters with a new spate of cold-prevention apps.

A Real Woman’s Perspective on Full-Figured TV
    The truth is overweight people don’t walk around talking about being overweight all the time.

Guest Blog: CeCe Olisa of The Big Girl Blog
    Isn’t it funny how the way we view ourselves can change depending on who else is looking at us?

Free Speech: It's a Beautiful Thing
    This is part of a series of counterpoint posts to blogger Maura Kelly's opinion piece.

Yes, Fat People Exist: A Vote in Favor of More Diverse Bodies on TV
    This is the first of a series of counterpoint posts to blogger Maura Kelly's opinion piece.

Ladies' Night Officially Not Sexist, Says Court
    One lawyer lost his case against many New York City bars over the offensive nature of the happy hour special.

Meet Kevin, the New Gay Guy in Archie Comics
    Today marks the debut of Archie Comics' first openly gay character, Kevin Keller.

Check This Out: Your Own Personal Music Video
    Arcade Fire's new video for "We Used to Wait" uses Google maps to customize the user experience.

Guess What? Your Kids Are Boring
    A new study shows some parents think their own kids are total snooze fests.

How Far Women Have Come in the Workplace: Not Good Enough?
    A new study shows part time work might be the only viable option for women to surpass men.

Real Women's Rape Kit Stories
    Four women tell the tragic stories of their rape cases.

Designing Bikinis for Trump's Bevy of Babes
    Iranian designer Tala Raassi designs swimwear for the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant.

How You Can Help Stop Child Sex Slavery
    The Body Shop partners with The Somaly Mam Foundation and ECPAT in a new campaign against child sex slavery in the US.

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