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Books to make you laugh, cry, or change your outlook on worldly matters.

The 4 Guests You Will Begrudgingly Encounter at Every Wedding
    In her book Wed-Follows, Jen Doll, tells us how to spot the wedding guest' from bad to worse.

Supermom Smackdown
    Pamela Drucker, the author of "Bringing Up Bébé", explores how the French parenting style may encourage better behavior in children.

What We’re Reading: The Magician King
    Lev Grossman's leading lady in his follow up to The Magicians steals the show.

What We’re Reading: A "What If" Royal Fantasy Thriller
    What if Princess Diana never died? This novel raises the question.

What We’re Reading: The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags
    Keep falling for the wrong guy? This book has got you covered.

Why Being Spoiled is a Good Idea This Summer
    We chat with the creators of Go Fug Yourself about their first novel

What We're Reading: This Summer's Hottest Page Turner
    J. Courtney Sullivan arrives, once again, on the literary scene, but this time, with a perfect (and smart) beach read.

What We're Reading: Kissing Outside the Lines
    One woman reveals the true story of her interracial love life.

What We're Reading: A Book You'll Get Addicted To
    Nina-Marie Gardner's debut novel shows the realities of alcoholism.

What We're Reading: A Rallying Cry for Books
    A memoir that sheds light on the father-daughter bond, and the importance of reading.

Exclusive Q&A: Melanie Notkin is The Savvy Auntie
    Not a mom? Doesn't mean you can't join the Auntorage.

Exclusive Q&A: Candace Bushnell on What's Next for Carrie Bradshaw
    Details on Carrie Bradshaw's teen years and whether Blake Lively might be the next Carrie.

Exclusive Interview: Bonnie Wright on the End of Harry Potter
    The star who plays little Ginny Weasley stopped by Marie Claire to chat about her films, her fashion sense, and her future.

What We're Reading: A Memoir That's Nowhere Near Normal
    Ever been obsessed with something? Read about a woman who can't control her obsessions.

What We're Reading: More Than a Beach Read
    Jump start your summer reading with this suspenseful family drama about the secrets three sisters uncover in their Martha’s Vineyard beach house.

What We're Reading: An Eye-Opening Memoir
    One woman's fight against sex trafficking.

What We're Reading: Yet Another Jane Austenish Novel
    For the Jane Austen lover in all of us, a Mansfield Park-themed novel comes just in time for spring.

What We're Reading: A Lustful, Literary Memoir
    One woman sacrifices everything for the chance to pursue her passion.

Exclusive Q&A: Sarah Bower's Sins of the House of Borgia
    A new novel sheds light on the crime family that could be known as the next Sopranos.

What We're Reading: A Book About…Reading More Books
    Stephanie Staal's new memoir discusses how literature and feminism have influenced who she's become as a women.

Get Marie Claire on Your iPad!
    The magazine's interactive digital edition serves up the brand's legendary style, beauty, and culture in a brand-new way.

Exclusive Q&A: Mari Ruti's Case for Falling in Love
    This new books explains why romance guides will not hep you get into a relationship.

Exclusive Q&A: Publicist and Author Jessica Kleiman on Selling Yourself
    Looking to advance your career? Jessica Kleiman, PR guru and author of the forthcoming book, Be Your Own Best Publicist, shares important tips on how to deftly climb the corporate ladder.

What We’re Reading: Losing Graceland
    This week's book is a novel Micah Nathan's new book Losing Graceland , a story of friendship across the generation.

What We're Reading: The Witch's Daughter
    Wands and broomsticks aside, this girl seriously knows how to save the world.

Exclusive Q&A: UN Whistleblower Kathryn Bolkovac
    What happens when one woman airs the UN's dirty laundry? A new book (and movie, starring Rachel Weisz) tells all.

What We're Reading: Another Jackie O Biography
    Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis lovers are rejoicing this month: Another biography about her editing career arrives on shelves this week.

Q&A with Rachel Machacek: The Science of Single
    What happens when a single woman commits a year to trying every possible method of meeting a guy? We talked to someone who did to find out.

What We (And You!) Read in 2010
    We asked what your favorite new books were in 2010 — here are your answers!

What We're Reading: A Hoarder's Daughter's Memoir
    This week's book takes a gripping look at what it's like to grow up as the daughter of a compulsive hoarder.

What We're Reading: An Unconventional Jackie O Biography
    A new tome about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reveals a part of her life you probably never knew about.

What We're Reading: New Yorker Short Stories
    Impress your friends with this week's buzzy new book.

What We're Reading: Actually, No, What Are YOU Reading?
    Tell us your favorites of 2010 for our year-end roundup!

What We're Reading: New Edition of Coelho's "The Alchemist"
    The classic allegory has been reinvigorated with vivid illustrations in the new edition of Coelho's "The Alchemist."

What We're Reading: Decoded by Jay-Z
    Jay-Z's new memoir is a must-read -- and a gorgeous addition to your coffee table, to boot.

What We're Reading: Nora Ephron's Memoir and More
    The writer behind "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sleepless in Seattle" offers up a book version of a great rom-com.

Q&A with Laurie David: The Return to Family Dinner
    From Thanksgiving gatherings to cooking with friends, find out how to ditch takeout and reclaim the dinner table.

What We're Reading: A Historical (and Alternative) Marriage
    Think your marriage is strange? Take a closer look at this president and first lady's far-from-average relationship.

What We're Reading: Stuff Your Brother/Dad/Boyfriend/(Self!) Would Probably Like
    This week, we're digging into a few books that are perfect for anyone who likes Judd Apatow, science, or maps -- and who doesn't, really?

New Lady-Book: What's Up Down There
    A new tome by a hilarious gynecologist (yes, they exist!) will have you tickled pink, so to speak.

What We're Reading: The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai
    Ruiyan Xu's debut novel has left us completely riveted -- and thankful for our ability to communicate.

Exclusive Q&A: Shelina Zahra Janmohamed’s Love in a Headscarf
    We spoke to the author of a new memoir about the modern arranged marriage.

What We're Reading: Great September Leftovers
    This week, we're looking back at two books we missed last month.

What We're Reading: Lady-Novels
    Our nightstands lighten up a little this week with two girly novels (no, we won't call them chick lit)

What We're Reading: Phoebe Potts' Graphic Memoir
    We're checking out Good Eggs, Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, and My Lie this week.

What We're Reading: Feminist Nonfiction and Creative Memoirs
    Our favorites this week will make you think (and possibly cry ... just a warning).

What We're Reading: Sara Gruen's Latest and More
    The novels -- and novel-like memoirs -- we're reading this week are helping us transition into fall.

Exclusive Q&A: Kristen McGuiness's 51 Dates
    We interviewed the author of the new memoir "51/50: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life," about love, herpes, and what it's like to date sober.

What We're Reading: A Sanity-Saver and a Beauty Bible
    We're forgoing the novels this week in favor of a little pre-fall makeover -- both literally and metaphorically.

What We're Reading: Historical Fiction and a Sexy Satire
    The two books on our bedside table this week are totally different, but equally entertaining.

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