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Books to make you laugh, cry, or change your outlook on worldly matters.

What We're Reading: Beach Book Leftovers
    Summer's almost over, and so are this year's new beach reads. Snatch these up for your last hurrahs in the sun.

Babes in Bookland
    Not quite chick lit, not the same as "Girl" books, "Babe" books are a literary category unto themselves.

5 Ways to Live Like a Romance Novel Heroine
    Ever wondered how those Fabio-groping ladies always get their way? Two romance novelists reveal the secrets.

MC Reviews: Life After Yes by Aidan Donnelley Rowley
    Aidan Donnelley Rowley’s debut novel, Life After Yes, doesn’t bill itself as a fairytale – and it’s not one.

5 Fascinating Facts About Porn
    Marie Claire previews a new book by sociologist Gail Dines that sheds new light on the traditionally shady porn industry. Here's five, ah, "fun" facts.

Author Jennifer Weiner Asks Fans to Help Get TV Pilot on Air
    Best-selling author Jennifer Weiner wants to make the leap from her fans' bookshelves to their televisions.

Eat, Pray, Love...Marry?
    Elizabeth Gilbert's 2006 memoir about her post-divorce soul search-and-rescue, spent 57 weeks as a New York Times paperback best seller, inspired a movie starring Julia Roberts (out next year), and paved the way for a hotly anticipated follo

Myths About Your Period
    Sex when your friend's in town? Sure, say Susan Kim and Elissa Stein, the authors of Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation. We talked to them about their lively, irreverent book, and about why something so natural still gets such a bad rap.

A Woman's Battle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    One woman's battle with obsessive behavior.

Must-Read Book

Things That Make Us Love July
    Here, your calendar of events for July 2009.

NEED TO READ: Best Friends Forever
    Jennifer Weiner is a master of the modern-day fairy tale.

Things That Make Us Love June
    Here, your calendar of events for June 2009.

Page-Turners: April Book Reviews
    Two must-reads for the month.

The Big Screen: May Movie Reviews
    Two must-reads for the month.

Your Entertainment Diet for May
    The culture pyramid - from guilty pleasures to savory treats.

Things That Make Us Love May
    Here, your calendar of events for May 2009.

Jessica Valenti Debunks the Purity Myth
    Author and Feministing founder Jessica Valenti tackles America's obsession with virginity.

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