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Current fashion trends that we can't keep our eyes off of.

MC Cheatsheet: How to Wear Red, White, and Blue Without Looking Cheesy
    Plus, check out what other sites and stories we've been clicking on today.

MC Cheatsheet: The New Tanning Bed Tax & How to Hold Your iPhone
    Plus, check out what other sites and stories we've been clicking on today.

So, How Often Do You Fake It?
    A new study sheds light on why women fake orgasms.

MC Cheatsheet: A Look at Lindsay Lohan's Double Exposure
    Plus, check out what other sites and stories we've been clicking on today.

MC Cheatsheet: Project Runway Breaking News!
    Plus, check out what other sites and stories we've been clicking on today.

Megan Fox Married: Is Brian Austin Green a Trophy Husband?
    Megan Fox just married Brian Austin Green. But is he simply a trophy husband?

MC Cheatsheet: Don't Forget to Wash Your Eco Bags, People!
    Marie Claire editors dish their favorite links of the day.

MC Cheatsheet: How to Order Wine & Louis Vuitton Tattoos
    Marie Claire editors dish their favorite links of the day.

Is the Word "Fat" Politically Incorrect?
    Many women are trying to push the term out of modern-day vocabulary, but what will replace it? "Weight-challenged?"

MC Cheatsheet: The Top 14 Most Sadistic Bras Ever Created

Cute Video Alert: Adorable Animal Getting Tickled
    Slow loris getting tickled video

MC Cheatsheet: Christian Siriano to Design ... Sponges?
    We can't get enough of Christian Siriano's latest venture and these other crazy stories that are all over the web.

Cheatsheet: What MC Editors Are Reading Today
    From braids to runaway brides, here's a look at what sites we've been clicking on.

True-Life Engagement Horror Stories
    Megan Fox's recent engagement is another example of how a proposal can go wrong.

5 Cool, Off-the-Beaten-Path Summer Festivals
    Get in touch with your playful side at these annual offbeat summer festivals around the country.

15 MORE Things Not to Say on a First Date
    Three dating bloggers give advice on what not to say on a first date.

Glee’s Jane Lynch Spoofs iPhone Ads, and We Love Her More
    The star parodies a new ad campaign for the latest phone from Apple.

White House Reporter Helen Thomas Retires After Israel-Palestine Remarks
    After her now-infamous remarks last week that Israel should "get the hell out of Palestine," the 89-year-old journalist ends her career.

Glam Up Your Google Homepage
    We know what image we'll be using as our search engine background.

Tearjerker of the Day: Watch Baby Hear for the First Time
    Check out this awesomely moving video of a deaf baby hearing for the first time after having cochlear implants activated.

Sorority Girls Gone Wild (and Really, Really Gross)
    Two separate Ohio-based Pi Beta Phi sorority chapters have come under fire this month for hosting wild, out-of-control parties.

Disturbing New Trend: Vodka Eyeballing
    Greyson Chance sings "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

New Thing We Love: LucyPhone Means No More Hold Music!
    A new service will wait on hold for you.

A Road Trip for Music Lovers
    For the country's best in blues music and BBQ, head down to Memphis and the Mississippi Delta.

Get Your Margarita On: 3 Recipes for Cinco de Mayo
    Stretch your multicultural muscles and celebrate one of Mexico's favorite holidays, Cinco de Mayo, with a batch of refreshing (and potent) margaritas.

Buyer Beware: Online Prescriptions (May 2010)
    Buying drugs online has never been quicker, easier -- or riskier. Use these tips to avoid getting bilked, or worse.

How to Feel Full Longer (April 2010)
    A new study reports that how a food smells helps determine how satiating it is.

Why Kathryn Bigelow Doesn't Deserve the Oscar
    It was no surprise that Kathryn Bigelow, director of "The Hurt Locker", scored an Oscar Best Director nod. But, does she really deserve it?

3 Ways to Make a Difference on International Women's Day
    Honor the influential and fearless females who make a difference in our world by giving to charities that benefit women this International Women's Day.

The Gyno Cheat Sheet
    Just because less frequent cervical cancer screenings (aka Pap tests) are now recommended doesn't mean you should be a stranger to the stirrups. Here's what still must happen at your annual appointment.

Dairy Queen: Milk Just Keeps Doing a Body Good
    Nature's Ambien (when heated), bone-building milk benefits the body from head to toe.

Femme Fatality (April 2010)
    More than ever, women are dopping dead on prime-time TV. And why is this entertainment?

Date-Rape-Detecting Lip Gloss
    A new lip-gloss plumps lips and detects the presence of date-rape drugs.

3 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring
    We give you a few easy ways to kick off the spring season!

Faking It: A Legacy of Knock-Off Fashion
    The art of fraud is on full display at Thailand's Museum of Counterfeit Goods.

What Would You Look Like at Your Goal Weight?
    In need of some weight loss motivation? Our body makeover tool can help!

Style Highlights at the Olympics

Tell the Guys at Esquire What Women Want
    The guys at Esquire are donating $1 to Haiti for every survey we take? Count us in!

10 Things Never to Share with a Bestie

28 Lessons Learned at Sundance
    What happens at Sundance, stays at Sundance...except for these lessons learned.

Shut It Off Already!
    Just because your phone is on silent, doesn’t mean you’re not annoying.

Stalker ID
    A new digital service that cloaks your number for caller ID is the latest technology for jealous partners. But does it cross the line between snooping and stalking?

Sanitary Pads...Made Out of Bananas?
    It's not every Harvard Business School grad who puts her degree to use making sanitary pads out of banana trees.

Valentine's Day: Love It or Hate It?
    Tell us where you stand!

New Year's Resolutions: Making or Breaking Goals with the Internet
    A new study shows that less then a quarter of adults make New Year's resolutions and only 6 percent of those actually keep them. Can the internet turn those stats upside down?

Need Some Rehab?
    Rehab, like everything else, it's getting outsourced to India ... on the cheap.

True Love or Pedophilia?
    When Helen Goddard, a 26-year-old British teacher, went to jail for having an affair with a 15-year-old female student in September, the U.K. media had a field day.

Things We Love About December
    Our favorite things in December 2009.

Tell Us: What Do You Take Care of Before Work?
    Does your morning routine consist of household and child-rearing duties that fall mostly to you?

How to Live with Green Guilt
    Don't feel guilty about your not-so-friendly environmental habits.

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