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Current fashion trends that we can't keep our eyes off of.

The Best Mail-Order Websites for Holiday Food
    The best mail-order places to get goodies shipped to your door.

New Gmail Feature Saves Your Job/Relationships/Friendships Yet Again
    Ever accidentally emailed Kathy from HR instead of Kathy the BFF about how much you hate your job? This new Gmail feature saves you some apology emails and awkward eye contact.

Sued for Downloading
    How a Midwestern mom wound up with the world's priciest playlist.

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Stranger Danger: How to Protect Yourself
    The recent car abduction and murder of a young woman left L.A. in shock. How can you protect yourself? Listen and learn.

The New Hot Wheels Run on Diesel
    Why companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW are placing their bets on diesel.

Abortion Wars
    How did late-term termination become the third rail in the abortion debate?

Things That Make Us Love August
    Your list of hip happenings this month.

Can You Compete with This Date from Hell?
    Whether you're listening to a friend or telling it yourself, there's nothing like a bad date story.

Things That Make Us Love July
    Here, your calendar of events for July 2009.

Blog Crush: Wit & Whimsy

Things That Make Us Love June
    Here, your calendar of events for June 2009.

Things That Make Us Love May
    Here, your calendar of events for May 2009.

Jessica Valenti Debunks the Purity Myth
    Author and Feministing founder Jessica Valenti tackles America's obsession with virginity.

Hair Is Back, But Is It Still Relevant?
    The recession of 2009 may not be the Age of Aquarius, all leather vests and pot and be-ins, but 41 years after it originally opened, Hair is just as germane. takes a look.

Blog Crush: The Bloggess

Do Men Resent Their More Successful Girlfriends?
    A provocative new documentary tackles the thorniest of romantic issues: Can a man truly accept his more successful partner? takes a look.

Blog Crush: Hostess with the Mostess

Blog Crush: Cupcakes Take the Cake

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Blog Crush of the Week: Save the Assistants

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