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What's happening in the world and in your own backyard.

Zanna Roberts Rassi's London Olympics Diary Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Marie Claire's Senior Fashion Editor hit London Town for two weeks of gold medal interviews, TV segments, and, of course, shopping (who can resist British Topshop?!).

The Woman Who Saved Amanda Knox (03/01/2012)
    Giulia Bongiorno is one of the most hated people in Italy. As the lawyer for Raffaele Sollecito, then boyfriend of American exchange student Amanda Knox, Bongiorno was instrumental in the defense that, last October, helped overturn the pair's convict

10 Fashion-Focused Museum Exhibitions You Can't Miss
    A closer look at the fashion industry's top exhibits from around the world ... and in a city near you.

AIDS Virus 30 Years Later: The MTV RE:DEFINE Exhibition
    Do good this fall by attending an art exhibition that benefits the MTV Staying Alive Foundation

Save a Starving Child in Somalia
    The famine crisis is growing. Now is the time to act.

Who Runs the World? Girls!
    Tara Suri reflects on her time in Sierra Leone in her last blog post, describing her reinvigorated dedication to advance women's health and dignity in the world. In fact, Beyoncé says it best: "Who run the world? Girls!"

Everyone Has a Role to Play
    In Tara Suri's fifth blog post in Sierra Leone, the award winner reinvigorates her commitment to fighting gender-based violence, while drawing inspiration from real survivors.

The Today Show Weighs In on Our "Accidental Sex Offender" Story
    In a new poll, 94 percent of people said Frank shouldn't be considered a sex offender.

The Road Won't Stay Bumpy for Long
    For Tara Suri's fourth blog post from Sierra Leone, she describes the progress the nation has made, and its promising future, during a symbolic road trip.

How Are Women Always in Crisis?
    After speaking with the leading women's rights advocate in Sierra Leone, Tara Suri contemplates this troubled state of womanhood in her third blog post.

The Social Bonds of Social Change
    In her second blog post, Tara Suri describes her vision for a changed Sierra Leone, all based on recognizing our connections with others.

En Route to Sierra Leone With Hope for the Future
    Seven years ago, Tara Suri never would thought she'd be on her way to Sierra Leone as an advocate for women's health and rights.

Lorena Bobbitt Redux?
    Another wife allegedly cuts off her husband's member.

"Love Crimes of Kabul"
    A new HBO documentary goes inside Afghanistan's Badam Bagh prison to profile women serving time for "moral crimes"

Princess Diana Like Never Before
    Princess Diana on the cover of Newsweek.

What We’re Reading: A "What If" Royal Fantasy Thriller
    What if Princess Diana never died? This novel raises the question.

From One Tree Hill to Afghanistan: Part Two
    Actress Sophia Bush shares her thoughts on women in Kabul.

From One Tree Hill to Afghanistan
    Actress Sophia Bush on how Marie Claire inspired her to help Afghan women imprisoned for so-called moral crimes.

Marie Claire Throws a Party for Globetrotters
    An eclectic crowd of high-profile journalists and activists joined the magazine and Overseas Press Club for lunch last week.

The New York Times Gets Its First Female Exec Editor
    Why Jill Abramson's rise to the top of the paper should mean big things to women everywhere.

Untested Rape Kit Update
    The man who raped Helena Lazaro, profiled in our story on untested rape kits, is finally sentenced for his crime.

5 Things You Didn't Know about the Royal Wedding
    From the couture lace to the bike-riding photogs, learn the last-remaining secrets of the big day.

No Mercy for Fugitive Fraudster Husband
    After Michelle Kramer's missing husband was finally found, he is now facing the many malpractice lawsuits he left behind.

Suno Launches E-commerce
    Fashion line Suno revamps its website with e-commerce.

Libyan Woman Speaks Out
    Alleged Libyan rape victim Eman al-Obeidy speaks out in an interview.

How to Be the Next Kate Middleton
    A new summer camp promises to teach young girls everything they need to know about being a princess.

What We're Reading: An Eye-Opening Memoir
    One woman's fight against sex trafficking.

How a Hero Saved Two Women From Sex Slavery in NYC
    When a young woman in Manhattan heard that two Russian college students were headed for potential sex trafficking, she stepped in and changed their fate.

9 Inventive Ways You Can Help Japan Now
    Here's what you can do to help those struck by the earthquake in Japan.

Wake Up and Help Stop Violence Toward Women Worldwide

6 Simple Steps to Support International Women's Day
    Six simple steps to show your support for women's rights.

Your Letters of Support to CBS Correspondent Lara Logan
    After being sexually assaulted in Cairo, we asked you to send us your best wishes, and we were impressed the outpouring of kindness and support.

Justice in an American Honor Killing
    Faleh Hassan Almaleki was found guilty of second-degree murder for the honor killing of his daughter, 20 year-old Noor.

Congress Votes to Cut All Planned Parenthood Funding
    Sign this petition to rally against the effort to eliminate affordable health care for women.

Get Marie Claire on Your iPad!
    The magazine's interactive digital edition serves up the brand's legendary style, beauty, and culture in a brand-new way.

Send a Letter of Support to CBS Correspondent Lara Logan
    Women across the country are rallying around Lara Logan, the CBS News correspondent who was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted while on assignment in Cairo last week.

Dispatch from Afghanistan: Imprisoned Women and Ill-Fitting Bullet-Proof Vests
    Journalist Karen Day reports back on her visits with women in Afghanistan's prison system.

The Women Who Chase Terrorists
    After three years of hands-on reporting, the Pearl Project — a Georgetown journalism course devoted to tracking down the facts behind the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl — has published their full report.

Exclusive Q&A: UN Whistleblower Kathryn Bolkovac
    What happens when one woman airs the UN's dirty laundry? A new book (and movie, starring Rachel Weisz) tells all.

When the Suicide Bomber is a Woman
    Why are women signing up to be suicide bombers?

Airport Body Scanners: Will You Opt In or Out?
    Organizing a mass "opt out" of new TSA body scanners and screening procedures is foolish. Here's why.

Eye Spy: Caption This Kesha Pic!
    Write a clever caption to this photo from last night's Victoria's Secret fashion show, and you may get on!

Fight The Flu 2.0!
    Your favorite gadgets now double as germ-busters with a new spate of cold-prevention apps.

Eye Spy: Caption This Victoria's Secret Runway Pic!
    Write a clever caption to this photo from last night's Victoria's Secret fashion show, and you may get on!

"Fat Talk" Free Week
    This week, one group is asking women to cut out the fat talk and bad statements about body image. Could you do it?

Eye Spy: Caption This Johnny Weir Pic!
    Write a clever caption to this photo of figure Skater Johnny Weir in high heels, and you may get on!

Iranian Woman Faces Death by Stoning
    Fashion designer Tala Raassi, who endured 40 lashes for wearing a miniskirt in Iran, weighs in on Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani's fight for justice.

Angelina Jolie on Why Pakistan Still Needs Aid
    The humanitarian star brought attention back to Pakistan last week. Here's how you can help.

Facebook: The Music Video
    Why its unique tagging functionality could be a disastrous way for everyone to find out where you are at all times, without your permission.

Study Shows Women Would Rather Be Skinny Than Get Laid
    According to a recent Nutrisystem Diet Index study, a whopping 52 percent of women polled said they would forgo sexual activity for an entire summer rather than gain 10 pounds.

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