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Give back with your vacation time this year and take a volunteer vacation. Give your week off to charity and help those less fortunate.

Michael Kors: 'Learn, Share, Make a Difference'
    Show your support, and learn about how Michael Kors is fighting global poverty and hunger on World Food Day.

Women Working to End Hunger
    Through seminars, photo exhibit, and advocacy work, Witnesses to Hunger is helping hungry and impoverished women and their children make their stories known!

Serve with a Veteran on 11/11/11!
    Veteran's Day is 11/11/11. Here's how you can serve stateside.

AIDS Virus 30 Years Later: The MTV RE:DEFINE Exhibition
    Do good this fall by attending an art exhibition that benefits the MTV Staying Alive Foundation

It's World Humanitarian Day!
    One woman's story that will make you want to get involved.

Save a Starving Child in Somalia
    The famine crisis is growing. Now is the time to act.

Who Runs the World? Girls!
    Tara Suri reflects on her time in Sierra Leone in her last blog post, describing her reinvigorated dedication to advance women's health and dignity in the world. In fact, Beyoncé says it best: "Who run the world? Girls!"

Everyone Has a Role to Play
    In Tara Suri's fifth blog post in Sierra Leone, the award winner reinvigorates her commitment to fighting gender-based violence, while drawing inspiration from real survivors.

The Road Won't Stay Bumpy for Long
    For Tara Suri's fourth blog post from Sierra Leone, she describes the progress the nation has made, and its promising future, during a symbolic road trip.

How Are Women Always in Crisis?
    After speaking with the leading women's rights advocate in Sierra Leone, Tara Suri contemplates this troubled state of womanhood in her third blog post.

The Social Bonds of Social Change
    In her second blog post, Tara Suri describes her vision for a changed Sierra Leone, all based on recognizing our connections with others.

En Route to Sierra Leone With Hope for the Future
    Seven years ago, Tara Suri never would thought she'd be on her way to Sierra Leone as an advocate for women's health and rights.

Niki Taylor Talks Giving the Gift of Life
    Supermodel Niki Taylor tells MC why donating blood is so very important.

From One Tree Hill to Afghanistan
    Actress Sophia Bush on how Marie Claire inspired her to help Afghan women imprisoned for so-called moral crimes.

Marie Claire Throws a Party for Globetrotters
    An eclectic crowd of high-profile journalists and activists joined the magazine and Overseas Press Club for lunch last week.

Pact Wants You to Protest Coal ... in Your Underwear
    Pact's new collection, "Beyond Coal", was born out of collaboration with Sierra Club in an effort to raise awareness and educate people about the public health and environmental dangers of coal, advocating the use of cleaner fuel sources. L

What We're Reading: An Eye-Opening Memoir
    One woman's fight against sex trafficking.

9 Inventive Ways You Can Help Japan Now
    Here's what you can do to help those struck by the earthquake in Japan.

Wake Up and Help Stop Violence Toward Women Worldwide

6 Simple Steps to Support International Women's Day
    Six simple steps to show your support for women's rights.

Fight The Flu 2.0!
    Your favorite gadgets now double as germ-busters with a new spate of cold-prevention apps.

Do Viral Trends Help Raise Breast Cancer Awareness?
    The newest Facebook meme has women posting that they "like it on the couch" and "in the backseat of my car" in support of breast cancer awareness. But is it effective?

Chic Causes: Getting Schooled with Bing
    Microsoft search engine Bing launches “Our School Needs," a campaign to get much needed funds to one lucky school.

Chasing Sanitation: An Inside Look at the Unsung Heroes of the World's Dirtiest Streets
    Get a behind-the-scenes look at the street's unsung heroes: the fine-looking men and women of the Department of Sanitation.

Angelina Jolie on Why Pakistan Still Needs Aid
    The humanitarian star brought attention back to Pakistan last week. Here's how you can help.

How You Can Help Stop Child Sex Slavery
    The Body Shop partners with The Somaly Mam Foundation and ECPAT in a new campaign against child sex slavery in the US.

MAC & Rodarte Step Up Efforts in Mexico
    Today, MAC put out a press release saying, "In response to public concern over the limited edition M·A·C Rodarte makeup collection...

MC's Very Own Bachelorette
    Meet the winner of our matchmaker contest, Aimee Solis!

Did MAC & Rodarte Take Their New Collaboration Too Far?
    After MAC recently released its new fall line of cosmetics in collaboration with Rodarte, the designers' cringe-worthy references to Mexican female factory workers as "inspiration" has incited quite the backlash.

A Woman's Race to Save the Congo
    After learning about the genocide of Congolese women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lisa Shannon decided to dedicate her life to the survivors of a war raging on the other side of the globe.

Must-See Film: Redlight
    If you happen to live in New York City, skip "The Bachelorette" tonight and go see something real: a documentary about young girls who are being sold into sexual slavery in Southeast Asia. We're talking girls as young as five years old.

Teen Sailor Abby Sunderland Found Safe and Sound
    Rescue teams have located the 16-year-old girl who was in danger at sea while competing to be the youngest to sail around the world.

Californian Sailor Girl in Danger in Indian Ocean
    A 16-year-old competing to be the youngest to sail around the world solo is seeking rescue hundreds of miles from land.

Become an Eco-Ambassador for Hessnatur and Travel to Peru
    Calling all eco-fashionistas! Learn about sustainable fashion in Peru.

Save the Rainforest with Just $1
    Join Avon and The Nature Conservancy in their campaign to restore South America’s Atlantic Rainforest.

What Does Red Lipstick Mean to You?
    Dita Von Teese and other celebs star in "The Lipstick Portraits," a new photo series by photographer Michael Angelo that draws attention to sex trafficking.

Marie Claire & Birkenstock Walk to Work Day
    Looking to find a way to fit charitable work into your busy schedule? Well, what could be easier than placing one foot in front of the other?

Vote Now! All Women Deserve Access to Contraception!
    The Obama administration is giving ordinary people a chance to become a part of the change the campaign promised.

Charity Spotlight: Give a Heart to Africa
    Two and a half years ago a Canadian volunteer named Monika Fox taught and worked with Tanzanian women in need. That three-month experience had such a profound effect on Fox that last May she returned to Moshi, Tanzania to start her own non-profit org

A Better Way To Do Your Laundry
    Turn doing your laundry into a charitable chore.

Help Women in Haiti Now!
    Pregnant women in and around Port-au-Prince are without access to even the most basic health services.

Win a One-of-a-Kind Dress from Project Runway's Irina!
    Bid on a dress from Project Runway season 6 winner Irina Shabayeva.

The Body Shop Combats Child Sex Trafficking
    The Body Shop is raising funds and awareness for the child sex trafficking epidemic.

Back to School for Sudanese Refugees
    Kenyi has teamed up with local teachers to make sure these women get educated, too, instead of winding up in low-paying gigs like housecleaning. Her Thinking Outside the Box Learning Center, an offshoot of a nonprofit she launched called the Communit

Think Pink and Get the Facts on the Breast Cancer Gene
    Diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer at age 36, Robin was shocked to learn that she was a carrier of the breast cancer (BRCA) gene.

Pride in a Young American Woman
    I often gaped at Monira as she shared stories of responding to acid survivors in extreme condition and of fearlessly demanding answers from her superiors.

Bangladesh is My Cup of Tea (Part II)
    I often gaped at Monira as she shared stories of responding to acid survivors in extreme condition and of fearlessly demanding answers from her superiors.

Bangladesh is My Cup of Tea
    I wanted my travels to initiate a dialogue about our lives as women. As it turns out, these amazing ladies were already speaking. I just needed time to sit with them over a cup of tea, and start listening!

Celebrate Independent Women
    My visit to Hasina’s home where she was attacked with acid as she slept five years ago was emotional, beautiful, out of my comfort zone, and definitely an experience I would always remember.

Remembering Women Around the World
    My visit to Hasina’s home where she was attacked with acid as she slept five years ago was emotional, beautiful, out of my comfort zone, and definitely an experience I would always remember.

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