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Zooey Deschanel's Cover Shoot
    Zooey Deschanel's Cover Shoot

Global Shopping: Dehli Video
    Take a tour of Dehlis best insider shops and markets with Global Shopping Editor Dayna Spitz.

Target Sponsor Video Video
    See Target's new Spring 2012 collections.

GUTS Audiobook Clip Video
    Listen to an excert from Kristen Johnson's memoir, "Guts: the Endless Follies and Tiny Triumphs of a Giant Disaster."

Leighton Meester Cover Shoot Video
    Go behind-the-scenes with our April cover girl!

Irina Lazareanu's Marie Claire Fashion Shoot Video
    In this exclusive interview, the indie rock muse and songbird talks life, love, and inspiration.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fran Drescher Video
    To celebrate the second season of her show, "Happily Divorced," the actress dishes on hidden talents, her favorite karaoke song, and her love for Jessica Rabbit.

"L!fe Happens" Trailer Video
    Watch a sneak peek of the new movie starring Krysten Ritter, Kate Bosworth, and Rachel Bilson.

Ken Downing and Joanna Coles Video
    Ken Downing and Joanna Coles

RedCord: Bridge Video
    RedCord: Bridge

Redcord: Dynamic Crunch Video
    Redcord: Dynamic Crunch

Redcord: Superman Video
    Redcord: Superman

SPONSORED: KY $7 Date Night Promotion Video Video
    Plan your ultimate date night with K-Y

Need to Meet: Elizaveta Video
    The "popera" singer, whose debut album Beatrix Runs was just released, is a melting pot of old and new when it comes to music and her sense of style.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Joan and Melissa Video
    The hilarious mother-daughter duo shares their guilty pleasures, hidden talents, and the shocking things they must do before they go to bed each night.

Kim Kardashian's Facebook Exclusive! Video
    Kim reveals her most prized item of clothing in this never-before-seen video.

Angela Lindvall: Behind the Scenes Video
    Angela Lindvall: Behind the Scenes

Oh Land: Behind the Scenes Video
    Oh Land: Behind the Scenes

February Music Portfolio Video
    February Music Portfolio

Anya on Winning Project Runway Video
    Go behind the scenes at the photo shoot of Caribbean queen Anya Ayoung-Chee, who made it work in a shocking Season 9 finale.

MCX010112Runway_35r1 Video

MCX010112Runway_35r1 Video

Need to Meet: Rumer Video
    To celebrate the stateside release of her debut album, the English songbird shares her dream duet, her frustrations with style icons, and her go-to karaoke song.

Project Runway Winner: Anya Video
    Go behind-the-scenes at the exclusive Marie Claire shoot with Project Runway's latest winner Anya!

Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best? Video
    The hilarious mother-daughter duo share what's to come in the second season of their all-too-real reality show.

Front Row Challenge Runway: Penn State Video
    Check out the edgy fashion show created by Penn State student Elysia Mann.

Front Row Challenge Runway: University of Texas Video
    Check out the vintage-inspired fashion show created by University of Texas at Austin student Diya Liu.

Front Row Challenge Runway: University of Delaware Video
    Check out the fashion show created by University of Delaware student Breanne Palmieri.

Front Row Challenge Runway: University of Alabama Video
    Check out the Southern charm at the fashion show created by University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa student Abigail Hardin.

Kristen Johnston Interview Video
    Kristen Johnston Interview

Front Row Challenge Winner Deliberation Video
    Marie Claire's top editors review the four finalists' runway shows one last time before voting on the winner.

On the Red Carpet: TV Land Premiere Video
    We caught up with the always-adorable Betty White and her "Hot in Cleveland" costars at the debut of their new season.

Global Shopping: Dublin, Ireland Video
    Global Shopping: Dublin

Global Shopping: Dublin Video
    Global Shopping: Dublin

Kim Kardashian's Cover Shoot Video
    Go behind the scenes of the star's toned-down photo shoot as she reveals her biggest pet peeve, her beauty must-have, and the one movie she'll watch over and over again.

Need to Meet: Carrie Keagan Video
    The adorably cute host of VH1's morning talk show, "Big Morning Buzz Live," lets us interview her on her dream celeb guests, on-set style, and favorite albums of the year.

MC Beauty Haul #3 Video
    MC Beauty Haul #3

MC Beauty Haul #1 Video
    MC Beauty Haul #1

2-Minute Ab Workout Video
    Want flat and beautiful abs? Crunch it out with this effective quick ab workout.

Muffin Top Minimizer Video
    This quick workout targets the "muffin top": that hard-to-tone area around your waist.

Core Blast (Very Sexy Beach Abs) Video
    Quick, yet powerful, this fast blast to the core builds strength throughout your entire torso. From the tips of your shoulders down to your glutes, this core combo is certainly worth the challenge.

Stomach Sculpt Video
    Sculpt your way to a summer stomach. Join Jenna to learn how boxing, leg lifts and side planks can give you sleek, sexy abs.

Legs and Glutes Video
    Perform reverse and curtsy lunges to create tight and lean glutes and thighs.

Tuck Crunch Video
    Really strengthen those abs with Dixon's tuck crunch. This mini workout that comes from Amy's background in tumbling is the perfect solution for as stronger core.

Cheerleader Legs Blast Video
    2-4-6-8 Cindy Whitmarsh's Workout will make your legs look great!!!

SPONSORED: The Forevermark Promise Video
    Discover the Forevermark bridal collection

SPONSORED: The Forevermark Promise Video
    Timeless jewelry pieces to last forever

Lights Camera Fashion: Tyra Banks Video
    The supermodel gives us the scoop on her fun new novel, Modelland, and the launch of her website,

A Lesson in Smizing With Tyra Banks Video
    The supermodel shows our own Sergio Kletnoy how to perform the model's top trade secret.

Lights Camera Fashion: Erin Wasson Video
    The supermodel talks about her collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire and her gritty Low Luv jewelry line.

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