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Get a Better Butt in 3 Minutes Video
    Target your glutes and hips in three quick exercises.

Get Your Arms Ready for Summer Video
    In three quick exercises tone and strengthen your arms, just in time for swimsuit season!

2-Minute Fat Blast Video
    Blast away your fat with three easy, no-equipment-necessary workouts!

Work Your Inner Thighs Video
    Tone your thighs and get healthy and fit.

Slim and Tone Your Legs Video
    Get your best legs yet with these simple exercise moves.

Get Toned Triceps Video
    Get gorgeous arms in a few simple moves.

Daily To-Do List Video
    Creating a list is a powerful and useful tool that allows you to outline, organize, and prioritize your agenda to achieve success. By making a daily to-do list you will have a precise plan that you can use to eliminate many problems.

A Full Body Workout in 1 Move Video
    Get a full body workout with just one move.

Get a Better Butt Video
    Learn how to get your best butt yet with this simple and fun exercise.

Get Gorgeous Thighs and Knees Video
    Tone your legs and get healthy and fit.

Get fit and healthy with this great exercise. Video
    Get fit and healthy with this great exercise.

Get Strong Biceps and a Beautiful Back Video
    Learn how to get a strong and beautiful upper body.

Get the Most Out of Your Day-Old Blowout Video
    Stylist (and Jessica Simpson BFF) Ken Paves demonstrates different ways to revamp second-day hair.

How to Wear Red Lipstick Video
    The lipstick queen, Poppy King, gives her tips for re-creating the classic look, finding just the right shade, and making the color last all day long.

Tim Gunn on Gunn's Golden Rules Video
    Tim Gunn on Gunn's Golden Rules

Tim Gunn's Top 5 Fall Trends and How to Wear Them Video
    The Marie Claire columnist and fashion guru explains how you can "make it work."

How to Make Eyes Pop Video
    Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal shows how to open up your eyes without being too over-the-top with color.

Create a Natural-Looking Eyebrow Video
    Want more arch? Cosmetics maven Mally Roncal shows you how to get perfect brows that last all day.

10 Things You Don't Know About Project Runway Winner Gretchen Jones Video
    She's been called a mean girl, but you might be surprised to hear her side of the story. Plus, 10 More things you didn't know about Gretchen.

How to Turn Jewelry into Hair Accessories Video
    Celeb stylist Mark Townsend shows how you can use flowers, headbands, and brooches to add drama.

Jessica Stam's Fashion Shoot Video
    Go behind the scenes of model-turned-designer Jessica Stam's Marie Claire photo shoot.

Emma Watson's Cover Shoot Video
    Go behind the scenes of Emma's cover shoot with Marie Claire.

What's in Emma Watson's Bag? Video
    Find out what the star's packing in her Mulberry Alexa.

Gretchen Jones on Her Winning Project Runway Look Video
    Plus, go behind the scenes as model Coco Rocha struts her stuff for the Marie Claire billboard campaign

Sponsored: Rachel Bilson Announces Full-Time Fabulous Video
    Sunglass Hut seeks full-time fashion blogger to post trends and happenings in the style world. Submissions open until 10/27/2010. Winner gets $100,000, furnished Manhattan apt., $1,000/month styling allowance, and VIP passes to global fashion shows.

Ashley Falcon Makeover Video
    Plus size stylist Ashley Falcon talks about body type, fashion and self-esteem.

Plus-Size Fashion on the Runway! Video
    "Big Girl in a Skinny World" maven Ashley Falcon hits up New York Fashion Week to check out spring's top trends.

Bad Haircut Cures Video
    Bumble and Bumble stylist Travis Speck reveals how to mask a 'do disaster with a few snips of the scissors and some sneaky styling maneuvers.

Irina Lazareanu's Marie Claire Fashion Shoot Video
    In this exclusive interview, the indie rock muse and songbird talks life, love, and inspiration.

One for the Road: Neon Fashion Video
    Blocks of bright colors are the breakout trend for spring. See – and covet – these showstopping looks from our March issue.

Joanna's Journal: March Video
    Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles takes the March fashion issue to heart by trying out a handful of the hottest looks showcased for spring — giving new meaning to the phrase ‘quick-change.’

Twist and Shout: Barre3 Exercise Demo Video
    Sadie Lincoln, Madonna's trainer and Barre3 founder, shows you how to perform the ultimate total body workout at home.

How to Perfect the ‘Messy’ Blowout Video
    Celebrity stylist Andy Lacompte shows how you can use professional styling techniques to achieve an effortlessly loose and sexy blowout.

Amanda's Eye: It Gets Better PSA Video
    Go behind the scenes as Amanda and MC editor-in-chief Joanna Coles film touching videos for the It Gets Better Project.

Cuba Libre: Spring's Sensual Style Video
    Go behind the sun-drenched scenes of this on-location shoot with model Marija Vujovic-Vukcevic as she shows off a rush of ruffles and fringe.

Turn Kinky Curls into Smooth Waves Video
    Curly hair guru Lorraine Massey gives step-by-step directions on how to create soft waves out of naturally curly hair at home -- plus tips on creating last-minute day-to-night looks.

How to Really Wash and Condition Curly Hair Video
    From washing -- sans shampoo -- to styling, celeb hairstylist Lorraine Massey explains what techniques keep curly locks healthy and moisturized.

How to De-Frizz Curly Hair Video
    Don’t fight your curls, work with them! A-list stylist and Devachan creator Lorraine Massey demonstrates the easiest way to turn frizzy, dehydrated locks into polished tendrils.

Miley Cyrus' Birthday Cover Shoot Video
    The 18-year-old star opens up about what she's learned, why she keeps a journal and her not-so-hidden talents.

Joanna’s Journal: January Video
    Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles previews the new issue by stacking up her expenses against those of the women in MC’s “What it Cost to be Me” feature.

10 Things You Didn't Know About NeNe Leakes Video
    The Real Housewives of Atlanta star reveals her favorite designers, TV shows and who she'd cast as Housewives All-Stars.

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Bangs Video
    Hollywood hairstylist Andy Lacompte demonstrates the best ways to trim or hide your bangs, and how to fake 'em if you don't got 'em.

Happy Holidays Video
    The Staff at Marie Claire would like to wish you a happy holiday!

Michelle Williams' Cover Shoot Video
    Go behind the scenes of the blonde bombshell's fashion shoot.

Joanna’s Journal: February Video
    From initiating a daily Hot Toddy hour to getting the perfect blowout, Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles offers a sneak peek at the tips and tricks from the February issue.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Joanna Lumley Video
    She wakes up feeling lucky every day of her life, yet the Ab Fab star still insists she's as shallow as a puddle of water. Watch our exclusive interview and you decide. By Sergio Kletnoy

Sponsored Video: Lancôme Trésor in Love Fragrance Video
    Lancôme Trésor in Love Fragrance

Amy Adam's Cover Shoot Video
    Go behind the scenes of Amy's shoot with Marie Claire.

Marie Claire's Fashion Shoot with Mondo Video
    Go behind the scenes of Mondo's fashion shoot. Interviewed an Produced by Sergio Kletnoy

10 Things You Didn't Know About Mondo Video
    He's got a crush on Mr. Rogers and still carries his baby blanket...the Project Runway runner-up spills some of his best-kept secrets.Interviewed an Produced by Sergio Kletnoy

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