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Read about Marie Claire's dating blogger's experience with men, sex, and relationships.

Are Women Pressuring One Another To Have Sex Like Men?
    In a new book, two sociologists say they are -- and that it's a very bad idea.

Why You Should Play Up Your Flaws in Online Dating
    You may seem more attainable than a woman who is "merely cute," OkCupid reports.

4 Unintentional Love Lessons From Great Philosophers
    These famous thinkers screwed up their own lives so that we could learn from them.

Did the Great Philosophers Know Anything about Love?
    Not if we judge them on their personal lives ...

Why Mail-Order Brides Are on the Rise in the U.S.
    The businesses that market them are as controversial as ever, but their clientele has only gone up with the recession.

Do You Have a Dating Good-Luck Charm?
    Got a pair of earrings -- or a pair of jeans -- that has helped you find your way to love?

How Do You Tell Him Your Needs Without Appearing ... Needy?
    He's not calling you back? Call him out, experts say.

Why You Should Never Play Hard to Get
    A psychiatrist and social psychologist explain why it's always a losing strategy.

Could Being Dumped Make You More Attractive?
    Strangely enough, being rejected could -- depending on what gender you are.

Are Our Romantic Expectations Too High?
    Is holding out for a partner who makes us see the world in new ways asking too much?

What Are Your Resolutions for the New Year?
    We have a few suggestions for your new year's resolutions for 2011.

Looking for Unconditional Love This New Year's?
    This time of year, I wonder ... is lasting love what we really want from our mates?

Are You a Bad Flirt Because You're Too Confident?
    Insecure people are the best flirts, as a new study has found — but they might be the worst partners.

To Kiss ... Or Not to Sneeze?
    When the person you're dating is severely sick, do you rush to his side, or stay as far away from him as possible?

"Reserve" Gifts: The Prisoner's Dilemma of the Holiday Season
    The two of you decide not to get each other anything. But then ...

What to Get a Commitment-Phobe for Christmas

Is Finding a Soul Mate a Legit Reason to Divorce?
    A man and a woman are happily married -- to other people -- when they meet accidentally, and innocently, and fall in love.

Will You See How Do You Know?
    Better question: How do YOU know when you're in love?

Should Saying "No" More Be Your Resolution?
    Do women -- especially single women -- say "yes" too quickly?

8 Survival Tips for Winter Dating
    It's hard to be optimistic for a date when you have to schlep through the snow to get to it. But keep your chin up ... and your boots buckled.

New Trend: Should You Lock in a "Winter Boyfriend?"
    Some people get into relationships simply to keep their hearts from freezing during the coldest months.

Too Soon For a Vacation With the New Dude?
    How long do you wait before booking a trip with someone you just started dating?

What 3 Qualities Must Your Boyfriend Have?
    Answering that question can make for a pretty fun parlor game.

Changing a Guy's Wardrobe: Easy ... or Impossible?
    A friend of mine claims the easiest thing to change about a guy is his clothes. Maybe so. But should you do it?

Will the Sexual Charges Against Mr. WikiLeaks Stick? 
    The details of the case against Julian Assange.

Holiday Clothing Gifts: A Bad Idea?
    Does it ever work out well when couples exchange gifts of apparel?

Is There Ever a Good Break-Up Line?
    Sure, there are terrible ways to handle it. But is there anything special you can say that will ease the pain?

What's the Craziest Thing You've Done for Love?
    In a new movie, a con man who falls in love with a fellow prison mate goes to crazy lengths to keep them together ...

Do You Break Up Now? Or Wait Till the Holidays Are Over?
    A friend of mine is wondering when it's best to end his relationship -- now, or after the holidays are over.

How Do You Deal If Your Lover is a Sex-Crazed Maniac?
    Is he a sexual Pavlov? How do you deal?

World AIDS Day: Why You Should Be Tested for HIV
    Shockingly, only 45 percent of Americans have been tested for the disease.

What Kind of Connection Do You Crave Most?
    Are you an adrenalin junkie? A conversation connoisseur? What kind of experience do you most want to have when you're dating someone?

Has Marriage Become a "Waiting Game?"
    Are you hoping to time your marriage perfectly -- late enough so you can develop professionally, but not so late that you miss your chance to have kids?

Black Friday Shopping: Better Solo or With a Significant Other?
    As you start your holiday shopping this weekend, do you like to have someone along?

Should There Be a Modern-Day Mourning Period?
    After a spouse dies, how long should the widowed partner wait to get back in the game?

The State of Marriage in America
    Nine facts that may surprise you from a new Pew Center/Time magazine poll.

How to Deal If You're on a Boring Date
    Jackie Kennedy Onassis teaches us by example.

Prince William's Big Engagement: Thoughts?
    Should all couples who have been together since college take a long break from each other before they get engaged?

Can Passion Ever Grow Out of the Platonic?
    If you don't immediately feel a spark with someone, should you write him off romantically?

Should Women Make the First Move ... Online?
    Is virtual reality a better place for women to start overcoming gender differences when it comes to initiating contact?

What Men Really Think About Your Sexy Halloween Costume
    Are those sexy librarian outfits a turn-on or turn-off? Real guys weigh in.

3 Everyday Habits That May Be Killing Your Sex Life
    The authors of a new book have some relatively simple advice on how to renew your attraction to your boyfriend.

Dying to Hear Back From Him?
    Jane Austen knows how you feel. That painful anxiety over when the hell you'll hear from a dude is something all of us -- even our Victorian ancestors -- have been through.

How to Decide If He's Right For You
    Wondering if a guy is worth your time? Three basic guidelines will help you decide.

Should "Fatties" Get a Room? (Even on TV?)
    Overweight people making out on your television screen ... Okay by you?

10 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Dating Disasters
    Whether you are single or have just started dating someone, we have a few suggestions about how you can skate smoothly along the holiday ice.

Our Dating Blogger's Big Confession: "I Have a Boyfriend!"
    The time has come for me to reveal my new significant other ... and why I waited until now to tell.

Would You Become a Farmer for Love?
    Find out how it turned out for one Harvard-educated New York City journalist with a new memoir.

3 Homophobic Myths, Debunked!
    A survey of hundreds of thousands of people reveals some very interesting data about who is having sex with whom, and how much of it.

Having Sex in Public — for Sport?
    A small British town has become a popular destination for people who want to have sex with each other, in the woods, in front of an audience.

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